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Jack Quinn Ottawa 67's OHL 5'11"/ 176 lb RW Size/Strength         Great Skating         Average Shot/Scoring         Excellent Puck Handling          Excellent Physical Play         Average Offensive Play Excellent Defensive Play Average Hockey Sense         Great Competitiveness     Excellent Strengths 1. Talented playmaker with dynamic puck skills and creativity 2. Keeps puck on a string and is able to maneuver in and out of traffic, keeping defenders off balance 3. Complete versatile player, who plays a great two way game and competes hard Cause for Concern 1. Breakout season could be a one year wonder 2. Even though he has improved a great deal, he still needs more get stronger and improve on his skating 3. Wasn't the primary offensive weapon on his junior team Skill: A Creative playmaker, with dynamic puck skills, great vision and excellent goal scoring abilities Scouting Report: Jack Quinn played on


In this blog, i will be redrafting the entire NHL. Rules for the draft are as follows: In the first 6 Rounds 31 teams gets draft any player they want. Goalies will be drafted at the end of round 6 in tandems. In the next 2 rounds, teams get to draft 3 players from a specific team. Ex: Team 1 draft players 1, 2, 3 from BOS The rest of the team is filled out by players that are drafted in a package Ex: team 15 draft rest of players from NSH Prospects not in the NHL will get drafted in a package in a prospect draft Ex: Team 31 draft prospects froom LA Teams will also get the opportunity to draft prospects in the upcoming 2020 draft too in the prospects draft Draft order is determined by a random number generator. After the draft, players not signed are eligible to be signed in Free Agency Here are the FINAL rosters after the draft: Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes R.Nugent-Hopkins-J.Eichel-T.Toffoli M.Pacioretty-J.Tavares-K.Kapanen J.Velen


The 2009 NHL draft was highlighted with superstars such as John Tavares and Victor Hedman but there were other great players taken later in the draft, such as Ryan O'Reilly, Tyson Barrie, Mattias Ekholm, Anders Lee and Mike Hoffman. If the 2009 draft was redrafted, the landscape of the NHL would be very different. *Check out my previous redrafts on my blog* 1. New York Islanders-(C) John Tavares Original pick: John Tavares New York Islanders still select John Tavares, as he is clearly the best player available in the draft. From the first game with Islanders to his last game with the club, he was dominant, and carried a mostly pedestrian team 3 times. Tavares still managed to put up 272 goals and 621 points n 669 despite never playing with another star player on the Islanders. 2. Tampa Bay Lightning-(D) Victor Hedman Original pick: Victor Hedman Tampa Bay Lightning still select Victor Hedman because he is still head and shoulders the 2nd best player in the 2009


Rodion Amirov Salavat Yulaev Ufa KHL 6'0"/ 168 lb LW Size/Strength       Great Skating       Excellent Shot/Scoring       Excellent Puckhandling        Excellent Physical Play       Average Offensive Play       Excellent Defensive Play       Great Hockey Sense         Excellent Competitiveness     Great Strengths 1. Strong skating two way winger, with High IQ 2. Sees the ice very well, has a quick and deadly release on his shot 3. Complete player, can play in all situations Cause for Concern 1. lacks physicality and has loooked overwelmed in limited KHL usage 2. Needs more speed and strength 3. Doesn't have expolsive speed Skill: A skilled Left Winger, with speed, an incredible shot and great hockey IQ and can play in all situations. Scouting Report: Rodion Amirov is a highly skilled left wing with speed and high hockey IQ who can play all situations. He presents a dual threat in his ability to make plays and


In my last blog i did a draft featuring all of the greatest NHL players of all time; in this blog i will be doing a simulation of 3 seasons using those rosters and i will also be making some trades as well. Since there are only 21 teams in the league, there will only be 4 divisions, each with 5 teams in it and one with 6. There is one change in the alignment of the divisions; the Minnesota North Stars are playing in the Smythe division instead of the Norris division. Legend: P-playoffs #-missed playoffs Season 1 results: Prince of Wales Conference Adams P1-Quebec Nordiques P4-Buffalo Sabres P5-Montreal Canadiens P8-Boston Bruins #-Hartford Whalers Patrick P2-Washington Capitals P3-New York Islanders P6-New York Rangers P7-New Jersey Devils #-Philadelphia Flyers #-Pittsburgh Penguins Clarence Campbell Conference Norris P1-St.Louis Blues P3-Winnipeg Jets P4-Toronto Maple Leafs P8-Detroit Red Wings #-Chicago Black Hawks Smythe P2-LA Kings


The 2008 NHL draft had plenty of star talent in it including Steven Stamkos, Drew Doughty, Alex Pietrangelo, Erik Karlsson, John Carlson, Roman Josi and Braden Holtby. If there were a redraft of the 2008 draft, the landscape of the league sure would be very different. *Check out my previous blogs for my other Redrafts* 1. Tampa Bay Lightning-(C) Steven Stamkos Original pick: Steven Stamkos Steven Stamkos is still clearly the best player in the 2008 draft because after struggling his rookie year, he turned into one of the elite scorers in the league. Stamkos has scored 25+ goals in every season except his rookie year and in 2016-17 when he suffered a season ending injury; Stamkos had 5 40+ goal seasons, including 2 50+ goal seasons in which he won the Rocket Richard Trophy. It might be surprising to hear this but Steven Stamkos has scored the most points of any player born in the 1990s. 2. LA Kings-(D) Drew Doughty Original pick: Drew Doughty The LA Kings still selec

Prospect Profiles: Dawson Mercer

Dawson Mercer Chicoutimi Saguendeens QMJHL 6'0"/ 179 lb RW Size/Strength        Excellent Skating        Above Average Shot/Scoring        Excellent Puckhandling         Great Physical Play        Excellent Offensive Play        Excellent Defensive Play Excellent Hockey Sense         Excellent Competitiveness     Excellent Strengths 1. Intelligent, Play-creating winger with high IQ 2. Terrific Forechecker, excels below the hash marks and plays in all situations 3. Can score and set up teammates at an elite rate Cause for Concern 1. Injury slowed his production in his draft year 2. Wasn't less depended upon in Chicoutimi after being traded there from from Drummondville 3. Doesn't have expolsive speed Skill: A Creative Winger, with great two way instincts, and a great touch around the net Scouting Report: Dawson Mercer is a Intelligent, play creating winger, that makes the hard plays and can also dazzle with


This is a historic NHL draft which features all of the greatest players of all time. The Format of the draft is as follows: There will be 21 historic teams conducting a snake format draft will get to draft 6 of the best all time players of their choice In the next 2 rounds, teams will draft 3 legends from a specific teams and the rest of the roster will be filled out by some of the best all-timers to play for that team Goalies will be drafted in tandems. Every team will also get one current NHL player who has the potential to be an all time great The order of the snake draft will be determined by a random number generator. These are the final rosters after the draft: Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres D.Moore-G.Perreault-G.Anderson T.Lindsay-S.Abel-G.Howe K.Tkachuk-S.Mikita-K.Muller I.Kovalchuk-M.Modano-M.Hossa Z.Parise-J.Thornton-D.Pastrnak D.Maruk-A.Kopitar-D.Heatley B.Pederson-D.Krejci-F.Stanfield M.Foligno-D.Roy-J.Pominvill


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