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The 1994 NHL was a really deep draft that saw the likes of Daniel Alfredsson being picked in the 6th round,
as well as Tim Thomas, Evgeni Nabokov, Tomas Vokoun and Steve Sullivan picked in the 9th round.

If the 1994 NHL draft were redraft, the landscape of the NHL would be very different.

*If you haven't read my previous blogs in the redrafting series, i suggest reading those first*

1. Florida Panthers- (RW) Daniel Alfredsson
Original pick: Ed Jovanovski

While Ed Jovanovski turned into a great defenseman in the NHL, his career didn't take off until he got to Vancouver.
Daniel Alfredsson was an impact player from his first season in the league with the Senators to his last.
With Alfredsson now on the Panthers, they have a player they can rely on and build around for the next 10-15 years.

2. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim- (LW) Patrik Elias
Original pick: Oleg Tverdovsky

Oleg Tverdovsky was a major disappointment as the number 2 pick in the draft.
Patrik Elias became the New Jersey Devils all time leading scorer in regular and postseason.
Elias will be a player the Mighty Ducks can build around for the next 20 years.

3. Ottawa Senators- (RW) Milan Hejduk
Original pick: Radek Bonk

After losing Daniel Alfredsson, the Senators will need a player that can score and while Radek Bonk was a solid player, he wasn't a scorer.
Milan Hejduk had 13 straight 20 goal seasons, 5 seasons in which he put up 30 or more goals and 2 season where he had 40+ goals.
Hejduk would a reliable and durable scorer that the Senators could rely on for over a decade.

4. Edmonton Oilers-(G) Evgeni Nabokov
Original pick: Jason Bonsignore

The Edmonton Oilers in past few years have picked a string of second tier players, its time for them to pick some impact players.
The Oilers start this process by drafting goaltender Evgeni Nabokov, who was an excellent starting goalie in the league;
Nabokov had 6 30+ win seasons, includ 3 straight 40+ wins seasons from 2007-2010.
With Nabokov in goal, the Oilers now have their goalie for the 2000s.

5. Hartford Whalers-(D) Ed Jovanovski
Original pick: Jeff O'Neill

Jeff O'Neill was a good player for the Hartford/Carolina franchise but at this time, the team really needed defense.
The top defenseman available was Ed Jovanovski, he had pretty solid career putting up 500 points in 1,128 games.
With Jovanoski on board, the Whalers now hopefully have found their number 1 defenseman of the future.

6. Edmonton Oilers-(LW) Ryan Smyth
Original pick: Ryan Smyth

The Edmonton Oilers still select Ryan Smyth with the 6th overall pick, as he was considered the face of the franchise at one point.
From 1996-2007, he had put up 286 G and 538 points in 719 games before being traded to the New York Islanders at the 2007 trade deadline.

7. LA Kings-(G) Marty Turco
Original pick: Jamie Storr

The LA Kings really needed a goalie at this point, which is why they took Jamie Storr this high; unfortunately Storr was a huge bust.
Marty Turco at his peak was considered one of the best goalies in the league, so its tough to pass him up at this slot;
he had 6 consecutive 30+ win seasons with the Dallas Stars and while posting a remarkable GAA and SV%.
Turco was also a tremendous puckhandler, so that will help the defensive core out a lot.

8. Tampa Bay Lightning- (G) Tomas Vokoun
Original pick: Jason Wiemer

Although the Tampa Bay Lightning do have Darren Puppa, its never to late to draft a successor.
Tomas Vokoun was a very reliable starting goalie in the NHL, he posted 9 straight 20+ win seasons, including, 3 30+ win seasons.
Another reason for picking Vokoun in this spot is because there aren't going to be any good prospect goalie in the next 2 years.

9. New York Islanders- (C) Chris Drury
Original pick: Brett Lindros

Brett Lindros was a terrible first round pick for the Islanders and a huge bust, so anyone they pick would be better.
Chris Drury may not put up staggering numbers, but he is a great leader and a good two way forward; Drury is also a very clutch player.

10. Washington Capitals- (LW) Steve Sullivan
Original pick: Nolan Baumgartner

Nolan Baumgartner was a huge bust as a first round pick for the Washington Capitals.
Steve Sullivan might of been an undersized player but he was able to put up 747 points in over 1,000 NHL games.
Sullivan was a tremendous playmaking winger, which is exactly what the Captials need.

11. San Jose Sharks- (G) Tim Thomas
Original pick: Jeff Friesen

Since Evgeni Nakokov was taken earlier in the draft, the Sharks need to draft his replacement.
Tim Thomas is a late bloomer but that shouldn't matter for the Sharks, as they have Arturs Irbe and they will likely add another goalie later.
From 2006-2012, Tim Thomas was considered one of the best goalies in the league.

12. Quebec Nordiques-(RW/C) Jeff O'Neill 
Original pick: Wade Belak

Quebec Nordiques need to draft another RW, after Milan Hejduk was drafted by the Ottawa Senators.
While Jeff O'Neill is by no means a Milan Hejduk, he could certainly do some damage on a line with Joe Sakic.
O'Neill had 4 straight 25+ goal seasons including 3 30+ goal seasons.

13. Vancouver Canucks-(D) Mattias Ohlund
Original pick: Mattias Ohlund

The Vancouver Canucks still select Mattias Ohlund because they needed a defenseman and he was the best one available.
Ohlund wasn't flashy but he played a solid two way game and had a good NHL career.
Ohlund would be a huge part of the Canucks D core for years to come.

14. Chicago Blackhawks-(LW) Tomas Holmstrom
Original pick: Ethan Moreau

Ethan Moreau was a good 3rd line player, but he isn't worst a first round pick.
Tomas Holmstrom was an underrated player during his NHL career because he played with so many star players.
He won 4 stanley cups with the Detroit Red Wings while doing all the dirty work in front of the net.

15. Washington Capitals-(C) Radek Bonk
Original pick: Alexander Kharlamov

Since the Capitals picked a Left Winger with their first pick in the 1st round, the Capitals need to draft a center now.
Radek Bonk is by far the best center available at this point in the draft; he is a very reliable two way center.
Bonk would be a solid 2nd or 3rd line center for the Capitals in the future.

16. Toronto Maple Leafs-(LW) Jeff Friesen
Original pick: Eric Fichaud

Eric Fichaud never panned out as an NHL goalie, so the Maple Leafs draft Jeff Friesen, a very skilled and talent forward.
Jeff Friesen had a great start to his career with the San Jose Sharks and had a few good years in New Jersey;
he put up at least 20 goals and 50 points 5 times in his career and was a good postseason performer.
Friesen would be a good fit on the line with Glenn Anderson and John Cullen.

17. Bufffalo Sabres-(LW) Fredrik Modin
Original pick: Wayne Primeau

Instead of picking Wayne Primeau, the Sabres pick Fredrik Modin, a hard shooting winger from Sweden.
Modin is a member of the Triple Gold Club and was a important member of the Tampa Bay Lightning team that won the cup in 2004.
He would be a good fit on a line with Derek Plante and Donald Audette.

18.  Montreal Canadiens-(G) Jose Theodore
Original pick: Brad Brown

The Montreal Canadiens can't risk not getting Jose Theodore, so they reach a little bit to get him.
Jose Theodore was great early on in his career with the Canadiens, unfortunately he wasn't able sustain his level of play.

19. Calgary Flames-(D) Sheldon Souray
Original pick: Chris Dingman

Although the Flames don't really have a need for defense, there aren't really any forwards that stand out so the Flames go with the best available player.
Sheldon Souray is a late blommer and once he develops into an NHL defenseman, he will be a lethal powerplay weapon.
Souray had one of the hardest shots in the league and a big offensive threat from the back end.

20. Dallas Stars-(D) Oleg Tverdovsky
Original pick: Jason Botterill

Oleg Tverdovsky was an excellent defenseman early on in his career, a way better pick than Jason Botterill.
At this time, the Stars needed help on defense and Tverdovsky would provide some much needed help.
The Stars have now stockpiled a few very good puck moving defenseman in Tverdovsky, Ozolish and Timonen.

21. Boston Bruins-(G) Dan Cloutier
Original pick: Evgeni Ryabchikov

The Boston Bruins need to draft a goalie for the future; while Dan Cloutier isn't exactly a long term solution he can be a short term solution for a while.
Cloutier had an up and down career, when he played for a good team like Vancouver, he had good seasons but when he played for bad teams, he wasn't that good.
Dan Cloutier could be a stop gap solution for a few years but if another top goaltender prospect is avalaible in the coming years, they should draft him.

22. Quebec Nordiques-(D) Kim Johnsson
Original pick: Jeff Kealty

The Quebec Nordiques aren't really in need of anything in particular but they could always use more defensive depth.
Kim Johnsson isn't likely to be a top pair defenseman with the Avalanche but he could slide into the top four in the future.
Johnsson put up 284 points in 739 before his career was ended by a concussion.

23. Detroit Red Wings-(RW) Richard Zednik
Original pick: Yan Golubovsky

Losing Tomas Holmstrom is a huge loss, so the Red Wings need to draft a RW to make up for that loss.
Although Zednik cannot make replace what Holmstrom brings to the team, he is still a solid NHL prospect.
Zednik might be subject to trade bait because the Red Wings are in win-now mode.

24. Pittsburgh Penguins-(D/RW) Mathieu Dandenault
Original pick: Chris Wells

The Pittsburgh Penguins need to add more depth on defense and the best option is Mathieu Dandedeault, a winger converted Defenseman.
Dandenault was a part of 3 stanley cup teams with the Red Wings and his biggest asset was his versatility.
Being able to play both Defense and Wing will give the Penguins some options in the future.

25. New Jersey Devils-(C) Curtis Brown
Original pick: Vadim Sharifijanov

After losing Patrick Elias, the Devils are can't possibly find a player to match his offensive production, so they go for fit.
The New Jersey Devils are lacking in the depth at center and they bolster that depth by adding Curtis Brown.
Curtis Brown isn't going to be expected to light up the statsheet but he fits in with the Devils' system.

26. New York Rangers-(LW) Ethan Moreau
Original pick: Dan Cloutier

Dan Cloutier turned into a decent goalie in the NHL but the Rangers had no need for one at this point.
Ethan Moreau is a heart and soul type player that is more than his stats.
Moreau is a good two way player, penalty killer and is would be good role player for a Rangers team trying be a contending team.


Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers added Evgeni Nabokov and Ryan Smyth, who players that will be franchise players for a while.
Nabokov is a massive upgrade over Jason Bonsignore, who was a huge bust for the Oilers.

Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals added Steve Sullivan and Radek Bonk, two very good NHL players;
this was a huge improvement over Nolan Baumgartner and Alexander Kharlamov.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

Drafting Patrik Elias, a borderline Hall of Fame player over Oleg Tverdovsky is a massive upgrade.
Elias will be a player that the Mighty Ducks can build around for 20 years.

LA Kings

The LA Kings were also major winners in the draft, as Marty Turco is much better than Jamie Storr.
LA Kings now have their goalie of the future in Marty Turco.


Quebec Nordiques

Even though the Quebec Nordiques had 2 first round picks, the two picks aren't enough to match the productivity of Milan Hejduk, who was drafted by Ottawa.
Quebec ended up drafting Jeff O'Neill and Kim Johnsson but neither of these players where the difference makers that Hejduk was.

New Jersey Devils

Patrik Elias was the all time leading point for the Devils, so losing him to Anaheim is a huge loss.
Curtis Brown might be a solid role player but not the same caliber player as Elias.

Detroit Red Wings

Richard Zednik is not an adaquete replacement for Tomas Holmstrom, who was a major part of 4 Stanley cup teams with the Red Wings.
Zednik might not even be a part of the team as he is most likely to get traded for a veteran player, while the Red Wings are in pursuit of a Stanley cup.

Calgary Flames

Sheldon Souray might have turned into a decent defenseman but it took a long time for him to become a regular in the lineup.
By the time he becomes a regular, the Flames might have opted to trade him because they are in win now-mode.

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Prospect Profile: Lucas Raymond

Lucas Raymond
Frolunda HC
5'10"/ 165 lb

Size/Strength         Below Average
Skating         Excellent
Shot/Scoring         Excellent
Puckhandling          Excellent
Physical Play         Excellent
Offensive Play Excellent
Defensive Play Excellent
Hockey Sense         Excellent
Competitiveness      Excellent


1. explosive winger who is equally dangerous with his shot or pass
2. plays a strong two-way game, intensity and has terrific vision
3. Clutch player, exceptional undre pressure, creative in transition and in offensive zone

Cause for Concern

1. lack of production due to lack of opportunity of Frolunda
2. Playing against men in North America
3. Undersized player and isn't a top end skater


Two way Winger, with high end playmaking and scoring skills and a great hockey IQ.

Scouting Report:

Lucas Raymond plays a strong two-way game with excellent vision, intensity and a has a good wrist shot.
His ability to generate speed through the neutral zone is hard to miss but he’s also capable of dancing around opposing players by using his edges very well.
His hands are elite and the best among this group of prospects, and it’s difficult to find anyone as creative as him.
He’s got an elite brain and can make plays like few others. He’s an undersized player who isn’t a top-end skater, which has led to some adjustment to the pro game.
Despite the lack of production with Frolunda this season, Raymond still has too big an upside for teams to ignore in the draft;
he has the potential to be an elite talent just like Lafreniere, Byfield and Stutzle.

NHL Potential:

1st line Winger, that can do it all

Style Comparison: Brad Marchand


Frolunda HCJ20   SHL     37 GP      13 G            48 Pts
Frolunda HC      SHL     33 GP       4 G            10 Pts   

Rebuilding 2006-07 Philadelphia Flyers

The 2006-07 Philadelphia Flyers were the Worst team in the in entire NHL during the 2006-07 season only to loose out on the Patrick Kane sweepstakes.
The Flyers actually had a pretty decent core at this point but they need to retool the roster a bit to be a contending team.

The rebuild starts at the 2007 draft where a few trades are made:

Joni Pitkanen is traded traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Ron Hainsey, Gilbert Brule, 1st round pick 2007.
The Columbus Blue Jackets get a number 1 defenseman in Joni Pitkanen, while the Flyers get Ron Hainsey, a stable top 4 defenseman,
Gilbert Brule, a top prospect and Columbus' 1st round pick 2007, that they can use on an impact player.

Philadelphia Flyers trade Simon Gagne to the Boston Bruins for Brad Boyes, Dennis Widemen, 1st round pick 2008.
Even though Simon Gagne was a huge part of the Philadelphia Flyers, this trade package is too good to turn down.
Brad Boyes was a real good up and coming young scorer in the league and Dennis Widemen was a top prospect defenseman.
The first round pick will used in an impact player in the future.

The Flyers also trade RJ Umberger, Mike Knuble to the LA Kings for Dustin Brown, 2nd round pick 2008.
LA kings get two top 6 wingers in RJ Umberger and Mike Knuble, while the Flyers get Dustin Brown, a physical powerfoward and a 2nd round pick.

Changes in 2007 draft

7-(from CBJ) Jakub Voracek
41-PK Subban
122-Jamie Benn
152-Nick Bonino

The Flyers don't sign Daniel Briere in Free Agency, as the Flyers are headed towards a rebuild.

The Philadelphia Flyers finish the 2007-08 season with the worse record, without the services of Briere, Knuble, Umberger, Lupul;
The Flyers end up with the 3rd pick in the draft.

At the 2008 draft, the Flyers trade pick 16 to the Buffalo Sabres for pick 26, 44.
This Flyers don't have anyone in particular they want to draft with the 16th pick so they trade down and add an addition 2nd round pick.

Changes in 2008 draft

3-Alex Pietrangelo
26-(from BUF) Tyler Ennis
32-(from LA) Roman Josi
44-(from BUF) Derek Stepan
84-TJ Brodie

Philadelphia Flyers don't sign Matt Carle in Free Agency, as he doesn't fit into their plans anymore.

Philadelphia Flyers don't trade for Chris Pronger, so they keep their draft picks.

At the 2009 draft, the Philadelphia Flyers make a few trades:

Mike Richards is traded to the Nashville Predators for 1st round pick 2009, 2nd round pick 2009, 3rd round pick 2009 in a sign and trade.
The Nashville Predators get a great leader a terrific two way center in Mike Richards, while the Flyers get 3 draft picks from the predators
and avoid having to sign Richards to a massive contract.

The Philadelphia Flyers trade pick 21, Martin Biron to the Chicago Blackhawks for picks 59, Antti Niemi.
The Flyers get Antti Niemi as a future number 1 goalie and a 2nd round pick, while the Blackhawks get Martin Biron and a 1st round pick.

Philly also trades picks 42, 59 to the Colorado Avalanche for pick 33.

Changes in 2009 draft

11-(from NSH) Ryan Ellis
33-(from COL) Ryan O'Reilly
81-Mattias Ekholm
87-Mike Hoffman
153-Darcy Kuemper

Without Mike Richards and Chris Pronger and their young players not yet ready, the Philadelphia Flyers don't make the playoffs; they finish with the 7th pick in the draft.

At the 2010 draft, the Philadelphia Flyers trade Brad Boyes, Andrej Meszaros, Dennis Wideman to the Calgary Flames for Mark Giordano, 1st round pick 2011 (JT Miller).
The Calgary Flames get two top 4 defenseman in Meszaros and Wideman along with a 30 goal scorer in Brad Boyes,
while the Flyers get Mark Giordano to strengthen the left side and a 1st round pick.

Changes in 2010 draft

7-Jeff Skinner
119-Brendan Gallagher

By the 2010-11 season, the Philadelphia Flyers have put together a pretty good roster,
but they need to make a few trades to make the team a legit contender.

Philadelphia Flyers trade Jeff Carter to the Florida Panthers for Michael Frolik, Evgenii Dadonov, 1st round pick 2011.
The Florida Panthers get a number 1 center in Jeff Carter, while the Flyers get Michael Frolik, a versitaile two way forward,
a top prospect on Evgenii Dadonov and 1st round pick 2011, which should have great value.

The Flyers also trade Scott Hartnell, Gilbert Brule to the Edmonton Oilers for Andrew Cogliano, Magnus Paajarvi, 2nd round pick 2012.
The Oilers get a top powerforward in Scott Hartnell and Gilbert Brule, while the Flyers get Andrew Cogliano, a versitaile forward,
a top prospect in Magnus Paajarvi and a 2nd round pick.

Ville Leino is traded to the Buffalo Sabres for 2nd round pick 2011, 3rd round pick 2012.
Since the Flyers have no use for Ville Leino anymore, they trade him to the Sabres for two picks.

This is how the lineup looks like after all the moves:


M.Giordano-PK Subban


In the System:

F: M.Hoffman, B.Gallagher, E.Dadonov, N.Bonino
D: R.Josi, R.Ellis, M.Ekholm, TJ Brodie
G: D.Kuemper

The Philadelphia Flyers are now legit contenders in the Eastern Conference and look to be a contending team for the next decade.

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There were 2 eventual hall of famers and 8 all stars selected in the 1993 NHL Draft but it is infamous for having one of the biggest busts of all time.
Alexandre Diagle was selected first overall over eventual hall of famers Chris Pronger and Paul Kariya,
if this draft were redrafted, the NHL would look very different.

*If you didn't check out my previous redrafts, you should look at them first*

1. Ottawa Senators (D) Chris Pronger
Original pick: Alexandre Diagle

Alexandre Diagle was a huge bust for the Ottawa Senators so getting Chris Pronger a perrenial all star and Hall of Famer is a massive upgrade.
Chris Pronger is a franchise changing player, he would immediately stabilize the blueline for the Senators.
Defenseman may take more time to develop but true number 1 defenseman like Chris Pronger are tougher to get, which is why he goes number 1 in the draft.

2. Hartford Whalers (LW) Paul Kariya
Original pick: Chris Pronger

It will be really tough to replace a player like Chris Pronger but Paul Kariya is a nice consolation prize.
Paul Kariya is that dynamic player that the Hartford Whalers were missing throughout the 90s after trading Ron Francis.
Kariya would really help boost the likes of Andrew Cassels and whomever plays on the right wing.

3. Tampa Bay Lightning (C) Saku Koivu
Original pick: Chris Gratton

Chris Gratton was a solid NHL Pro but he was not worth the 3rd pick in the draft, instead the Lightning should select Saku Koivu.
Saku Koivu would be a great leader and a terrific number 1 center the Lightning could build around for years.
The Lightning struggled to find a franchise player for years, now with Saku Koivu on the team, they don't have that problem.

4. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (C) Jason Arnott
Original pick: Paul Kariya

It will be tough to find a player in the draft that is more dynamic than Paul Kariya so the Mighty Ducks go with the best two way player in this draft, Jason Arnott.
Jason Arnott can do it all, he had 417 G along with 938 points in 1,244 games and was a great two way player.
Arnott would strenghten the depth at center the Mighty Ducks which was a weakness for them.

5. Florida Panthers (RW) Todd Bertuzzi
Original pick: Rob Niedermayer

This might be a surpising pick to some people but at his peak, Bertuzzi was considered one of the best powerforwards in the league.
From 1999-2005, Bertuzzi had 5 25+ goal seasons, with 2 of them being 35+ goal season and one of them being a 46 goal campaign.
It is tough to get a well rounded powerforward, and Bertuzzi at his peak was as good as it gets.

6. San Jose Sharks (W) Pavol Demitra
Original pick: Victor Kozlov

Victor Kozlov was a bit of a disappointment as a first round pick, as he never really lived up to the expectations that the Sharks had for him.
Pavol Demitra on the other hand was a late pick and exceeded expectations, he found success on every team he played on.
Demitra put up 768 points in 847 games in the NHL and was a very versitaile player that played both wings and center.

7. Edmonton Oilers (RW) Miroslav Satan
Original pick: Jason Arnott

Jason Arnott was a great player for the Edmonton Oilers before he was traded to the New Jersey Devils, it will be tough to replace his production.
The best offensive player left at this point in the draft is Miroslav Satan, who had 8 20+ goal season, 4 of which were 30+ goals seasons.
Satan would be a great fit on the Wing alongside Michael Nylander in the future.

8. New York Rangers (D) Kenny Jonsson
Original pick: Niklas Sundstrom

While Kenny Jonsson didn't stand on the stat sheet, he was the type of player that made a diffence in big games.
Jonsson was one of the most underrated defenseman in the 90s, he was great positionally and had sound offensive skills as well.
Jonsson would be the perfect fit for a team like the Rangers that was trying to vie for a stanley cup.

9. Dallas Stars (D) Kimmo Timonen
Original pick: Todd Harvey

Kimmo Timonen is the best player available, so he gets selected here even though he won't play in the NHL for a few years.
The Stars aren't in any rush to get Timonen to the NHL as they already have the Defensive core sorted out for the next few years,
however a team can never have enough defensive prospects in the pipeline ready to take an older defenseman's place in the lineup.

10. Quebec Nordiques (LW) Vinny Prospal
Original pick: Jocelyn Thibault

Since the Nordiques drafted Martin Brodeur in 1990, they don't need to draft another goalie in the first round.
The Nordiques really need help on the LW, the best LW at this point in the draft is Vinny Prospal.
Although Brunette never made an all star game, he scored 765 points in 1,108 points, which is a real solid NHL career.

11. Washington Capitals (D) Bryan McCabe
Original pick: Brendan Witt

Brendan Witt never lived up to the expectations of being a 1st round pick, so the Capitals select Bryan McCabe instead.
McCabe is often remembered for scoring on his own goal but he actually had a really solid NHL career.
McCabe put up 528 points in 1,135 games in his career, he would add some firepower to the capitals blueline.

12. Toronto Maple Leafs (LW) Andrew Brunette
Original pick: Kenny Jonsson

Kenny Jonsson was a great NHL player, so it would be tough to find a player that can replace him at this point in the draft.
The Maple Leafs needed a left wingers and Andrew Brunette was the best at this point in the draft.
Brunette put up 733 points in 1,100 regular season games, he was also a great postseason player, as he had 35 points in 49 playoff games.

13. New Jersey Devils (RW) Jamie Langenbrunner
Original pick: Denis Pederson

Jamie Langenbrunner was a two time stanley cup champion and won at every level he played at.
In his career, he had 663 points in 1,109 career NHL games, and he also had 87 points in 146 playoff games.
Langenbrunner will start off as a role player but eventually will develop into a key player for the Devils.

14. Quebec Nordiques (C) Brendan Morrisson
Original pick: Adam Deadmarsh

Brendan Morrisson was a late bloomer but he developed into a geat playmaking center in the early 2000s playing alongside Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi.
From 2001-2004, Morrisson had 3 consecutive seasons where he had put up 20+ goals and 60+ points.
The Quebec Nordiques aren't in any rush for any centers, so this is the perfect team for Morrisson to go to.

15. Winnipeg Jets (G) Jocelyn Thibault
Original pick: Mats Lindgren

Bob Essensa was a solid goalie for the Winnipeg Jets but at the same time its never to late to draft a successor to him.
Another reason for drafting Thibault was because there wasn't any defenseman that were worthy of drafting and the forwards available were a bit of a reach too.
Drafting Thibault also allows the Jets to trade Essensa for a top 4 defenseman, something they really need.

16. Edmonton Oilers (C) Jason Allison
Original pick: Nick Stajduhar

The Edmonton Oilers had to settle for 2nd tier centers in recent drafts but this time around, they get a hidden gem in the draft.
Jason Allison was a highly touted prospected at the time, especially after his WJC performances in 1995.
Allison played in 5 seasons in which he put up 60 or more points, 4 of which were 70+ point seasons.

17. Washington Capitals (LW) Eric Daze
Original pick: Jason Allison

Although Jason Allison turned into a solid NHL player with the Bruins and Kings, he didn't do anything with the Capitals.
The Capitals had a major weakness at the LW, and Eric Daze seems like the best fit for them.
Daze was a good scorer in the league, notching 8 consecutive 20 goal seasons, 4 of which were 30+ goal campaigns.

18. Calgary Flames (LW/RW) Viktor Kozlov
Original pick: Jesper Mattson

Viktor Kozlov may not have lived up to expectations but he still can be a key role player on a Stanley cup contender.
Kozlov had his best years of his career playing alongside Pavel Bure in Florida, he is the type of player that needs to play with Stars.
Luckily for Calgary they have many stars on the team such as Joe Niewendyk, Theo Fleury, Al MacInnis and Gary Suter.

19. Toronto Maple Leafs (C) Chris Gratton
Original pick: Landon Wilson

Chris Gratton is not going to fill up the statsheet but he is a gritty two way center who is great on faceoffs.
Gratton was a solid pro, he was able to play in 1,092 NHL games while putting up 568 points.
At this point in the draft, its a bargain to get a player that plays in over 1,000 NHL games.

20. Vancouver Canucks (D) Janne Niinimaa
Original pick: Mike Wilson

The Vancouver Canucks needed help on defense and the best defenseman left at this point in the draft is Janne Niinimaa.
While there was nothing that particularly stands out about Niinimaa, in the early years of his career, he did put up some points.
Niinimaa could be a short term solution on defense for a while until they draft a better defenseman later on.

21. Montreal Canadiens (G) Tommy Salo 
Original pick: Saku Koivu

The Montreal Canadiens don't have Patrick Roy anymore so they need to draft a goalie, the best goalie available at this point is Tommy Salo
The Reason why Salo is picked over Legace and Lalime is because he had more experience as a starter in the NHL.
Salo had 6 20+ win seasons, with 20 of them being 30+ win seasons but unfortuantely he is remembered as a goalie that cant win the big game.

22. Detroit Red Wings (G) Manny Legace
Original pick: Anders Eriksson

The Red Wings need another goalie in the pipeline since Chris Osgood was taken in the 1991 draft by another team.
Manny Legace is a better fit on the Red Wings than Patrick Lalime because he has a better win-loss ratio and a better GAA and SV%
Since the Red Wings don't have the luxury of having Chris Osgood anymore, Legace might have to come into action a lot sooner.

23. New York Islanders (RW) David Vyborny 
Original pick: Todd Bertuzzi

Although Todd Bertuzzi never truly found his game with the Islanders, it will be tough to find a player that is on his level.
This could come as a shock to some people but David Vyborny is the best player left in terms of production.
Vyborny put up 3 straight 20 goal seasons with the Blue Jackets, which is impressive considering he didn't have much to work with.

24. Chicago Blackhawks (C) Adam Deadmarsh
Original pick: Eric Lecompte

Adam Deadmarsh had concussion issues but when healthy he was a very good player.
Deadmarsh was a big game player, putting up 66 points in 105 games.
Being a playoff contender, Deadmarsh would fit in well with the Chicago Blackhawks

25. Boston Bruins (LW) Darcy Tucker
Original pick: Kevyn Adams

Its hard to imagine Darcy Tucker as a Boston Bruin, but he really does fit in with their system.
Tucker plays on the edge and has a reputation of playing dirty which is perfect for the Bruins.
As big an agitator as Tucker wasm he was able to notch 4 20+ goal seasons.

26. Pittsburgh Penguins (G) Patrick Lalime 
Original pick: Stefan Bergkvist

There were several players that were considered but i decided to choose Patrick Lalime because the Penguins needed a successor for Tom Barasso.
Lalime would be ready to take the reigns from Barasso at the beginning of the 1999-2000 season, which is when the Penguins needed a new a number 1 to take over.
As it turns out, the first season as a starter for Lalime was the 1999-2000 season, which works out perfectly.


Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are the biggest winners of this scenario, they replace the biggest bust in the draft with the biggest star in the draft.
Chris Pronger was the best player in the draft by far and would be staple on the Senators blueline for years to come.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Saku Koivu is a major upgrade over Chris Gratton as the 3rd overall pick, he would be the team's Captain and leading point scorer in no time.
The Lightning now actually have a core player to build their franchise around.

San Jose Sharks

Pavel Demitra is the type of player that excelled with every team he played for because he is extremely versataile.
He is much more useful than Viktor Kozlov, whom the Sharks originally selected in the draft.

Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals walked away from the 1993 with Bryan McCabe and Eric Daze, a major upgrade over Brendan Witt and Jason Allison.
Both McCabe and Daze will play a major role on the Capitals moving forward.

Quebec Nordiques

The Quebec Nordiques drafted Vinny Prospal and Brendan Morrisson in the 1993 draft, adding to their already stacked roster.
Both Prospal and Morrison could be subject to trade bait as the Nordiques may use them to acquire veteran players in a stanley cup run.


Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens are the Biggest losers in the scenario, not only do they not get Saku Koivu,
having Tommy Salo in goal instead of Patrick Roy will ensure the Canadiens won't make the playoffs for a while.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs had two first round picks but just walked away with no star players.
Andrew Brunette and Chris Gratton were both solid NHL players but they were not star players.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins decided to pick Darcy Tucker because they though it would be a fit for the system,
however, was it worth passing up a player like Rob Niedermayer to pick Darcy Tucker?

New York Rangers

Kenny Jonsson was a great defenseman for a while but he retired at 29, he didn't have as long of an NHL career as defenseman like Timonen or McCabe.
The Rangers would feel the absence of his departure after the 2004 season, which is around the same time Brian Leetch left.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim drafted Jason Arnott to replace Paul Kariya, whom was drafted by the Hartford Whalers.
Even though Arnott was a great NHL player, he was not difference maker Kariya was.

Monday, April 20, 2020


Marco Rossi
Ottawa 67's

Size/Strength        Great (for his size)
Skating        Average
Shot/Scoring        Excellent
Puckhandling         Excellent
Physical Play        Great
Offensive Play       Excellent
Defensive Play      Excellent 
Hockey Sense        Excellent
Competitiveness     Excellent


1. highly skilled offensive player that is tough to know off the puck despite being only 5'9"
2. terrific playmaker and scorer with high hockey IQ
3. Great on both sides of the puck

Cause for Concern

1. His Size could cause him to fall in the draft despite his immense talent
2. Some Gms fear that Rossi won't be able to sustain his production at the NHL level
3. Has been suspended for dirty plays


Point producting Center, with high end playmaking and scoring skills and a great hockey IQ.

Scouting Report:

Marco Rossi is a highly skilled offensive player who is equally dangerous creating plays and finishing scoring chances.
Despite his size he's capable of winning 50/50 puck battles, is strong on face-offs and generates offense with his high hockey IQ, good hands and playmaking ability.
The Austrian born center is a terrific playmaker who plays the game a lot bigger than his lack of size would suggest.
His compete level is very high, and he excels in traffic, rather than shy away from it. He is also an intelligent two-way player.
It's tough to say where Rossi will go in the draft because as we saw last year in Cole Caufield, GMs rarely take a player under 5'10" in the top 10,
for this reason, I think he might slide out of the top 10 despite being a top 5 talent.

NHL Potential:

1st line Center, that can do it all

Style Comparison: Patrice Bergeron


Ottawa 67's   OHL     53 GP      29 G            65 Pts
Ottawa 67's   OHL     56 GP      39 G            120 Pts   


The 2005-2006 St.Louis Blues were the worst team in the NHL that season and ended up with the 1st pick in the draft.
If the Blues had a do-over i'm sure that they would have drafted differently as well as make a couple other changes.

This rebuild starts at the 2006 draft, where a few trades are made:

St.Louis Blues trade Doug Weight to the New York Islanders for 1st round pick 2006.
The St.Louis Blues are rebuilding and the Islanders would really want to add a number 2 center to play behind Alexei Yashin.
This is a win-win trade for both sides because both teams get what they need.

Keith Tkachuk is traded to the Atlanta Thrashers for 1st round pick 2008, 2nd round pick 2006.
St.Louis gets out a couple of draft picks, while the Thrashers add a perrenial 20 goal scorer.
On top of this St.Louis also gets to get out of the terrible contract Tkachuk has.

Lee Stempniak, Dallas Drake are traded to the Detroit Red Wings for Valterri Filppula, 3rd round pick 2008.
Dallas Drake and Lee Stempniak were not going to play a prominent role on the team in the future, so the Blues trade them for Filppula and a pick.
This isn't a major move but these are type of moves that can help win championships in the future.

St.Louis Blues trade pick 7 to the Philadelphia Flyers for pick 22, 1st round pick 2008, 2nd round pick 2007
St.Louis also trades pick 25, 31 to the Vancouver Canucks for pick 14

Changes in 2006 draft

1-Jonathan Toews
14-(from VAN) Michael Grabner
22-(from PHI) Claude Giroux
43-(from ATL) Jeff Petry
64-Brad Marchand
94-James Reimer
154-Andrew MacDonald

The St.Louis Blues don't sign Bill Guerin and Jay McKee in Free Agency because they are now in a rebuild.

The 2006-07 St.Louis Blues have a worse record than they did originally, with the loss of Weight, Tkachuk and Drake;
they end up with the 3rd pick in the 2007 draft.

At the 2007 draft, a few trades are made:

St.Louis Blues trade Petr Cajanek, Martin Ruchinsky, Radek Dvorak to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Jason Chimera, 2nd round pick 2008.
The St.Louis Blues trade away some of their veteran players to make room for their young players coming in.
This trade allows the younger players to get top 6 minutes.

Manny Legace is traded to the Philadelphia Flyers for Michael Leighton, 3rd round pick 2007.
The Philadelphia Flyers really need to add a stable veteran goalie, on the other hand, having a good goalie will affect the Blues tanking plan.

St.Louis Blues trade pick 3 to the Boston Bruins for pick 8, 35, 1st+2nd round picks 2008, 1st round pick 2009.

Changes in 2007 Draft

8-(From BOS) Logan Couture
18-Max Pacioretty
26-David Perron
35-(from BOS) PK Subban
41-(from PHI) Wayne Simmonds
66-(from PHI) Alex Killorn
85-Alec Martinez
100-Jake Muzzin

St.Louis Blues don't sign Paul Kariya and Andy MacDonald because it doesn't make sense to overpay for veteran players while rebuilding.

The 2007-08 St.Louis Blues finish with the 2nd worst record in the league with the loss of Manny Legace and the 5 of their top 6 scorers.

At the 2008 draft, the Blues trade down, they trade pick 19 to the Washington Capitals for pick 27, 58, 3rd round pick 2009.
They also trade picks 33, 34 to Florida Panthers for pick 31, 46.

Changes in 2008 draft

2-Drew Doughty
16-(from BOS) Jordan Eberle 
27-(from WSH) John Carlson
31-(from FLA) Jacob Markstrom
37-(from CBJ) Roman Josi
46-(from FLA) Derek Stepan
47-(from BOS) Travis Hamonic
58-(from WSH)-Braden Holtby
95-TJ Brodie
155-Cam Atkinson

The 2008-09 St.Louis Blues are are much improved from the season prior with the addition of young talents like Jonathan Toews and Drew Doughty,
They make the playoffs but are knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

At the 2009 draft, the St.Louis Blues made two trades:

St.Louis Blues trade Brad Boyes to the Buffalo Sabres for 1st round pick 2009, 2nd round pick 2011.
Brad Boyes saw a dip from his 40 goal campain in 2007-08 but he still had 33 goals in 08-09,
he still has trade value as a borderline playoff team like the Sabres would love to add a scorer like him.

St.Louis Blues also trade picks 13, 17, 25, 48 to the LA Kings for pick 5

Changes in 2009 Draft

5-Brayden Schenn
78-Mattias Ekholm
85-(from WSH) Cody Eakin

By the 2010-11 season, the St.Louis Blues have assembled a playoff caliber roster,
but they need a few adjustments to make it all work.

St.Louis Blues trade Jeff Petry, Michael Grabner to the New York Islanders for 2nd round pick 2011, 2nd round pick 2012.
The Blues are loaded with high end talent, Petry and Grabner just won't fit in the lineup so the Blues might as well gets some picks for them.

James Reimer is traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Francois Beauchimen, 1st round pick 2011.
The Maple Leafs need a starting goalie, while the Blues need a top pair defenseman for right now.

This is how the lineup would look like:

V.Filppula-D.Backes-T.J Oshie



In the System: F: B.Marchand, M.Pacioretty, B.Schenn, A.Killorn, D.Stepan, C.Atkinson, C.Eakin
D: R.Josi, M.Ekholm, P.K Subban, J.Muzzin, A.Martinez
G: J.Markstrom, Holtby

With the moves made in the rebuild, the St.Louis Blues have now put themselves in position to be contenders for the next decade.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


The 1991 NHL Draft was loaded with top end talent; it obviously featured Eric Lindros, who was one of the most hyped prospects of time,
but also featured players such as Scott Niedermayer, Peter Forsberg, Markus Naslund, Alexei Kovalev, Ray Whitney and Chris Osgood.

*Please note that if you haven't read my previous redrafts, please see those first because this redraft is playing off of those other redrafts.*

If this draft were to be redrafted, not only would the draft look entirely different, but the league would as well.

1. Quebec Nordiques-(D) Scott Niedermayer
Original Pick: Eric Lindros

The Reason why I choose to select Scott Niedermayer over Eric Lindros and Peter Forsberg was because of durability.
While Lindros and Forsberg were both MVP caliber players at their peaks, Niedermayer was able to sustain his level of player for a longer period of time.
The Nordiques also had a need for Defense at the time, so Niedermayer would almost immediately be their top pair defenseman.

2. San Jose Sharks-(C) Eric Lindros
Original pick: Pat Fallon

This is a major upgrade for the San Jose Sharks, replacing a major bust in Pat Fallon with on of the most hyped prospects in Eric Lindros.
You can argue that Peter Forsberg turned out to be a better player than Eric Lindros, but the Sharks needed a box office attraction and Lindros was exactly that.
Now it would be tough for Lindros to sign with team in their second season in the league but if he doesn't, they have a major trade chip on their hands.

3. New Jersey Devils-(C) Peter Forsberg
Original Pick: Scott Niedermayer

The New Jersey Devils miss out on Scott Niedermayer, which is a huge loss, but they do get Peter Forsberg, a player who they can build around for the next decade.
Peter Forsberg stays in Sweden until the 94-95 season, so the Devils will continue to be bad with the loss of Scott Niedermayer and Forsberg not ready to play yet.
The Devils will find success later on in the 90s, led by Peter Forsberg, Patrick Roy and Scott Stevens.

4. New York Islanders-(RW) Alexei Kovalev
Original Pick: Scott Lachance

This is the greatest upgrade in the draft, getting Alexei Kovalev over Scott Lachance, who was a flop as a 4th overall pick.
Alexei Kovalev was one of the most skilled players of time, he didn't really fulfil his potential but he nonetheless was a great player.
Kovalev would form a great dynamic duo along with Pierre Turgeon on Long Island.

5. Winnipeg Jets-(LW) Markus Naslund
Original Pick: Aaron Ward

Markus Naslund is a major upgrade over Aaron Ward, as Ward never played for the Winnipeg Jets.
Naslund was a late bloomer, but that is fine for a team that is rebuilding like the Winnipeg Jets.
Naslund will be that Star forward that the Jets never had in the 90s.

6. Philadelphia Flyers-(LW) Ray Whitney
Original Pick: Peter Forsberg

It is going to be tough to replace Peter Forsberg, who was dealt in a blockbuster trade for Eric Lindros.
The best options at this point are either Ray Whitney or Brian Rolston, i choose Ray Whitney because he was able to stay in the league for a long time.
Ray Whitney put up 1,064 points in 1,330 games, he just quietly puts up points year after year.

7. Vancouver Canucks-(LW/C/RW) Brian Rolston
Original Pick: Alek Stojanov

Alek Stojanov was a huge bust for the Canucks, so anyone would be a huge upgrade over him.
Brian Rolston was a bit of a late bloomer as well but he eventually turns into a perenial 30 goal scorer and great two way player.
Rolston's versatily is an added bonus for the Canucks, as he can play a three forward positions.

8. Minneosta North Stars-(D) Sandis Ozolish
Original Pick: Richard Matvichuck

Richard Matvichuck turned into a solid NHL pro, but at this point in the draft, there are better options.
The North Stars needed to bolter their defense badly and the best defenseman available after Niedermayer was Sandis Ozolish.
Sandis Ozolish would make an immediate impact on the blueline for the North Stars as a puck moving defenseman.

9. Hartford Whalers-Detroit Red Wings-(G) Chris Osgood
Original Pick: Patrick Poulin

Chris Osgood was an underrated part of those Detroit Red Wings Championship teams,
He won 3 stanley cups with the Red Wings while picking up 401 Wins, a 2.49 GAA and .905 SV%.
In the playoffs, Osgood has 74 career wins, which ranks 9th all time and he also had 15 career SO in the playoffs, tied for 4th all time.
Chris Osgood would be that number 1 goalie the Hartford Whalers were searching for all throughout the 90s.

10. Detroit Red Wings-(RW) Zigmund Palffy
Original Pick: Martin Lapointe

When Healthy Zigmund Palffy was one of the best pure scorers in the NHL during the mid the late 90s.
While he was hampered by injuries in the lader half of his career, there is no denying he is a top 10 talent in this draft.
Zigmund Palffy would do a ton of damage on the wing of Steve Yzerman or Sergei Fedorov.

11. New Jersey Devils-(D) Alexei Zhitnik
Original Pick-Brian Rolston

Because the Devils don't have Scott Niedermayer anymore, they need to draft a defenseman now;
luckily for them there is a solid defenseman available in Alexei Zhitnik.
Alexei Zhitnik isn't going to blow anyone away but he played for 18 season in the NHL while putting up 471 points and 1,268 PIM.
Zhitnik along with the acquisition of Scott Stevens will help stabilitze the back-end for the Devils.

12. Edmonton Oilers-(C) Michael Nylander
Original Pick: Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright was a bust as a first round pick for the Edmonton Oilers, so anyone they select would be an upgrade.
Michael Nylander was a real solid center in the league for 17 seasons that is a perrenial 50-60 point scorer.
Nylander would an ideal 2nd line center but he can be a 1st line center if he plays with a star player.

13. Buffalo Sabres-(RW) Glen Murray
Original Pick: Phillippe Boucher

Even though the Buffalo Sabres really needed defenseman, the defenseamn in this draft after Niedermayer, Ozolish, Zhitnik weren't worth picking in the first round.
Glen Murray was a late bloomer but he could eventually be a solid scorer if he plays with a star center.
The Sabres have Dale Hawerchuk and Pat Lafontaine, Murray could fit on the RW of either player.

14. Washington Capitals-(RW) Mike Knuble
Original Pick: Pat Peake

The Washington Capitals really need a RW, the best RW available is Mike Knuble.
Mike Knuble was a late bloomer real but after he got established with the Bruins, he scored 20+ goals in 9 straight seasons.
The Capitals need to be patient with Knuble and not rush him along like they did with some of their early picks in the 90s.

15. New York Rangers-(RW) Martin Ruchinsky
Original Pick: Alexei Kovalev

The 1991 draft was loaded with top end talent, but after the first 12 picks, teams are starting to reach a bit.
At this point in the draft, its about addressing team needs and the Rangers are now trying to build a championship caliber roster.
Martin Ruchinsky is the perfect role player on a contending team, he might even be better for this role for Alexei Kovalev,
cause Kovalev needs to be a prominent offensive player.

16. Pittsburgh Penguins-(D) Phillippe Boucher
Original Pick: Markus Naslund

The Pittsburgh Penguins will have more than enough firepower on offense after the addition of Ron Francis in the offseason,
so it makes sense for them to draft a defenseman.
The best defenseman available at this point in the draft is Phillippe Boucher, who is a bit of a late bloomer.
Worst case scenario, Boucher could be used in a trade package to acquire an NHL ready defenseman.

17. Montreal Canadiens-(D) Richard Matvichuk
Original Pick: Brent Bilodeau

At this point in the draft, the Canadiens should draft the player that best fits their need.
The Canadiens really need to upgrade their Defense and there aren't any standout defenseman left, so the Canadiens go with the safest bet, Richard Matvichuk.
There isn't anything flashy that Matvichuk does, in fact, he only scored 178 points in 14 NHL seasons but is the definition of a solid defensive defenseman.

18. Boston Bruins-(C) Josef Stumpel
Original Pick: Glen Murray

The Bruins already lost out on Glen Murray, so the Bruins should secure Josef Stumpel before someone else drafts him.
Josef Stumpel had back to back 70+ point seasons, but then his production dipped to around 50-55 points per season.
Even so, Josef Stumpel could be a good second or third line center for the Bruins.

19. Calgary Flames-(RW) Marius Czerkawski
Original Pick: Niklas Sundblad

Mariusz Czerkawski was a cruical part of the New York Islanders from the 1998 to 2002, when he scored 20 or more goals in 4 straight years.
Czerkawski is another late bloomer, but that is okay for a team like the Calgary Flames, that is loaded with offensive firepower.
When Czerkawski is NHL ready, Sergei Makarov will be dealt, which works perfectly because the flames don't need to scramble and try to find his replacement.

20. Edmonton Oilers-(C) Yanic Perreault
Original Pick: Martin Ruchinsky

Since Martin Ruchinsky is no longer available, the Oilers draft Yanic Perreault, a solid two way center.
After drafting Michael Nylander a couple spots earlier and Bryan Smolinski in 1990, the Oilers have 3 pretty decent prospect centers.
With the addition of Perreault, this would open up the possibility of trading Bryan Smolinski.

21. Washington Capitals-(D) Aaron Ward
Original Pick: Trevor Halverson

There aren't any forwards worthy of taking at this point in the draft, so i decided to draft a defenseman.
Both Sean O'Donnell and Aaron Ward are Physical stay at home defenseman that have been a part of championship teams.
I choose Aaron Ward because he of his leadership and he was important part of 3 stanley cup teams.

22. Chicago Blackhawks-(LW/C) Dean McAmmond
Original Pick: Dean McAmmond

There is no change to this pick because, while the the Blackhawks could use help on defense, there wasn't anyone worth drafting.
The other player up for consideration was Martin Lapointe, but i choose McAmmond because he can play center and wing.
Dean McAmmond won't be an impact player in the league but he can be a great role player in the NHL.


Quebec Nordiques

Adding Scott Niedermayer is the final piece to assembling a core that could be championship contender for the next decade;
this core includes also Martin Brodeur, Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin and Adam Foote.

San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks get a generation talent and a franchise cornerstone in Eric Lindros, something that they never had.
If the Sharks can convince Lindros to sign with the Sharks will be the biggest winner in this draft.
Even if he doesn't want to sign with the Sharks, they can trade him for a monster of a package, which is better than draft Pat Fallon.

New York Islanders

New York Islanders get Alexei Kovalev, a very talented and skilled player to pair with Pierre Turgeon.
This is the second greatest upgrade in the draft, as Kovalev was a much better player than Scott Lachance.

Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets get a future star player and franchise cornerstone in Markus Naslund;
this is a major upgrade over Aaron Ward, who never played a game for the Jets.

Hartford Whalers

The Hartford Whalers finally get their number 1 goalie in Chris Osgood;
this might be the biggest win of the entire draft because now the Whalers have their goalie for the next decade.


Philadelphia Flyers

It will be next to impossible to replace Peter Forsberg, who was an important part of the Eric Lindros trade.
If they don't have Forsberg, they won't be able to acquire Lindros.
Even though Ray Whitney ends up being a great NHL player, he is no Peter Forsberg or Eric Lindros.

Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals had two picks in the first round of the 1991 draft;
although they ended up with two solid players in Mike Knuble and Aaron Ward, it doesn't make them much better.

New York Rangers

The New York Rangers are major losers in the redraft, Martin Ruchinsky is no Alexei Kovalev;
although Ruchinsky can fill a role for the Rangers when they are in the pursuit of a cup, Kovalev is the better player in the long term.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins originally drafted Markus Naslund in the first round and trade him to Vancouver for Alek Stojanov.
Phillippe Boucher will not likely stick with the Penguins, he more than likely is going to get traded for a veteran defenseman.

Montreal Canadiens

Richard Matvichuk was a solid defensive defenseman but if the Canadiens were to select a stay at home defenseman, they could have waited til the 2nd round.
The reason why they didn't is because this draft wasn't that deep and Matvichuk is the type of defenseman that doesn't need to put up points to succeed.
By selecting Matvichuk, the Canadiens passed up on players such as Josef Stumpel, Marius Czerkawski and Yanic Perreault.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Prospect Profiles: Jamie Drysdale

Jamie Drysdale
Erie Otters

Size/Strength              Average
Skating              Excellent
Shot/Scoring              Good
Puckhandling               Excellent
Physical Play              Good
Offensive Play      Excellent
Defensive Play      Excellent 
Hockey Sense              Excellent
Competitiveness          Excellent


1. All world Skating ability and speed
2. plays in all situations and excels at shutting down oppositions top players
3. elite hockey sense and is a top notch powerplay quarterback

Area's For Improvement

1. Can get caught up the ice jumping up in the play
2. Needs to put on more weight to thrive at the next level


Elite two way Defenseman, with high end skating and hockey sense.

Scouting Report:

Jamie Drysdale is an excellent skater who can drive the play and push the pace from the back end.
He is a right-hand defenseman, that is capable of running the power play and driving offense with his skating and elite hockey sense.
His offensive upside has been evident for years, but Drysdale’s ability to shut down the opposition’s top forwards this season has been equally impressive.
Much like Drew Doughty, Drysdale seems to relish in the matchups against opposition's top forwards-and Drysdale could also push for the top five.
Drysdale is the best available defender in this draft, hands down and to me it isn't close;
for that reason, he could even get taken ahead of one of the top forward prospects like Byfield or Stutzle.

NHL Potential:

Franchise Defenseman, will be a top pair defenseman for the next decade

Style Comparison: Drew Doughty


Erie Otters   OHL     63 GP      7 G            40 Pts
Erie Otters   OHL     49 GP      9 G            47 Pts 

Rebuilding 2002-03 New York Rangers

The 2002-03 New York Rangers were a mess, due to the fact they were stuck with many overpaid and over the hill players.
The 2003 offseason would be the best time to try and move some of those overpaid players and transition start a rebuild.

The rebuild starts at the 2003 draft, where a few trades are made:

New York Rangers trade Eric Lindros to the Washington Capitals for Danius Zubrus, 1st round pick 2003, 2nd round pick 2004.
The Washington Capitals get a superstar center that they can pair with Jaromir Jagr,
while the Rangers get some picks and Danius Zubrus, a big powerforward.

New York Rangers also trade Petr Nedved, Alexei Kovalev, Tom Poti, 1st round pick 2003 to the Buffalo Sabres for Brian Campbell, Maxim Afinoginov, 1st round pick 2003.
Buffalo Sabres get three impact players in Petr Nedved, Alexei Kovalev and Tom Poti, that can help the team get to the next level.
The New York Rangers get Brian Campbell and Maxim Afinoginov, two young players who can be an important part of their core.
The Rangers and Sabres also swap 1st round picks in 2003.

The Rangers also trade Brian Leetch to the St.Louis Blues for Barrett Jackman, 2nd round pick 2004, 2nd round pick 2005.
Brian Leetch gets to play for a contending team, while the Rangers get a young defenseman in Barrett Jackman and 2 2nd round picks.

Bobby Holik is trade to the Atlanta Thrashers for 4th round pick 2003, 7th round pick 2003.
The Rangers dump Bobby Holik's terrible contract for some picks, if the Rangers don't trade Holik now, they won't be able to.

Changes in 2003 draft:

5-(From BUF) Thomas Vanek
18-(From WSH) Ryan Getzlaf
50-Corey Crawford
116-(from ATL) Lee Stempniak
149-Marc Methot
203-(from ATL) Joe Pavelski
209-Tobias Enstrom

The New York Rangers don't trade for Jaromir Jagr, because it doesn't the Rangers are now in a rebuild.

Without the likes of Alex Kovalev, Brian Leetch, Eric Lindros, Jaromir Jagr, Tom Poti and Petr Nedved,
the Rangers finish with the 2nd worst record in the league.

At the 2004 draft, the Rangers make two trades:

New York Rangers trade Mike Dunham to the Chicago Blackhawks for Craig Anderson, 3rd round pick 2005.
The Chicago Blackhawks get a True Number 1 goalie, while the Rangers get a prospect goalie and a pick.

New York Rangers Trade Martin Ruchinsky, Darius Kasparitus, Fedor Tyutin, 2nd round pick 2004 to the Minnesota Wild for Zybnek Michalek, Pascal Dupuis, 6th round pick 2004.
This trade is mainly done to dump the horrible contract of Darius Kasparitus and the Rangers manage to get some decent players in return.
Zybnek Michalek and Pascal Dupuis are two underrated players that can prove to be important part of a playoff team in the future.

Changes in 2004 draft:

2-Evgeni Malkin
32-Dave Bolland
49-(From WSH) David Krejci
67-Alexei Emelin
165-Pekka Rinne
260-Mark Streit

The 2004-05 season was cancelled do to the lockout; the draft order remains the same is it was orignally.

At the 2005 draft, the Rangers trade pick 12 to the Toronto Maple Leafs for picks 21, 82, 2nd round pick 2006.
The Rangers also trade picks 37, 40 to the San Jose Sharks for picks 35, 2nd round pick 2006, 3rd round pick 2007 (Alex Killorn).
The Rangers also trade picks 77, 83 to the Pittsburgh penguins for pick 61.

Changes in 2005 draft:

21-(From TOR) Tuukka Rask
35-(From SJ) Marc Eduord Vlasic
61-(from PIT) Kris Letang
68-(from CHI) Jonathan Quick
82-(from TOR) Keith Yandle
211-Patric Hornqvist

The Rangers don't sign Michael Nylander and Michal Roszival in Free Agency;
they also don't acquire Petr Sykora, Steve Rucchin and Sandis Ozolish from Anaheim.

With the Young players not ready yet and Evgeni Malkin still in Russia, the Rangers finish the 2005-06 season with a dreadful record;
they end up with the 3rd pick in the draft.

At the 2006 draft, the Rangers trade down, they trade pick 3 to the Boston Bruins for pick 5, 50, 71, 1st round pick 2007 (Logan Couture). 
The main reason the Rangers trade down here is because they want to get Phil Kessel, but they could get Kessel with the 5th pick,
so the Rangers might as well get some more picks for the 3rd pick.

The Rangers also trade picks 33, 36 to the Ottawa Senators for picks 28, 2nd round pick 2007 (Wayne Simmonds).
There is no need for so many 2nd round picks in this draft, so the Rangers are better off getting a late 1st round pick.

Changes in 2006 draft:

5-(from BOS) Phil Kessel
28-(from OTT) Nick Foligno
44-(from TOR)-Jeff Petry
50-(from BOS)-Milan Lucic
71-(from BOS)-Brad Marchand
156-Andrew MacDonald

With the Additions of Henrik Lundqvist and Evgeni Malkin, the Rangers improve drastically and make the playoffs in the 2005-06 season;
however they get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

The New York Rangers now have 6 starting caliber goalies on the roster, 4 of which are in the pipeline;
since they don't need this many goalies, they should trade at two of them to improve other positions.

New York Rangers trade Pekka Rinne to the Nashville Predators for Alex Radulov.
The Predators need a successor for Tomas Vokoun and Pekka Rinne was never going to start over Henrik Lundqvist in New York.
Alex Radulov was a highly hyped prospect that Nashville didn't really use properly, if he plays with Malkin, he will light it up.

The Rangers also trade Jonathan Quick to the LA Kings for Jack Johnson, 2nd round pick 2008 (Roman Josi).
The LA Kings need a goalie of the future and Jonathan Quick wasn't going start of Lundqvist or Rask.
The Rangers get a top defensive prospect in Jack Johnson and a 2nd round pick.

The New York Rangers make couple of trades to fill out the lineup:

The Rangers trade Roman Josi, Jack Johnson to the Montreal Canadiens for Mike Ribeiro, Chris Higgins, 1st round pick 2009.
This is a tough trade to make but it has to be done because Roman Josi and Jack Johnson wouldn't have a fit in the lineup for the Rangers,
at the same time, they needed both a 2nd line LW and a 4th line center they get Mike Ribeiro, who can play both Center and wing,
as well as Chris Higgins, who is a promising young player.

Danius Zubrus is traded to the New Jersey Devils for 3rd round pick 2008 (Adam Henrique), 2nd round pick 2009.
Danius Zubrus doesn't have a fit on the roster, so the Rangers trade him for some picks.

By the 2007-08 season, the Rangers have put together a deadly roster,
this is how the lineup looks like:


M-E Vlasic-B.Campbell


In the System: F: L.Couture, B.Marchand, N.Foligno, P.Hornqvist, A.Killorn, D.Bolland
D: K.Letang, J.Carlson, K.Yandle, J.Petry, A.McDonald, A.Emelin
G: T.Rask, C.Crawford

After rebuilding for almost 5 years, The Rangers have put together a playoff caliber team, that is also loaded with talented prospects
and will be a threat for the next decade.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Redrafting 1990 NHL Draft

The 1990 NHL draft was filled with talent, 9 of the 21 first round picks played in 1,000 career NHL games,
and a couple went onto be perennial all stars and Hall of Famers.

If the 1990 NHL Draft is redrafted, the whole landscape of the NHL would be different and 90s as we know it wouldn't be the same.

1. Quebec Nordiques-(G) Martin Brodeur
Original Pick: Owen Nolan

Although Owen Nolan was a pretty good NHL player, the Nordiques really need starting goalie and not a journeyman.
Martin Brodeur is arguably the goaltender of all time, he has set records for Wins, Shutouts and Games played and had 12 straight 30 win seasons.
With Martin Brodeur in goal, the Nordiques have their goalie for the next 20 years.

2. Vancouver Canucks-(RW) Jaromir Jagr
Original Pick: Petr Nedved

Petr Nedved was a good NHL player but i don't think anyone would take him in a redraft over Jaromir Jagr.
Jaromir Jagr is considered by many to be the best European born player of all time and should be a first ballot hall of famer.
With the addition of Jaromir Jagr and Pavel Bure joining the team in 1992, the Canucks would be one of the most dynamic offensive teams in the league.

3. Detroit Red Wings-(D) Sergei Zubov
Original Pick: Keith Primeau

Keith Primeau was a really good Center but I think Sergei Zubov fits a greater need for the Red Wings at the time.
The Red Wings would have to wait for Zubov to come over from Russia but it would be worth it because when he does he will be a franchise type defenseman.
A Nick Lidstrom-Sergei Zubov pair would be a dominant d pair that can come up together and stick for a long time.

4. Philadelphia Flyers-(LW) Keith Tkachuk
Original Pick: Mike Ricci

Keith Tkachuk is the perfect fit for the Philadelphia Flyers, he fits it with the brand of hockey they like to play.
For a player who is considered a powerforward, he scored quite a lot; he registered 1,065 points in 1,201 games.
Keith Tkachuk would be a fit on a line with Eric Lindros, after they make a blockbuster trade to get him.

5. Pittsburgh Penguins-(RW) Peter Bondra
Original Pick: Jaromir Jagr

It will be impossible to replace what Jaromir Jagr brought to the Pittsburgh Penguins, but Petr Bondra would be a great fit with Mario Lemieux.
Petr Bondra is a tremndous scorer, he put up 9 30 goal seasons, 2 of which are 50 goal campains.
With Petr Bondra now in Pittsburgh, that will definately put a dent in the scoring for the Washington Capitals, their hated rivals.

6. New York Islanders-(C) Doug Weight
Original Pick: Scott Sissons

Doug Weight was one of the underrated stars of the 1990s because the Edmonton Oilers we not a very good team.
Weight put up 1,033 points in 1,238 games in his career, which is significantly better than Scott Sissons, who was a big bust.
Doug Weight would be a great second line center behind Pat Lafontaine and when he gets moved to Buffalo, Weight can be the Number 1 center.

7. LA Kings-(RW) Owen Nolan
Original Pick: Darryl Sydor

The LA Kings did have a need for defense, however with Wayne Gretzky there, they need a RW and i think Owen Nolan would be a good fit on that line.
Wayne Gretzky centering a line with Luc Robitaille and Owen Nolan on his wings is scary for opponents to defense against.
Owen Nolan adds an dimension on the line that was missing on the RW, scoring.

8. Minnesota North Stars-(D) Darryl Sydor
Original Pick: Derian Hatcher

Derian Hatcher was known for being a solid defensive defenseman that plays dirty; Darryl Sydor actually has skill and is able to score.
The Minnesota North Stars had enough defensive defenseman, they needed a two way defenseman that was capable of moving the puck.
Adding Sydor at the draft means that they don't need to trade for him after the North Stars relocated to Dallas.

9. Washington Capitals-(D) Derian Hatcher
Original Pick: John Slaney

After the Pittsburgh Penguins took Petr Bondra, the Capitals will need a shutdown defenseman to slow down the top line of the Penguins.
Derian Hatcher is the best shutdown defenseman in this draft, he won't get a ton of points, but he fits a need.
Derian Hatcher joins his brother Kevin Hatcher in Washington, forming a really good first pair for years.

10. Toronto Maple Leafs-(G) Felix Potvin
Original Pick: Drake Berehowsky

Instead of taking Berehowsky in the first round, the Toronto Maple Leafs should have taken Felix Potvin.
Felix Potvin was the 3rd goalie taken in the draft but turned into the 2nd best goalie in the draft behind Martin Brodeur.
Fotvin was the 2nd round pick of the Maple Leafs and was a really good starting goalie for them for 7 seasons.

11. Calgary Flames-(LW) Geoff Sanderson
Original Pick: Trevor Kidd

Trevor Kidd was the top ranked goalie in the 1990 draft but for a goalie that was selected ahead of Martin Brodeur, he is a huge bust.
Since Brodeur and Potvin are already taken and its too early to take Roman Turek, the Flames should draft the best LW available.
Geoff Sanderson had some really good seasons with the Hartford Whalers early in his career, he should be a good fit with Doug Gilmour on the second line.

12. Montreal Canadiens-(C) Keith Primeau
Original Pick: Turner Stevenson

Turner Stevenson was a huge bust as a first round pick, so anyone the Canadiens take in the redraft would be better.
Keith Primeau never lived up to the expectations of being a 3rd overall pick but he was still a great NHL center.
Primeau would have been the 1st line center the Montreal Canadiens were missing, which would bump Carboneau to the 2nd line

13. New York Rangers-(LW) Slava Kozlov
Original Pick: Michael Stewart

Michael Stewart was a bust as a first round pick for the New York Rangers, so instead the Rangers will take Slava Kozlov.
Slava Kozlov is a very talanted player that racked up points during his career but never made any all star games.
Kozlov was overshadowed by the talent in Detroit but now that he is with the Rangers, his talent will be on full display.

14. Buffalo Sabres-(C) Robert Lang
Original Pick: Brad May

Robert Lang was a Late Blommer but he has way more potential than Brad May, whom they originally selected.
Robert Lang needs to be playing with Star players so he would be a great fit with Alex Mogilny.
Lang doesn't need to put up staggering numbers like Pierre Turgeon or Pat Lafontaine, he only needs to get around 60-65 points a season

15. Hartford Whalers (LW/C) Alex Zhamnov
Original Pick: Mark Greig

Alex Zhamnov is a very skilled forward that was a natural center but was also used on the wing at times.
The Hartford Whalers were in dire need of Left Wingers because the only LW on noteworthy is Pat Verbeek, and he is naturally a RW.
Alex Zhamnov would be a great fit on the line with Ray Ferraro and Scott Young.

16. Chicago Blackhawks (C) Petr Nedved
Original pick: Karl Dykhuis

The Chicago Blackhawks really needed defense but the defenseman in this draft are really weak.
Although the Blackhawks are loaded at Center, Nedved can play the Wing, so he is the logical pick here.
Nedved would be a good fit on the line with Denis Savard, as Roenick will eventually be the 1st line center.

17. Edmonton Oilers-(C) Bryan Smolinski
Original picks: Scott Allison

Scott Allison is another bust that was taken in the first round of this draft, while Bryan Smolinski isn't anything special he was a solid NHL player.
Smolinski played for 13 seasons in the NHL, putting up 651 points in 1,055 games.
Smolinski can eventually be a decent second or 3rd line center but he won't be able to replace Doug Weight.

18. Vancouver Canucks-(C) Mike Ricci
Original pick: Shawn Antoski

Although the Vancouver Canucks have great Centers, you can never have enough good centers on the team.
Mike Ricci was a great pro who played in the NHL for 16 seasons
Ricci will be the ideal 3rd line center on a playoff caliber team, which the Canucks are setting up to be.

19. Winnipeg Jets-(C) Craig Conroy
Original pick: Keith Tkachuk

It will be tough to replace Keith Tkachuk at this point in the redraft, the best forward available is Craig Conroy.
Craig Conroy played in the NHL for 15 seasons and put up 542 points in 1,009 games; Conroy was also a selke finalist twice in his career.
Conory's offensive production didn't come until later on in his career but Conroy is a safe pick cause he can still be a great two way center.

20. New Jersey Devils-(G) Roman Turek
Original pick: Martin Brodeur

There is no other goalie in the draft that could replace what Martin Brodeur brought to the New Jersey Devils.
The best goalies available left at this point are either Trevor Kidd or Roman Turek.
I took Roman Turek because when Turek posted 4 straight 20+ win seasons, whereas Kidd only had 3 total 20 win seasons.

21. Boston Bruins-(LW) Mikael Renberg
Original pick: Bryan Smolinski

Mikael Renberg had a phenominal rookie year for playing for the Philadelphia Flyers on the Legion of Doom line.
Renberg wasn't able to be consistent after his incredible 82 point rookie campaign but he was still a solid NHL pro for over a decade.
Renberg is the player that excels playing with star players and is a perfect fit on the line with Cam Neely.


Vancouver Canucks-Not only did the Canucks add Jaromir Jagr, they also added Mike Ricci, a reliable third line center.

Quebec Nordiques-Quebec Nordiques get their Franchise goalie in Martin Brodeur which will turn them into condenders down the road.

New York Islanders-The biggest upgrade in the draft is the Islanders drafting Doug Weight over Scott Sissons.

New York Rangers-Slava Kozlov is a huge upgrade over Michael Stewart, who was a huge bust for the Rangers.

Montreal Canadiens-Keith Primeau fills a massive void at center for the Canadiens and is a big upgrade over Turner Stevenson.


New Jersey Devils-The Biggest loser in the draft are the New Jersey Devils, they lost Martin Brodeur and only got a few good years of Roman Turek.

Winnipeg Jets-Not only did the Jets lose Keith Tkachuk, they also lost Alex Zhamnov, although they did get Craig Conroy but he was a late bloomer.

Edmonton Oilers-Bryan Smolinski is a solid center but he cannot fill the massive void left by Doug Weight, who was a star with the Oilers.

Calgary Flames-The Flames got Geoff Sanderson, who was a good player but they did not address their needs of a goalie of the future.

Minnesota North Stars-Even though Darryl Sydor will be a great defenseman for the North Stars, they passed up on many great players.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Prospect Profiles: Tim Stützle

Tim Stützle
Adler Mannheim

Size/Strength       Good
Skating       Excellent
Shot/Scoring       Excellent
Puckhandling        Excellent
Physical Play       Good
Offensive Play       Excellent
Defensive Play       Good  
Hockey Sense        Excellent
Competitiveness     Excellent


1. Elite speed, vision and playmaking abilities
2. Dynamic and shifty, has the ability to carve up a defense single handedly
3. Creativity and hockey sense is next level, always finds ways to make plays happen

Area's For Improvement

1. Adjustments to North American ice
2. being able to make plays with less time and space


Elite playmaking center, with high end speed, creativity and vision.

Scouting Report:

Stützle has been one of the biggest risers in the draft thanks to his exceptional play in the DEL this year and at the World Junior Championships.
Stützle has high end speed, hockey sense, creativity and vision, he also has an exceptional shot.
His ability to play both center and wing gives even more value in the draft.
While Stützle is known more for his dynamic offensive skills, he is no slouch on the defensive side of the puck.
Tim Stützle is arguably the 2nd best prospect in the draft behind Alexis Lafreniere.

NHL Potential:

1st Line Center or Wing, can be the next big thing from Germany.

Style Comparison: Pavel Datsyuk


Jungadler Mannheim U20   DEL U20     21 GP      23 G          55 Pts
Adler Mannheim                     DEL                   41 GP                  7 G            34 Pts