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Redrafting 1984 NHL Draft

The 1984 NHL Draft was loaded with Talent; it featured Mario Lemieux as the Grand Prize and a few other Hall of Famers
including Patrick Roy, Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille and Gary Suter.

The surprising thing about the 1984 draft is that Roy wasn't drafted until the 3rd round, Hull wasn't taken until the 6th round,
and Luc Robitaille wasn't taken until the 9th round.

If the 1984 Draft was redrafted, it would most definately change the course of NHL history;
this is how i would redraft the 1984 NHL draft.

1. Pittsburgh Penguins-(C) Mario Lemieux
Mario Lemieux was the consensus number 1 pick in the 1984 draft and was considered to be a generational talent, this pick doesn't change.
Mario Lemieux in his prime was arguably the best player in the league, so there isn't a player in the draft you could take over him.

2. New Jersey Devils-(G) Patrick Roy
Originial pick: Kirk Muller

Patrick Roy was the second greatest player in the 1984 draft behind Mario Lemieux, he is considered to be by many to be the greatest goalie of all time.
Roy held most regular season records for goaltenders until Martin Brodeur broke them and is still the winningest postseason goalie.
With Patrick Roy as their Goalie, the New Jersey Devils just made the rebuild a lot quicker, as by his second season in the league, Roy was already a Star goalie.

3. Chicago Blackhawks-(RW) Brett Hull
Original pick: Eddie Olczyk

Brett Hull was one of the Premier snipers in the NHL in his prime, and was the third best player in the 1984 draft.
Brett Hull follows his fathers footsteeps and dawns the Blackhawks colors as a member of the Chicago Blackhawks.
Brett Hull would be a perfect fit on the line with Denis Savard and Steve Larmar.

4. Toronto Maple Leafs-(LW) Luc Robitaille
Original pick: Al Aifrate

Luc Robitaille rounds out the Fantastic four in the 1984 draft that went on to hall of fame.
While the Maple Leafs have a dire need of a defenseman, it would be stupid to pass up on Luc Robitaille.
Robitaille would be a great fit on the line with Rick Vaive.

5. Montreal Canadiens-(D) Gary Suter
Original pick: Petr Svoboda

Gary Suter was the best defenseman available in the draft and is a major upgrade over Petr Svoboda.
Suter won the Calder trophy in 1986, was a 4x all star and played an integral part of Calgary's Stanley cup team in 1989.
Gary Suter and Larry Robinson would form a great first pair for the Montreal Canadiens moving forward.

6. Los Angeles Kings-(LW) Gary Roberts
Original Pick: Craig Redmond

Now that the Kings don't have Luc Robitaille, they need to get a LW, they next best available LW is Gary Roberts.
Gary Roberts is no Luc Robitaille, but he played for 21 years in the NHL and put up over 900 points.
Gary Roberts would eventually replace Charlie Simmer on the top line for the LA Kings.

7. Detroit Red Wings-(C) Kirk Muller
Original Pick: Shawn Burr

Kirk Muller was the 2nd best center in the 1984 draft behind Mario Lemieux.
Muller was a better player than Gary Roberts in term of production, but Roberts was a better fit for the Kings.
It works out better for the Red Wings anyways because they walk away with a dominant 1-2 punch down the middle with Steve Yzerman and Kirk Muller.

8. Montreal Canadiens-(RW) Scott Mellanby
Original pick: Shayne Corson

Since the Canadiens already drafted a defenseman, Gary Suter with the 5th pick, it makes sense to draft Mellanby with this pick.
There is nothing flashy about Mellanby's game or his production but he was able to play in 1,431 games while scoring 840 points.
Mellanby would eventually be a good fit on the line with Guy Carboneau and Mats Naslund.

9. Pittsburgh Penguins-(D) Kevin Hatcher
Original pick: Doug Bodger

Doug Bodger actually was not a bad selection, but there are better options available like Kevin Hatcher.
Kevin Hatcher was a really productive defenseman when he played for the Washington Capitals from the mid 80s the early 90s.
Hatcher would be that true number 1 defenseman the Penguins were looking for in the 80s but never got.

10. Vancouver Canucks-(G) Kirk McLean
Original pick: JJ Daigneault

Kirk McLean was originally drafted in the 6th round by the New Jersey Devils then traded to the Canucks in 1987;
he went on to have 10 and half amazing seasons in Vancouver and even was a finalist for the Vezina in 1989 and 1992.
The Vancouver Canucks really did need a goalie and Kirk McLean is the best goalie in the draft after Patrick Roy.

11. Hartford Whalers-(RW) Stephane Richer
Original pick: Sylvain Cote

The Hartford Whalers really needed a defenseman, but they also have a need for a Top 6 RW and Stephane Richer fits the bill.
Richer is really underrated because he played on some stacked teams but was a great player when he played for the Montreal Canadiens.
Stephane Richer would be a great fit on a line with Ron Francis.

12. Calgary Flames-(LW) Eddie Olzyck
Original Pick: Gary Roberts

Eddie Olzyck was a pretty good player early on in his career with the Chicago Black Hawks and Toronto Maple Leafs.
Because Olzyck was such a great player early on in his career, this ends up being a better pick than Gary Roberts.
Roberts was a late bloomer and didn't make significant contribution til the 87-88 season;
Olzyck would be an immediate fit with Dan Quinn and Hakan Loob.

13. Minnesota North Stars-(D) Al Aifrate
Original Pick: David Quinn

Al Aifrate's career was hampered due to injuries but when healthy he had one of the most lethal shots in the game.
For the North Stars, adding a defenseman with that type of weapon is a huge boost to their Powerplay.

14. New York Rangers-(D) Jeff Brown
Original Pick: Terry Carkner

Jeff Brown was a very solid point producing defenseman in the NHL for 8 years.
From 1987-1994, Brown put up ove 50 points 6x times and scored at least 10 goals in 7 of them.
Jeff Brown would be a good top 4 defenseman for the New York Rangers.

15. Quebec Nordiques-(C/LW) Cliff Ronning
Original Pick: Trevor Steinburg

Cliff Ronning was a great NHL pro, he played in the NHL for 18 years for 7 different NHL teams.
In 1,137 regular season games, Ronning totaled 869 points and he also put up 86 points in 126 playoff games.
Cliff Ronning was also a versitaile forward, capable of playing center and wing.
Ronning would be a great fit on the line as either the pivot for the Anton and Marian Statsny or on the Wing alongside Dale Hunter.

16. Pittsburgh Penguins-(LW/RW) Shayne Corson
Original pick: Roger Belanger

Shayne Corson is the perfect fit to play on the wing alongside Mario Lemieux.
If players such as Rob Brown and Kevin Stevens have put up monster numbers playing alongside Lemieux, Corson would could definately thrive in that role.
Corson isn't much a scorer as he only had 273 career goals but he brings some toughness and grit as he had 2,357 career PIM.
Not only does Corson have toughness and grit, but he great instincs on both sides of the puck, which is important when playing with Lemieux.

17. Washington Capitals-(D) Sylvain Cote
Original Pick: Kevin Hatcher

This is not the flashy of the sexy pick but Sylvain Cote was a very solid defenseman in the NHL for 19 seasons.
He originally was drafted by the Hartford Whalers before being traded to the Washington Capitals, where he had is most productive years.
After losing Kevin Stevens, the Capitals need to get a defenseman that is reliable and can log tons of minutes, Cote fits that bill.

18. Buffalo Sabres-(D) Doug Bodger
Original pick: Mikael Andersson

Doug Bodger was actually a really solid defenseman for over a decade, he played in over 1,000 NHL games in the career, majority with Buffalo and Pittsburgh.
While the Buffalo Sabres already have Phil Housley and Mike Ramsey, you can never have too many good defenseman.
Bodger woud be a great fit on the Buffalo blueline along with Phil Housley and Mike Ramsey.

19. Boston Bruins-(D) Don Sweeney
Original pick: Dave Pasin

Don Sweeney wasn't drafted until the 8th round by the Boston Bruins but because this draft actually doesn't have many great defenseman, Sweeney gets taken here.
The Bruins really need Sweeney because ranks top 10 in many Bruins team statistics, including fourth overall in total games played.
By no means is this a sexy or standout pick but Sweeney will a reliable defenseman in Boston for 15 seasons.

20. New York Islanders-Michal Pivonka
Original Pick: Duncan MacPherson

Michal Pivonka played his entire NHL career with the Washington Capitals, totaling 599 points in 825 games.
He has the third most assists in Capitals history with 418, trailing only Nicklas Backstrom and Alexander Ovechkin.
Drafting Michal Pivonka would allow the Islanders to trade Butch Boring for a Top 4 defenseman they need.

21. Edmonton Oilers-Petr Svoboda
Original pick: Selmar Odelein

The Edmonton Oilers were stacked on offense and didn't really any forwards so they draft the best available defenseman, Petr Svoboda.
This is a good pick early on because Svoboda could could form a solid 2nd pair defenseman alongside Charlie Huddy.
Svoboda wouldn't have to rushed like he did with the Canadiens, which could have helped him in his development.


Pittsburgh Penguins-The Penguins add Mario Lemieux, Kevin Hatcher and Shayne Corson in the 1984 draft, walking away as the biggest winners in this draft.
Kevin Hatcher and Shayne Corson are a massive upgrade over Doug Bodger and Roger Belanger.

Montreal Canadiens-The Montreal Candiens added Gary Suter and Scott Mellanby in the 1984, improving their team drastically from the previous season.
Gary Suter is a huge upgrade over Petr Svoboda and Scott Mellanby is an upgrade over Shayne Corson.

Detroit Red Wings-The biggest upgrade in the draft is the Detroit Red Wings drafting Kirk Muller over Shawn Burr.
Yzerman and Muller would form a great 1-2 punch down the middle for the Red Wings.

Vancouver Canucks-Kirk McLean is a huge upgrade over JJ Daigneault.
Kirk McLean was a top notch goalie in the league for a decade whereas Daigneault was a bottom pair defenseman.

New Jersey Devils-Kirk Muller was a great pick for the Devils but he is not Patrick Roy.
With Patrick Roy in the Net, the New Jersey Devils would immediately improve drastically in the 1986 season


Washington Capitals-The Washington Capitals are the biggest losers;
they lost Kevin Hatcher, an all star defenseman and replaced him with Sylvain Cote, a defenseman who never cracked the all star team.

Los Angeles Kings-Gary Roberts was a great NHL pro but he isn't Luc Robitaille.
Without Luc Robitaille on the Team. the Kings lose a ton of goal scoring.

Calgary Flames-Even though Eddie Olcyzk was a great player in the league in the 80s, his best yearss were with the Maple Leafs after getting traded.
Gary Roberts played a huge role in the 1989 Stanley cup team, so they might not win that years' championship anymore.

Boston Bruins-The Boston Bruins got Don Sweeney who was a pretty solid defenseman, but compared to the Red Wings and Canadiens, who are both in their Division,
they got didn't get much better.

Minnesota North Stars-Minnesota North Stars get Al Aifrate, the defenseman with a big shot
but better defenseman were taken after him like Jeff Brown and Doug Bodger.

Prospect Profile: Quinton Byfield

Quinton Byfield
Sunbury Wolves

Size/Strength       Excellent
Skating       Good
Shot/Scoring       Excellent   
Puckhandling          Excellent
Physical Play       Excellent 
Offensive Play       Excellent
Defensive Play       Good 
Hockey Sense       Excellent
Competitiveness       Good


1. tremendous size, speed, strength and physical tools and an exceptionally high potentially
2. lethal scorer with excellent shot
3. Great Hockey sense and vision

Area's For Improvement

1. still physically immature
2. Poor showing in World Juniors and CHL Top Prospect's Game


Big Skilled Center, with elite speed, size and skill.

Scouting Report:

Quinton Byfield is the consensus 2nd pick in the 2020 NHL Draft behind Alexis Lafreniere.
His blend of size, speed, strength, and skill is enough to make most general managers salivate.
The comparisons that Byfield has drawn to Eric Lindros are lofty, but it's hard not to be enamored with his 6-foot-4, 215-pound frame,
especially when he moves as quickly as he does.
Byfield also has an excellent shot, allowing him to score from distance, on top of his ability to drive the net for close-range chances.

NHL Potential:

1st Line Center, can be a Franchise Cornerstone.

Style Comparison: Eric Lindros


Sunbury Wolves   OHL          64 GP      29 G            61 Pts
Sunbury Wolves   OHL          45 GP      35 G            82 Pts   

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Rebuilding 1999-00 Atlanta Thrashers

The 1990-00 Atlanta Thrashers were statistically the worst team in the last two decades.
They only got 39 points that season and has a -43 goal differencial.
These are the moves I would make if i were in charge of rebuilding the Atlanta Thrashers

Since the Atlanta Thrashers are a rebuilding Franchise, they should trade away their most attractive assets and accumulate as many picks in the next 4 drafts as possible.

Before the 2000 draft, the Thrashers make 3 trades:

The First player moved is Andrew Brunette, who was their leading scorer the previous season.
Andrew Brunette is traded to the Minnesota Wild for 2nd round pick 2000, 2nd round pick 2001.
The Minnesota Wild were an expansion team coming into the league and Brunette would be a great core player for them.

Then the Thrashers trade Ray Ferraro to the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim for 2nd round pick 2001.
Adding Ferraro gives the Mighty ducks great depth down at the Center position.

The 1st overall pick, Patrik Stefan is traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Pavel Kubina, 1st round pick 2001.
Back in 2000, Stefan was entering his second year in the league and still had plenty of trade value,
but he just doesn't fit the team that the Thrashers are trying to build.

In the 2000 draft, the Atlanta Thrashers had the 2nd pick overall pick and selected Dany Heatley with that pick;
this pick still stands because Heatley was an All star and a star in the league for a decade.

Changes in 2000 draft:

31-Antoine Vermette
33-Nick Schultz (pick acquired from MIN)
168-Henrik Lundqvist

The 2000-01 Atlanta finish with a worse record than they did originally with the loss of Ferraro, Brunnette and Stefan;
they end up with the worst record in the league once again.

Originally, the Atlanta Thrashers select Ilya Kovalchuk with the 1st pick in the 2001 draft;
this picks stands cause Kovalchuk is went on to because the one of the best players in franchise history.

Changes in 2001 draft:

3-Mikko Koivu
35-Mike Cammalleri (pick acquired from MIN)
36-Jason Pominville (pick acquired from ANA)
135-Mike Smith
199-Johnny Oduya

The 2001-02 Atlanta Thrashers finish with a slightly better record with Kovalchuk and Heatley now on the team;
they end with the 2nd worst in the league.

After drafting Lundqvist and Smith, the Thrashers won't need to pick Kari Lehtonen at 2,
so the Thrashers trade down at the 2002 draft getting the 4th pick in 2002, 1st + 2nd round pick 2003 from the Philadelphia Flyers.

Pavel Kubina is traded to the Edmonton Oilers for 2nd round pick 2002, 2nd round pick 2004.
Pavel Kubina will eventually be squeezed out of the top 4 so they might as well move him for some picks.

Atlanta Thrashers trade also Tony Hrkac, Yanic Tremblay to the Detroit Red Wings for 3rd round pick 2002, 4th round pick 2003.

Changes in 2002 Draft:

4-Joni Pitkanen (acquired from PHI)
44-Duncan Keith (acquired from EDM)
95-Valtteri Filppula (acquired from DET)
124-Tom Gilbert
144-James Wisnewski
230-Max Talbot

The Thrashers finish with the same record as they did originally in the 2002-03 season.

Before the 2003 draft, the Thrashers make a blockbuster trade.

Atlanta Thrashers trade Dany Heatley to the LA Kings for Alex Frolov, Joe Corvo, pick 13, 27.
Even though Dany Heatley is a premier player in the game, the Thrashers aren't going anywhere anytime soon, so i think i would be best to get prospects and picks for him.

Atlanta Thrashers also trade Slava Kozlov to the Boston Bruins for 2nd round pick 2003, 2nd round pick 2004.
The Boston Bruins are a border line playoff team at this point but with the addition of Kozlov they add some scoring on the wing.

At the 2003 draft, the Thrashers trade pick 8 to the New York Islanders for pick 15, 48, 2nd round pick 2004.

Changes in 2003 draft:

13-Ryan Getzlaf (acquired from LA)
15-Zach Parise (acquired from NYI)
24-Mike Richards (acquired from PHI)
27-Corey Perry (acquired from LA)
45-Patrice Bergeron (acquired from BOS)
48-Shea Weber (acquired from NYI)
269-Jaroslav Halak

There is no change in draft position for the Atlanta Thrashers in the 2004 draft as they finished with an identical record as they had originally.

Changes in 2004 draft:

10-Alexander Radulov
40-Blake Comeau
44-Carl Soderberg (from EDM)
47-David Booth (from NYI)
64-Alexei Emelin (from BOS)
204-Mark Streit

Due to the salary cap, the Thrashers will not be able to keep all these players, so they will need to make some trades.

Atlanta Thrashers trade Mike Richards to the Boston Bruins for Brad Boyes, 1st round pick 2005.
Without Patrice Bergeron, the Bruins need a young two way Center and Mike Richards is the perfect fit for that role.
Brad Boyes was a very good scorer in the league for a few years, he would do well on a line with Kovalchuk and Bergeron.

The Thrashers also trade Mikko Koivu, James Wisnewski to Nashville Predators for Martin Erat, Dan Hamhuis, 2nd round pick 2005, 2nd round pick 2006.
The Predators really need a second line center to play behind David Legwand and Mikko Koivu is the perfect second line center.
Martin Erat is a perfect complement on the third line with Antoine Vermette and Jason Pominville and Dan Hamhuis is a good 2nd pair defenseman.

Then Alex Frolov, Frantisek Kaberle are traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Alex Steen, 2nd round pick 2006.
The Maple Leafs need a 2nd line LW and a Top 4 defenseman; Frolov and Kaberle will give a much needed boost to the team.
Alex Steen stuggled to produce in Toronto, so perhaps a change in scenary will help him.

Mike Cammalleri is dealt to the Florida Panthers for 1st round pick 2006.
Cammalleri doesn't have fit on the team so he gets moved for a 1st round pick.

After getting many blue chip prospects, the team would be ready to be contenders by the 2006-07 season;
this is how the lineup would look like:




Spares: T.Gilbert

Prospects: Alex Radulov, David Booth, Blake Comeau, Mark Streit, Alexei Emelin, Johnny Oduya, Jaroslav Halak.

With the team the Atlanta Thrashers have constructed, they would be contenders for the next 2-3 years.

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Prospects Profiles: Alexis Lafreniere (2020 Draft eligible)

Alexis Lafreniere

Rimouski Oceanic

Size/Strength       Excellent
Skating       Good
Shot/Scoring       Excellent    
Puckhandling          Excellent
Physical Play       Excellent   
Offensive Play       Excellent
Defensive Play       Good  
Hockey Sense       Excellent
Competitiveness       Excellent   


1. Tremendous hockey sense and plays an all around game.
2. Exceptional visional and playmaking skills.
3. Attacks the net relentlessly and plays with an edge to his game.

Area's For Improvement

1. Skating is a tad awkward
2. Disciple-has been suspended twice this year for questionable plays


Elite skilled grinder with great vision, hockey sense and playmaking abilities.

Scouting Report:

Alexis Lafreniere is the consensus number 1 pick in the 2020 NHL Draft.
What seperates Lafreniere from other prospects is combination of competitiveness mixed with all around skill and hockey sense.
As talented as Lafreniere is, he also plays with an edge to his game and attacks the net relentlessly.
Just like Sidney Crosby, Lafreniere seems to play an all around game and doesn't have any noticable weakness in his game.
However, Lafreniere is more physically dominant than Crosby was at his age.

NHL Potential:

1st Line Winger, can be a superstar in the league.

Style Comparison: Sidney Crosby


Rimouski Oceanic   QMJHL       61 GP      37 G      105 Pts

Rimouski Oceanic   QMJHL       52 GP      35 G       112 Pts

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The 1979 Draft is perhaps the most loaded draft class of all-time;
this draft produced 6 future Hall of famers and 12 of the 21 first round picks played in at least one all star game,
19 of the 21 would play at least 450 career NHL games and all 21 had NHL career of at least 235 games.

As great as the draft turned out, i reckon some teams would definately like a do-over considering Guy Carboneau and Mark Messier weren't picked until the 3rd round.
This is my redraft of the 1979 NHL draft.

1. Colorado Rockies-(C) Mark Messier 
Original selection: Rob Ramage

Mark Messier is revered as one of the greatest hockey players of all-time.
He is one of the most decorated players of all time and is one of the greatest captains in NHL history.
Drafting Mark Messier would change the fortunes of the Colorado Rockies and would change the culture of the locker room.

2. St. Louis Blues- (D) Ray Bourque
Original Selection: Perry Turnbull

The St.Louis Blues are missing that stud defenseman to take them to the next level, Ray Bourque could take them to the next level.
Ray Bourque was special the day he stepped onto the ice for Boston and he would be a franchise changing defenseman for St.Louis Blues.
Bourque would be a great addition to the Blues core alongside Bernie Federko, Brian Sutter, Wayne Babych.

3. Detroit Red Wings-(RW) Mike Gartner
Original Selection: Mike Foligno

Mike Gartner had a long and productive NHL career and has the NHL record for most consecutive 30-goal seasons, with 15.
The Red Wings were a miserable franchise in the 80s and drafting Mike Gartner would have given the fans a little something to cheer about.
Selecting Mike Gartner of Mike Folgino would be a massive upgrade for the Red Wings.

4. Washington Capitals (LW) Michel Goulet
Original Selection: Mike Gartner

It will be hard to replace Mike Gartner's production in the lineup, but Michel Goulet is the best pure scorer in the draft after Mike Gartner.
Goulet was one of the most prolific snipers of the 80s but was hardly mentioned because of the superstar talent in the league during the 80s.
Michel Goulet would be a great fit on the line with Dennis Maruk, giving the Capitals a great dynamic duo.

5. Vancouver Canucks (LW) Glenn Anderson
Original Selection: Rick Vaive

Glenn Anderson had a reputation of being a big game player, playing on the Dynasty Oilers teams of the 80s defenately helped his production.
Glenn Anderson doesn't have the Superstar talent to rely on anymore with the Vancouver Canucks but he still some talent to work with.
The Canucks had a few very talented young fowards at time including Thomas Gradin, Stan Smyl, Don Lever.
Adding Glenn Anderson would give a great talent pool of forwards to work with moving forward.

6. Minnesota North Stars-(LW) Brian Propp
Original Selection: Craig Hartsburg

Although the Hartsburgh was the captain of the North Stars for 7 season, i feel like Brian Propp could have helped the North Stars more.
The North Stars had tons of centers but they didn't have any stand out wingers, Brian Propp was that star winger they were missing.
Propp would do a lot of damage on a line centered by Bobby Smith.

7. Chicago Blackhawks-(C) Dale Hunter
Original Selection: Keith Brown

With Stan Mikita being 38 years of age, it would be wise for the Blackhawks to draft a successor.
Dale Hunter is not well liked but he does his job well; he is a great agitator and can put up great numbers as well.
Since the Blackhawks aren't the most talented club at this point, they will need to do it will the dirty way and no one does it better than Dale Hunter.

8. Boston Bruins- (D) Rob Ramage
Original Selection: Ray Bourque

The Bruins really are in desperate need of a defenseman, now with Ray Bouque off the board, the next best option is Rob Ramage.
Ramage wouldn't have as long a career as Ray Bourque but he would have a couple very productive offensive years.
Brad Park and Rob Ramage would be a solid 1st d pair for the Boston Bruins moving forward.

9. Toronto Maple Leafs- Guy Carboneau
Original Selection: Laurie Boschman

Although there are players in this draft that have put up more points than Carboneau, Carboneau has the intangibles that some players don't.
Carboneau is a 3 time stanley cup champion, 3x selke trophy winner and a member of the hockey hall of fame.
Drafting Carboneau over Boschman is one of the biggest upgrades in this draft.

10. Minnesota North Stars- (D) Kevin Lowe
Original Selection: Tom McCarthy

After drafting Brian Propp with their first pick, the North Stars really need to bolster their defense.
Although it would be tempting to draft a goal scoring winger like Rick Vaive or a playmaking center like Neal Broten, the North Stars need defense.
The best defenseman available at this point in the draft is Kevin Lowe, who is a solid two way defenseman.
Lowe isn't the flashy pick but he will be a good solid defenseman in the league for a long time.

11. Buffalo Sabres- (D) Brad McCrimmon
Original Selection: Mike Ramsey

Mike Ramsey is a solid defenseman but I think Brad McCrimmon had a longer and more productive career overall.
Also, McCrimmon had a career +444 +/- rating, whereas Ramsey had a really bad +/- in his career.
McCrimmon was paired with some of the Best defenseman of all time which is why he doesn't get much attention.
McCrimmon is the perfect stay home defenseman to pair with a prolific offensive defenseman.

12. Atlanta Flames-(C) Neal Broten
Original Selection: Paul Reinhart

Paul Reinhart was a cornerstone defenseman until his career was shortened by injuries, which is why he drops in the draft.
Neal Broten is a safer pick, he will be a very productive 1st or 2nd line center in the league for a while.
Neal Broten would be a 1st line center that the Atlanta Flames, or Calgary Flames for a long time.

13. New York Rangers-(RW) Rick Vaive
Original Selection: Doug Sulliman

Rick Vaive is a good goal scorer that 10 30-goal seasons in his career, with 3 of them being 50-goal campains.
Rick Vaive gives the Rangers a sniper to put alongside Phil Esposito.
Doug Sulliman did nothing for the Rangers, needless to say that Vaive would be a massive upgrade.

14. Philadelphia Flyers-(RW) John Odgrodnick
Original Selection: Brian Propp

John Odgrodnick was one of the lost stars in the 1980s because he played on some very bad Detroit Red Wings teams.
Odgrodnick got 25+ goals in every season from 1980-1986; if Odgrodnick plays with talented players he can get 50+ goals a season.
Replacing Brian Propp is no easy task but Odgrodnick could easily fit on the top line alongside Bobby Clarke and Bill Barber.

15. Boston Bruins-(D) Paul Reinhart
Original Selection: Brad McCrimmon

Having already selected Rob Ramage with their 1st pick in the 1st round, the Boston Bruins will look to pick another defenseman with their 2nd 1st round pick.
Paul Reinhart is a fantastic puck moving defenseman, who is viewed as a cornerstone defenseman
After adding Rob Ramage and Paul Reinhart, the Boston Bruins have really bolstered their defense.

16. Los Angeles Kings-Mike Ramsey
Original Selection: Jay Wells

Mike Ramsey is a solid defenseman who played 14 good season with the Buffalo Sabres.
The LA Kings have a solid group of forwards but they need to upgrade their defense.
Mike Ramsey would be a solid top four defenseman for the LA Kings.

17. New York Islanders-(C/LW) Thomas Steen
Original Selection: Duane Sutter

Thomas Steen slipped under the radar a bit because he played on some bad Winnipeg Jets teams.
He is a versitaile forward that can play center and wing and focuses primarily on setting up others.
Thomas Steen joins an already potent Islanders team and is a huge upgrade over Duane Sutter.

18. Hartford Whalers-(G) Pelle Lindbergh
Original Selection: Ray Allison

This is the biggest reach in the draft but with the 18th pick in the draft, the Hartford Whalers select Pelle Lindbergh.
Lindbergh had a breakout season with the Philadelphia Flyers in 1984-85 season before his career was tragically cut short.
Despite only having played in the NHL for 5 seasons, that doesn't takeaway from the fact the Lindbergh was undoubtly the best goalie in the 1979 draft.

19. Winnipeg Jets-(G) Pat Riggin
Original Selection: Jimmy Mann

The biggest need for the Winnipeg Jets is goaltending.
After Pelle Lindberg, the best available goalie is Pat Riggin.
Riggin is a solid starting goalie, his numbers would be a whole lot better if he played on a better team.
With the addition of Pat Riggin, the Winnipeg Jets would have their number 1 goalie.

20. Quebec Nordiques-(C) Dave Christian
Original Selection: Michel Goulet

It would be hard really hard to replace Michel Goulet because of how productive he was in the 80s.
Dave Christian is the best player available at this point in the draft, so the Nordiques select him.
Dave Chrisitan would be a great 2nd line center on the Nordiques behind Peter Stastny or he could also be used at Right Wing.

21. Edmonton Oilers-(D) Craig Hartsburg
Original Selection: Kevin Lowe

When he was healthy, Craig Hartsburg was a really good defenseman and was a member of the historic 1987 Canada Cap team.
Hartsburgh was a great defenseman for 8 years with the Minnesota North Stars before injuries derailed his career.
Hartsburg would be the perfect defenseman to pair with Paul Coffey and is actually a better defenseman when healthy than Kevin Lowe.

The Biggest winners from the Redraft are the Minnesota North Stars, Colorado Rockies, St.Louis Blues, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs.
The Biggest Losers from the Redraft are the Quebec Nordiques, Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers, Hartford Whalers, LA Kings.

My takeaway from Redrafting the 1979 draft is that many mistakes were made in the 1st round but the mistakes were made up in the later rounds.


The 1992-93 Ottawa Senators were the 2nd worst NHL team of all time
Granted they were an expansion team and didn't have much to work with, but they could have a lot better in the 1993 offseason.

That is where the rebuild starts; lets start at the 1993 draft.

At the 1993 draft, the Ottawa Senators make two trades;

Ottawa Senators trade Norm Maciver, Sylvain Turgeon to the Philadelphia Flyers for 2nd round pick 1993, 3rd round pick 1994.
Ottawa Senators also trade Brad Shaw, Jamie Baker to the New York Islanders for 5th round pick 1993, 4th round pick 1994.

Since the Senators aren't going anywhere anyways, the Senators might as well compile a ton of draft picks in the next 2 years

The Ottawa Senators had the 1st pick in the 1993 draft and selected Alexander Diagle with the First overall pick

Instead of picking Alexandre Diagle with the first overall pick, the Senators select Chris Pronger with the first overall pick.

Chris Pronger is the safe pick, Diagle was the sexy pick, whereas Pronger was the smart hockey pick.
Pronger is a big, physical and mobile defenseman who also has a big shot.

In the 2nd round, the Ottawa Senators originally selected Defenseman Radim Bicanek from the Czech Republic;
he never made it in the NHL.

Instead of Radim Bicanek, the Senators select Jamie Langenbrunner with their 2nd round pick.

Jamie Langenbrunner is a great two way forward who is solid in all aspects of the game;
he shows great intangibles and could be great leader in the future.

With the 36th pick in the 1993 pick, the Ottawa Senatos select Janne Niinimaa.
Janne Niinimaa is solid two way defenseman who is capable of putting up points from the back-end.

With the 91st pick in 1993 draft, the Ottawa Senators select Miroslav Satan over Cosmo DuPaul.

Miroslav Satan is not fast and strong but is a prolific point scorer, which is what the Senators need.

With the 118th pick in the 1993 draft, the Ottawa Senators draft Tommy Salo, this pick was acquired from the New York Islanders.

Tommy Salo is a starting goalie but he will have problems with consistency, making him a solid Starter on a bad team.

With the 157th pick in the 1993 draft, the Ottawa Senators draft Andrew Brunette over Sergei Polischuk.

Andrew Brunette is a late bloomer but when he comes over he will be a solid playmaking winger who racks up a ton of points.

With the 183rd pick in the 1993 draft, the Ottawa Senators draft Hal Gill over Jason Disher.
Hal Gill is a towering defenseman that brings stability to the back-end for the Senators.

With the 209th pick in the 1993, the Ottawa Senators draft Kimmo Timonen over Toby Kvalevog.

Kimmo Timonen is a great puck moving defenseman but because he is only 5'10 be needs to be paired with a Stay home defenseman.

With the 227th pick, the Ottawa Senators still select Pavol Demitra.

Despite adding all of the new talent added in the draft, because the Senators didn't add any players to help the team immediately,
The Senators still end up with the worst record in the NHL in the 1993-94 season.

At the 1994 draft, the Ottawa Senators acquire Jason Arnott, Dave Manson from the Edmonton Oilers for Bob Kudelski, Troy Mallette, 1st round pick 1994, 3rd round pick 1995.

Jason Arnott would be the ideal 2nd line center behind Alexei Yashin and Dave Manson would be a solid top 4 defenseman.

With the 2nd round pick in the 1994 draft, the Ottawa Senators select Patrick Elias over Stanislav Neckar.

Patrick Elias is creative playmaking winger who is also a great two way forward; he would be great winger on the line with Jason Arnott.

With the 62nd pick in the 1994 draft, the Ottawa Senators select Chris Drury, this pick was acquired in a draft day trade in 1993.

Chris Drury is a great two way forward with great leadership qualities.

With the 81st pick in the 1994 draft, the Ottawa Senators select Milan Hejduk over Bryan Masotta.

Milan Hejduk is great sniper who fits great alongside star players.

With the 90th pick in the 1994 draft, the Ottawa Senators select Marty Turco, this pick was acquired in a draft day trade.

Marty Turco has the potential to be a Star goalie in the future, he also happens to be a great puck-handling goalie.

With the 133rd pick in the 1994 draft, the Ottawa Senators draft still select Daniel Alfredsson.

With the 210th pick in the 1994 draft, the Ottawa Senators draft Tomas Vokoun over Fredric Cassivi.

Tomas Vokoun is a late bloomer but with Marty Turco and Tommy Salo already in the pipeline, Vokoun would give the Senators another potential trade chip.

Including the additions of the prospects picked in the 93 and 94 drafts, this how the Ottawa Senators lineup looks like:




The Forwards look good but the Defense needs work, so that is the main focus heading into the 1995 draft.

The 1994-95 Ottawa Senators finished with a much better record, but they still miss the playoffs because of inexperience in the lineup.
The Senators end up with the 12th pick in the draft.

At the 1995 draft, the Ottawa Senators make a huge blockbuster trade sending Tomas Vokoun, 1st round pick 1995 to the San Jose Sharks for Sandis Ozolish, 5th rd pick 1995.

These are the Notable selections by Senators in the 1995 draft:

89-Marc Savard
115-Mikka Kiprusoff
142-Stephane Robidas
184-Filip Kuba

The Senators need a 4th line center, so they trade Sean Hill, 3rd round pick 1997 to the Edmonton Oilers for Todd Marchant.

At the Start of the 1995-96 Season, this is how the Ottawa Senators lineup looks like:




Top Prospects: M.Kiprusoff, M.Savard, S.Robidas, F.Kuba.

The Ottawa Senators are now poised to be a playoff team and a contending team in the next 2-3 years before players get into their second contracts.