Thursday, May 26, 2022

What Philadelphia Flyers Need to do in the Offseason

The Philadelphia Flyers are in rebuild mode now, so you can expect them to be very active in making transactions this offseason. Philadelphia should try and trade away any players that have trade value for picks and prospects and build the team up from scratch. This is what the Philadelphia Flyers should do this offseason.

Before the 2022 draft, a few trades are made

Philadelphia Flyers trade Cam Atkinson to the Vancouver Canucks for Conor Garland, Michael DiPietro, Danila Klimovich, and a conditional 2024 1st round pick. The Flyers will get Vancouver's 2024 1st round pick if Cam Atkinson scores 25 or more goals in either of the next two seasons.

This is a good trade for both teams because the Canucks get rid of Conor Garland's contract while, while adding a legit top 6 forward in Cam Atkinson; for the Flyers, they get two solid prospects in Michael DiPietro and Danila Klimovich, and a potential 1st round pick alongside Conor Garland in the deal. 

The Flyers also trade Travis Konecny to the Carolina Hurricanes for Jack Drury, Ryan Suzuki, 2nd round pick '23. If Carolina makes it to the 2nd round of the playoffs, the 2nd round pick becomes a 1st round pick.

The Hurricanes are likely going to lose Nino Niederreiter in free agency, this would be an affordable price for a solid top 6 forward; for the Flyers, they get two good prospects in Jack Drury and Ryan Suzuki and a 2nd round pick, which can become a 1st round pick.

Travis Sanheim and Scott Laughton are traded to the Seattle Kraken for three 2022 2nd-round picks.

This is an excellent trade for the Seattle Kraken, who immediately improve their team with two NHL-caliber players for three draft picks; for Philly, they get three 2nd round picks, which will give them the opportunity to improve their prospect pool.

James Van Riemsdyk is traded to the Anaheim Ducks for 3rd round pick '23, conditional 2023 2nd round pick.

Since the Flyers are going through a youth movement of sorts, it makes sense to move JVR for what they can. For the Ducks, it is a good veteran player to be adding to young team that lacks veteran presence after the retirement of Getzlaf.

2022 Draft

5-Simon Nemec

49-Filip Bystedt

60-Ryan Greene

64-Gleb Trikozov

69-Alexander Suzdalev

101-Filip Nordberg

133-Fabian Wagner

165-Kasper Larsen

197-Charlie Leddy

Philadelphia Flyers add 2 Centers, 3 wingers, and 4 defensemen, going for a balanced draft, and improving the team's prospect pool in the process.

Philadelphia Flyers re-sign the following players:

Owen Tippett-2yrs/1.5M per

Morgan Frost-2yrs/1.5M per

Michael DiPietro-2yrs/900k per

Patrick Brown-2yrs/850k per

Noah Cates-2yrs/800k per

This is how the lineup looks like next season

2022-23 Philadelphia Flyers










IR: R.Ellis

Top Prospects:

F: B.Brink, T.Foerster, S.Tuomaala, F.Bystedt, R.Greene, R.Greene, G.Trikozov, A.Suzdalev, F.Wagner

D: F.Nordberg, K.Larsen, C.Leddy

G: M.DiPietro, S.Ersson

With the moves made here, the Flyers are now in postion to be in the lottery again next year and at the same time set themselves up very well for right now.

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