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Redrafting 1984 NHL Draft

The 1984 NHL Draft was loaded with Talent; it featured Mario Lemieux as the Grand Prize and a few other Hall of Famers including Patrick Roy, Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille and Gary Suter. The surprising thing about the 1984 draft is that Roy wasn't drafted until the 3rd round, Hull wasn't taken until the 6th round, and Luc Robitaille wasn't taken until the 9th round. If the 1984 Draft was redrafted, it would most definately change the course of NHL history; this is how i would redraft the 1984 NHL draft. 1. Pittsburgh Penguins-(C) Mario Lemieux Mario Lemieux was the consensus number 1 pick in the 1984 draft and was considered to be a generational talent, this pick doesn't change. Mario Lemieux in his prime was arguably the best player in the league, so there isn't a player in the draft you could take over him. 2. New Jersey Devils-(G) Patrick Roy Originial pick: Kirk Muller Patrick Roy was the second greatest player in the 1984 draft behind Mario Le

Prospect Profile: Quinton Byfield

Quinton Byfield Sunbury Wolves OHL C 6'4"/214 Size/Strength       Excellent Skating       Good Shot/Scoring       Excellent    Puckhandling          Excellent Physical Play       Excellent  Offensive Play       Excellent Defensive Play       Good  Hockey Sense       Excellent Competitiveness       Good Strengths 1. tremendous size, speed, strength and physical tools and an exceptionally high potentially 2. lethal scorer with excellent shot 3. Great Hockey sense and vision Area's For Improvement 1. still physically immature 2. Poor showing in World Juniors and CHL Top Prospect's Game Skill: Big Skilled Center, with elite speed, size and skill. Scouting Report: Quinton Byfield is the consensus 2nd pick in the 2020 NHL Draft behind Alexis Lafreniere. His blend of size, speed, strength, and skill is enough to make most general managers salivate. The comparisons that Byfield has drawn to Eric Lindros are lofty


Rebuilding 1999-00 Atlanta Thrashers The 1990-00 Atlanta Thrashers were statistically the worst team in the last two decades. They only got 39 points that season and has a -43 goal differencial. These are the moves I would make if i were in charge of rebuilding the Atlanta Thrashers Since the Atlanta Thrashers are a rebuilding Franchise, they should trade away their most attractive assets and accumulate as many picks in the next 4 drafts as possible. Before the 2000 draft, the Thrashers make 3 trades: The First player moved is Andrew Brunette, who was their leading scorer the previous season. Andrew Brunette is traded to the Minnesota Wild for 2nd round pick 2000, 2nd round pick 2001. The Minnesota Wild were an expansion team coming into the league and Brunette would be a great core player for them. Then the Thrashers trade Ray Ferraro to the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim for 2nd round pick 2001. Adding Ferraro gives the Mighty ducks great depth down at the Center position

Prospects Profiles: Alexis Lafreniere (2020 Draft eligible)

Alexis Lafreniere Rimouski Oceanic QMJHL LW 6'1"/192 Size/Strength       Excellent Skating       Good Shot/Scoring       Excellent     Puckhandling          Excellent Physical Play       Excellent    Offensive Play       Excellent Defensive Play       Good   Hockey Sense       Excellent Competitiveness       Excellent    Strengths 1. Tremendous hockey sense and plays an all around game. 2. Exceptional visional and playmaking skills. 3. Attacks the net relentlessly and plays with an edge to his game. Area's For Improvement 1. Skating is a tad awkward 2. Disciple-has been suspended twice this year for questionable plays Skill: Elite skilled grinder with great vision, hockey sense and playmaking abilities. Scouting Report: Alexis Lafreniere is the consensus number 1 pick in the 2020 NHL Draft. What seperates Lafreniere from other prospects is combination of competitiveness mixed with all around skill and hock


The 1979 Draft is perhaps the most loaded draft class of all-time; this draft produced 6 future Hall of famers and 12 of the 21 first round picks played in at least one all star game, 19 of the 21 would play at least 450 career NHL games and all 21 had NHL career of at least 235 games. As great as the draft turned out, i reckon some teams would definately like a do-over considering Guy Carboneau and Mark Messier weren't picked until the 3rd round. This is my redraft of the 1979 NHL draft. 1. Colorado Rockies-(C) Mark Messier  Original selection: Rob Ramage Mark Messier is revered as one of the greatest hockey players of all-time. He is one of the most decorated players of all time and is one of the greatest captains in NHL history. Drafting Mark Messier would change the fortunes of the Colorado Rockies and would change the culture of the locker room. 2. St. Louis Blues- (D) Ray Bourque Original Selection: Perry Turnbull The St.Louis Blues are missing that stud def


The 1992-93 Ottawa Senators were the 2nd worst NHL team of all time Granted they were an expansion team and didn't have much to work with, but they could have a lot better in the 1993 offseason. That is where the rebuild starts; lets start at the 1993 draft. At the 1993 draft, the Ottawa Senators make two trades; Ottawa Senators trade Norm Maciver, Sylvain Turgeon to the Philadelphia Flyers for 2nd round pick 1993, 3rd round pick 1994. Ottawa Senators also trade Brad Shaw, Jamie Baker to the New York Islanders for 5th round pick 1993, 4th round pick 1994. Since the Senators aren't going anywhere anyways, the Senators might as well compile a ton of draft picks in the next 2 years The Ottawa Senators had the 1st pick in the 1993 draft and selected Alexander Diagle with the First overall pick Instead of picking Alexandre Diagle with the first overall pick, the Senators select Chris Pronger with the first overall pick. Chris Pronger is the safe pick, Diagle was the


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