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The 2005 Draft was headlined by Sidney Crosby but there many other great players taken as well such as Carey Price, Anze Kopitar, Jonathan Quick, Kris Letang, Ben Bishop.
If the 2005 NHL draft were to be redrafted, the landscape of the league would be very different.

*Check out my previous two NHL Redrafts before continuing with this one*

1. Pittsburgh Penguins-(C) Sidney Crosby
Original pick: Sidney Crosby

The Pittsburgh Penguins still select Sidney Crosby because he is widely reguarded as one of the best players of the decade.
Crosby won the Hart, Art Ross and Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy twice and led the Penguins to 3 Stanley Cups, winning two Conn Smythes in the process.
Sidney Crosby turned the franchise around from his first game in the league and is a first ballot hall of famer.

2. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim-(G) Carey Price
Original pick: Bobby Ryan

Its rare to pick a goaltender this high in the draft, but Carey Price is an exception because he is a goalie that can steal games on his own.
From 2010-2018, Carey Price was undisputedly the best goalie in the league and is was a top 10 player in the league reguardless of position.
Price's 2014-15 season was remarkable, which resulted in him taking home the Vezina, Jennings, Hart and Ted Lindsay Trophy that year.

3. Carolina Hurricanes-(C) Anze Kopitar 
Original pick: Jack Johnson

Rather than picking Jack Johnson with the 3rd pick, the Hurricanes select, Anze Kopitar, a talented two way center.
Anze Kopitar is a lethal offensive player, with 950 points in 1073 games and a tremendous defensive player, with 2 selke trophies.
Kopitar, along with Patrice Bergeron would form one of the best one two tandems at center in the NHL for the Hurricanes.

4. Minnesota Wild-(D) Kris Letang
Original pick: Benoit Pouliot

Instead of picking Benoit Pouliot, who was a major dissapointment as a 4th overall pick, the Wild select Kris Letang, a tremendous offensive defenseman.
Letang is a 3 time stanley cup champion with the Penguins and has been a key cog on the Penguins blueline since 2008.
The Minnesota Wild are in need of a Franchise defenseman and Letang could be that for them.

5. Montreal Canadiens-(G) Jonathan Quick
Original pick: Carey Price

It would be tough to replace Carey Price, but Jonathan Quick is an acceptable replacement as he too has put together an impressive resume.
Jonathan Quick was a major reason why the LA Kings won 2 cups from 2012-2014 and was a top goalie in the league for a decade.
Carey Price may be the bigger name on paper, but Jonathan Quick is the goalie you want if you want to win.

6. Columbus Blue Jackets-(G) Tuukka Rask
Original pick: Gilbert Brule

Instead of picking one of the biggest busts in franchise history, the Columbus Blue Jackets select their goalie of the future, Tuukka Rask.
Tuukka Rask has been one of the best goalies in the NHL since his debut, winning the stanley cup with the Bruins in 2011 and the Vezina as top goalie in the 2013-14 season.
Now that Tuukka Rask is with the Blue Jackets, he will be the Number 1 goalie right away as soon as the 2009 season.

7. Chicago Blackhawks-(D) Keith Yandle
Original pick: Jack Skille

Jack Skille was a bust as a first round pick of the Chicago Blackhawks, they Keith Yandle, a talented offensive defenseman instead.
Yandle is a stat sheet stuffer, he has put up more than 40 points in all but 3 season split between the Phoenix Coyotes, New York Rangers, Florida Panthers.
With Keith Yandle on the team, the Blackhawks would not have to go out and sign Brian Campbell to a massive deal in free agency.

8. San Jose Sharks-(C) Paul Stastny
Original pick: Devin Setoguchi

Rather than picking Devin Setoguchi with the 8th pick, the San Jose Sharks selcet Paul Stastny, a great playmaking center.
In his first 8 seasons with Colorado, Stastny was a very productive Center, putting up at least 20 goals, 50 points in 5 of the 8 seasons.
Paul Stastny would be a great 2nd line center behind Joe Thornton for the San Jose Sharks.

9. Ottawa Senators-(G) Ben Bishop
Original pick: Brian Lee

Instead of picking Brian Lee, who was a big bust for the Ottawa Senators, they select Ben Bishop, a 6'7" goalie with tremendous puck handling abilities.
Bishop was a late bloomer but once he develops into a starter, he will be one of the best in the league.
With Ben Bishop in goal, they potentially have their number 1 goalie of the future for the next decade.

10. Vancouver Canucks-Marc-Eduord Vlasic
Original pick: Luc Bourdon

Vancouver Canucks needed a solid defensive and the best option available in the draft is Marc Eduord Vlasic.
Vlasic isn't a huge point producer but he is a reliable workhorse defenseman that can be used on a shutdown pair.
With Marc Eduord Vlasic on the team, the Canucks now have a defenseman to pair other top lines in the league.

11. LA Kings-(LW/RW) James Neal
Original picks: Anze Kopitar

It will be impossible to replace Anze Kopitar, so the Kings select the best player available James Neal.
James Neal scored 20+ goals in 11 straight seasons from 2008 to 2018, he is one of the more consistent scorers in the league.
The LA Kings would be getting a really good goal scorer in James Neal, that could play on either wing.

12. New York Rangers-(D) Matt Niskanen
Original pick: Marc Staal

The New York Rangers really need to draft a top 4 defenseman, Matt Niskanen is the best defenseman available.
Matt Niskanen is an underrated defenseman but he is a great two way defenseman who can be used on a shutdown pair.
Matt Niskanen would be a major part of the Rangers blueline as soon as the 2007 season.

13. Buffalo Sabres-(RW) Bobby Ryan
Original pick: Marek Zagrapan

The Buffalo Sabres need to select an impact Right winger, luckily for them Bobby Ryan is available.
Bobby Ryan may be a washed up player now but when he was coming into the league, he was a tremendous powerforward.
Ryan scored 30+ goals in 4 straight seasons with the Anaheim Ducks, so he would be a great fit on a line with Eric Staal.

14. Washington Capitals-(RW/C) TJ Oshie
Original pick: Sasha Pokulok

The Washington Capitals need to get a Right Winger to play alongside Alex Ovechkin and TJ Oshie seems to be the best option available.
TJ Oshie is a better player than what his stats show because his prime years years were wasted in a defense oriented St.Louis team.
Putting Oshie on the same line as Ovechkin for his entire career would ultimately increase his career point total.

15. New York Islanders-Patric Hornqvist
Original pick: Ryan O'Marra

Ryan O'Marra was a bust as a first round pick, so the New York Islanders select Patric Hornqvist, a gritty goal scorer instead.
Hornqvist is an under the radar player and very quietly has put together 8 20+ goal seasons.
Patric Hornqvist would be a perfect fit next to any star player they may acquire in the future.

16. Atlanta Thrashers-(D) Marc Staal
Original pick: Alex Bourret

The Atlanta already selected Alex Edler in the last draft, but a team can never have too many top defensive prospects.
Marc Staal is a solid defensive defenseman, who can be a good two way defenseman with the right coaching.
The Thrashers defensive core looks pretty good with Alex Edler and Marc Staal in the pipelines.

17. Phoenix Coyotes-(D) Niklas Hjalmarsson 
Original pick: Martin Hanzal

Martin Hanzal was somewhat a disappointment for the Phoenix Coyotes, so they select Niklas Hjalmarsson instead.
Niklas Hjalmarsson is a shotblocking machine and a tremenedous penalty killer, he played a huge role in Chicago's 3 Stanley Cups.
Niklas Hjalmarsson will be a major part of the Phoenix Coyotes defensive core moving forward.

18. Nashville Predators-(D) Jack Johnson
Original pick: Ryan Parent

Ryan Parent did not live up to expectations as a first round pick, so the Nashville Predators select Jack Johnson, a highly touted prospect instead.
Even though Jack Johnson might not play for the Nashville Predators, he is clearly the best player available.
Jack Johnson will most likely be used as trade bait to acquire players to fill a team need.

19. Detroit Red Wings-(D) Anton Stralman
Original pick: Jakub Kindl

Jakub Kindl didn't fulfill his expectations as a first round pick for the Detroit Red Wings, so they select Anton Stralman instead.
Anton Stralman was a late bloomer but he did establish himself as a fixture on defense for the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers.
Stralman could be a solid bottom pair defenseman at first that works his way up into the top 4 of the Red Wings.

20. Florida Panthers-(C/LW) Andrew Cogliano
Original pick: Kenndal McArdle

Kenndal McArdle was a huge bust for the Florida Panthers, so they select Andrew Cogliano instead.
Andrew Cogliano is a speedy two way player who can play both center and wing and is a tremendous penalty killer.
Cogliano would be a good third line player for the Florida Panthers.

21. Toronto Maple Leafs-(G) Ondrej Pavelec
Original pick: Tuukka Rask

There is no player left in the draft that could possibly replace Tuukka Rask but Ondrej Pavelec was a pretty good goalie for several seasons.
Ondrej Pavalec was the starting goalie for the Atlanta/Winnipeg Franchise, he won 20+ games 5x in his career.
Now with Ondrej Pavelec in the mix, the Leafs might trade away Pogge instead because Pavelec was more NHL ready.

22. Boston Bruins-(C) Martin Hanzal
Original pick: Matt Lashoff

It is never a bad idea to draft a big hulking center like Martin Hanzal, especially with how the Bruins play.
Hanzal is a better fit in the Bruins' system than in the Coyotes system because he can just play the checking line role,
rather than be forced to play as the Coyotes 1st line center, which he is not.

23. New Jersey Devils-(D) Kris Russell
Original pick: Niclas Bergfors

Instead of picking Niclas Bergfors, who was an important piece in the Ilya Kovalchuk trade, the New Jersey Devils select Kris Russell.
Kris Russell a solid defensive defenseman, who has led the league in blocked shots several years.
Russell fits in perfectly with the defensive oriented structure of the Devils.

24. St.Louis Blues-(D) Cody Franson
Original pick: TJ Oshie

It will be hard for the St.Louis Blue to replace TJ Oshie at this point in the draft; the St.Louis Blues select the best player available, Cody Franson.
Cody Franson is an offensive defenseman who was effective his first couple years in the league with the Leafs and Predators,
but fizzled out with the Sabres and Blackhawks and was out of the league in 2017.
Franson could be a top 4 defenseman for the St.Louis Blues for a few years.

25. Edmonton Oilers-(RW) Devin Setoguchi
Original pick: Andrew Cogliano

Andrew Cogliano is no longer available, so the Edmonton Oilers select the best player available, Devin Setoguchi.
Setoguchi had 3 very good years in the league with the San Jose Sharks and could be a good role player on the Edmonton Oilers.
Devin Setoguchi can be a good fit a line with Shawn Horcoff and Milan Michalek.

26. Calgary Flames-(LW/RW) Justin Abdelkader
Original pick: Matt Pelech

Rather than selecting Matt Pelech with their first round pick, the Calary Flames select Justin Abdelkader.
Justin Abdelkader is a gritty winger, who can play in the top 6 if he plays alongside a star player.
Its more likely that the Flames will end up using Abdelkader as a 3rd or 4th liner than in the top 6.

27. Washington Capitals-(LW) Mason Raymond
Original pick: Joe Finley

Instead of selecting Joe Finley, the Washington Capitals select Mason Raymond, a speedy Left Winger.
For a team who is bound to be a contending team like the Capitals, it is important to have speedy players,
and Raymond is one of the fastest players in the draft.
Mason Raymond can be a good third line player for the Capitals.

28. Dallas Stars-(LW) Benoit Pouliot
Original pick: Matt Niskanen

Matt Niskanen was a tremendous pick at 28, but unfortunately he isn't available anymore, so the Dallas Stars select Benoit Pouliot.
Benoit Pouliot is a third line forward that can chip in 10-15 goals a year on a contending team like the Dallas Stars.

29. Philadelphia Flyers-(LW) Sergei Kostitsyn
Original pick: Steve Downie

Sergei Kostistyn had 2 good years in the league, but that is better than the other players in this draft.
Kostistyn had 176 points in 353 games, which is about half a point a game.
Perhaps the Flyers could have used a highly skilled player like Sergei Kostitsyn better than he was.

30. Tampa Bay Lightning-(C/RW/LW) Darren Helm
Original pick: Vladimir Mihalik

Instead of picking a major bust in Darren Helm, the Tampa Bay Lightning could have drafted Darren Helm.
Darren Helm is speedy forward that can play all three forward positions, a team like the Tampa Bay Lightning could really use a player like him.
Helm could be an important 3rd line player for the Tampa Bay Lightning.


Carolina Hurricanes

Added: Anze Kopitar Lost: Jack Johnson

Minnesota Wild

Added: Kris Letang Lost: Benoit Pouliot

Columbus Blue Jackets

Added: Tuukka Rask Lost: Gilbert Brule

Buffalo Sabres

Added: Bobby Ryan Lost: Marek Zagrapan

Vancouver Canucks
Added: Marc Eduord Vlasic Lost: Luc Bourdon


LA Kings

Lost: Anze Kopitar, Jonathan Quick Added: James Neal

St.Louis Blues

Lost: Ben Bishop, TJ Oshie Added: Cody Franson

Dallas Stars

Lost: Matt Niskanen, James Neal Added: Benoit Pouliot

Toronto Maple Leafs

Lost: Tuukka Rask Added: Ondrej Pavelec

Edmonton Oilers

Lost: Andrew Cogliano Added: Devin Setoguchi

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Yaroslav Askarov
SKA-Neva St.Petersburg
6'3"/ 176 lb

Size/Frame                 Excellent
Net Coverage            Excellent
Quickness                  Excellent
Rebound Control    Great
Tracking               Excellent
Poise/Consistency     Excellent
Hockey Sense            Excellent
Competitiveness        Excellent


1. Big Goalie with great poise, atleticism and a quick glove
2. Remarkable power, quickness and precision on lateral movement
3. Tremendous size, hockey sense and agressiveness to steal a match

Cause for Concern

1. Subpar World Junior Performance by his standard
2. The position he plays may cause him to fall in the draft, as we saw in Andrei Vasilevskiy


Franchise Changing goalie, with all the tools to be the best goalie in the league

Scouting Report:

The 17 year Yaroslav Askarov already is an intimidating presence in net with great poise, athleticism and a quick glove.
Askarov is a technically sound goaltender with good instincts capable of reading the game well.
He moves well laterally with quickness and precision, rarely over-sliding in his crease; he is strong mentally, rarely seeming rattled in the net.
Askarov has elite reflexes, snagging pucks out of the air with regularity.
The 6-foot-3 Russian has been billed as the second coming of Carey Price;
there is a possiblity the goaltender is taken in the top 10, or even the top five of the draft cause the sky could be the limit for this guy

NHL Potential:
Franchise Goalie, that can one day become the best goalie in the league

Style Comparison: Carey Price


SKA-Varyagi im. Morozaova      MHL                     31GP        2.37 GAA    .921 SV%       
Russia U-18                    International-Jr                    6GP        2.31 GAA    .916 SV%

SKA-Neva St.Petersburg        VHL                        18GP      2.45 GAA    .920 SV%
Russia U-20                   International-Jr                   5GP      2.71 GAA    .877 SV%


In this Blog i will be assembling teams based on were they were selected in the NHL entry or Amateur draft.

The first round will be divided into 4 teams: #1 pick. picks 2-10, picks 11-20, picks 21-30.
The 2nd round picks will be form a 5th team, 3rd + 4th round picks will form a 6th team and 5th + 6th round picks will be the 7th team and players picks in the 7th round or later will form the 8th team.
There will also be an additional team formed with undrafted players.

#1 picks 1st round picks (2-10)
G.Perreault-M.Lemieux-G.Lafleur M.Dionne-R.Francis-J.Jagr
A.Ovechkin-S.Crosby-P.Kane B.Shanahan-S.Yzerman-T.Selanne
M.Sundin-J.Thornton-S.Stamkos B.Federko-D.Savard-M.Gartner
C.McDavid-M.Modano-E.Lindros D.Sittler-P.Lafontaine-L.McDonald
D.Potvin-A.Ekblad R.Bourque-P.Coffey
E.Jovanovski-R.Hamrlik B.Leetch-P.Housley
R.Dahlin-R.Ramage S.Stevens-L.Murphy
M-A.Fleury-R.DiPietro G.Fuhr-C.Price

1st round picks (11-20) 1st round picks (21-30)
M.Goulet-J.Sakic-M.Bossy S.Gagne-C.Giroux-D.Pastrnak
D.Andreychuk-A.Kopitar-J.Iginla M.Pacioretty-E.Kuznetsov-C.Perry
K.Tkachuk-R.Getzlaf-M.Hossa M.Richards-S.Gomez-TJ.Oshie
B.Propp-S.Koivu-R.Middleton T.Konecny-R.Kesler-Ju.Williams
I.Turnbull-A.MacInnis B.Skjei-J.Carlson
K.Hatcher-E.Karlsson B.Skjei-M.Green
G.Wesley-B.Burns S.Theodore-M.Niskanen
M.Brodeur-A.Vasilevskiy T.Rask-C.Ward

2nd round picks 3rd + 4th round picks
J.LeClair-B.Trottier-N.Kucherov G.Anderson-M.Messier-J.Kurri
P.Elias-J.Nieuwendyk-P.Bergeron B.Nicholls-S.Fedorov-M.Recchi
R.Whitney-A.Broten-D.Hunter P.Verbeek-G.Carboneau-M.Hejduk
J.Tonelli-R.O'Reilly-S.Richer B.Marchand-B.Richards-T.Amonte
L.Robinson-C.Chelios N.Lidstrom-R.Blake
M.Howe-E.Desjardins Z.Chara-M.Schneider
D.Keith-S.Weber B.Murray-K.Letang
M.Richter-J.Gibson P.Roy-J.Quick

5th + 6th round picks 7th round or later
P.Bure-P.Datsyuk-A.Mogilny L.Robitaille-D.Gilmour-T.Fleury
K.Stevens-R.Tocchet-Br.Hull S.Sullivan-H.Zetterberg-P.Bondra
S.Larmer-T.Steen-D.Alfredsson P.Demitra-I.Larionov-J.Pavelski
Ja.Benn-R.Ferraro-M.Satan B.Mullen-R.Lang-S.Makarov
S.Zubov-B.Campbell S.Fetisov-G.Suter
G.Galley-J.Klingberg D.Byfuglien-T.Kaberle
A.Markov-J.Spurgeon K.Timonen-M.Streit
R.Hextall-B.Smith D.Hasek-H.Lundqvist


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The 2004 NHL Draft was highlighted by two superstars in Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin but
there plenty of other stars drafted as well, such as Blake Wheeler, Pekka Rinne and Alex Radulov.

If the 2004 NHL Draft was to be redrafted, the landscape of the NHL would be very different.

*Be sure to read my 2003 Redraft before continuing with this one*

1. Washington Capitals-Alex Ovechkin
Original pick: Alex Ovechkin

Washington Capitals still select Alex Ovechkin, as he is still clearly the best player in the draft.
Ovechkin should a first ballot hall of famer, he has won 8 Rocket Richard Trophies, scoring 50 or more goals 7 times.
He is already considered one of the greatest goal scorers of all-time, with 706 career NHL goals.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins-(C) Evgeni Malkin
Original pick: Evgeni Malkin
Evgeni Malkin is a superstar player in his own right but his always in the shadow of Sidney Crosby.
With Crosby sidelined, Malkin's had one of the best campaigns in his career putting up 50 G and 109 points,
bringing home the Hart, Art Ross and Ted Lindsay Award in the 2011-12 season.
Malkin, along with Crosby has been a major reason why the Penguins won the Stanley cup in 2009 and back to cups in 2016 and 2017.

3. Chicago Blackhawks-(G) Pekka Rinne
Original Pick: Cam Barker

Cam Barker was a bust as a first round pick of the Blackhawks, so the Blackhawks select their franchise goalie of the future, Pekka Rine instead.
Pekka Rinne is a Vezina Caliber goalie who has put up 8 30+ Win seasons, 3 of which were 40+ win seasons.
From 2014-2019, Rinne had 5 consecutive 30 win seasons, with 2 40 win seasons included.
With Pekka Rinne in goal, the Chicago Blackhawks, have their backstop for the next decade.

4. Carolina Hurricanes-(RW) Blake Wheeler  
Original pick: Andrew Ladd

Although Andrew Ladd turned into a solid pro player, there are better players available at this point in the draft.
Blake Wheeler is a late bloomer because he was underutilized with the Boston Bruins but once he got to Winnipeg, became a legit Star player;
He has 586 points in 639 games with the Winnipeg/Atlanta franchise.
Blake Wheeler would be a perfect complement to Carolina's first round pick in 2003, Patrice Bergeron.

5. Phoenix Coyotes-(RW) Alex Radulov
Original pick: Blake Wheeler

Alex Radulov is the game changer in the draft because of him leaving in his prime to play in the KHL,
however he has averaged around a Point per game in the NHL in his career, so his talent suggest he is a top 5 pick.
For a team like the Phoenix Coytoes in major need of offensive punch, Radulov would make the team much quicker than he did in Nashville.

6. New York Rangers-(D) Mike Green
Original pick: Al Montoya

With Brian Leetch nearing retirement, the Rangers will need someone to make up for the offensive production from the Blueline.
Luckily for them, Mike Green is one of the better offensive defenseman available and is a powerplay specialist.
While Mike Green might now have the offensive production he did in Washington, he could still be a 40-50 point defenseman early in his career.

7. Florida Panthers-(C) David Krejci
Original pick: Rostislav Olesz

Instead of picking a major bust in Rostislav Olesz, the Florida Panthers select David Krejci.
Although David Krejci never made any all star teams, he is just a very good two way player that plays wining hockey.
Krejci has 686 points 911 Games along with 103 points in 132 postseason games.
David Krejci would be the ideal center for Nathan Horton, whom they drafted in 2003.

8. Columbus Blue Jackets-(G) Devan Dubnyk
Original pick: Alexandre Picard

The Columbus Blue Jackets need to get a goalie of the future and Devan Dubnyk is the best one available.
Devan Dubnyk may have been a late bloomer but once he was on the right team, he became a vezina trophy caliber goalie.
After being acquired in the 2014-15 season by the Minnesota Wild, he had a 27-9-2 record with a 1.78 GAA and .936 SV% and 6 SO.
Every season there after with the Wild, Dubnyk had a 30+ win season with a very good GAA and SV%.

9. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim-(D) Mark Streit
Orignial pick: Ladislav Smid

Mark Streit was an elite defenseman in the NHL who was stuck was a late bloomer but had a great NHL career.
Streit was a true offensive defenseman, who would bring some much needed offense to the Anaheim blueline.
Mark Streit put up 10+ goals as a defeneman in 4 straight seasons and 6 seasons with 45+ points.

10. Atlanta Thrashers-(D) Alex Edler
Original pick: Boris Valabik

Boris Valabik was a bust for a the Atlanta Thrashers, so they select Alex Edler instead.
Alex Edler has been a very good defenseman for the Vancouver Canucks, who plays a solid two way game.
Edler would very quickly become a top pair defenseman on the Atlanta Thrashers.

11. LA Kings-(C) Travis Zajac
Original pick: Lauri Tukonen 

The LA Kings didn't fare so well in the 2003 draft despite having three first round picks so they need get an impact player with this pick.
Travis Zajac is a great two way center and is tremenous in the faceoff circle with a career 53.9% FO percentage.
While he isn't known as a point scoring machine but he does have 532 points in 991 games.
Travis Zajac would very be a great second line center for the LA kings for a long time.

12. Minnesota Wild-(LW) Andrew Ladd
Original pick: A.J. Thelen

Instead of pick A.J. Thelen, the Minnesota select Andrew Ladd, a very good powerforward.
Ladd was underutilized with the Carolina Hurriccanes and Chicago Blackhawks but then took his game to the next level with the Winnipeg Jets.
With Winnipeg, he scored 20+ and 50+ points in 4 of the 5 seasons with the Jets.
Andrew Ladd would a great fit on the line with Marian Gaborik.

13. Buffalo Sabres-(D) Alex Goligoski
Original pick: Drew Stafford

The Buffalo Sabres don't need to draft anymore forwards, instead they need to focus on building up their defense.
Alex Goligoski is a good offensive defenseman, who has quietly put up 30+ points in 10 seasons.
With how weak the Sabres defense is, Goligoski would became an important part of their defense sooner than he did with the Penguins.

14. Edmonton Oilers-(G) Cory Schneider
Original pick: Devan Dubnyk

The Reason why Cory Schneider is this low on the redraft was because he spent his best years serving as backup to Roberto Luongo.
In his prime, Cory Schneider was a all star caliber goalie, unfortunately his hip injury has affected his ability to be an NHL caliber goalie.
With the Edmonton Oilers, Schneider would have become the true number 1 goalie a lot sooner than he did.

15. Nashville Predators-(LW/RW) Johan Franzen
Original pick: Alexander Radulov

Alex Radulov never really fit in with the Predators, so they pick Johan Franzen, a gritty goal scoring forward.
Franzen is capable of playing all three forward positions and played a significant role on Detroit's Stanley cup team in 2008.
Though Franzen's career was cut short with injury, when healthy he is still worth of a top 15 pick in the draft.
Johan Franzen would be a great fit on a bruising team like the Nashville Predators.

16. New York Islanders-(C) Brandon Dubinsky
Original pick: Petteri Nokelainen

The New York Islanders need more depth at center, so they pick the best center on the board, Brandon Dubinsky.
Brandon Dubinsky was a good two way center, who was dependable on faceoffs and was a great penalty killer.
In addition, Dubinsky could play the role of playing against opponents' top lines and star players.
More importantly, the Islanders steal Dubinsky away from the Rival Rangers, which make them worse.

17. St.Louis Blues-(RW) Ryan Callahan
Original pick: Marek Schwarz

Rather than selecting Marek Schwarz, the St.Louis Blues select Ryan Callahan.
Callahan is a relentless forchecking forward, a great penalty killer and terrific leader.
Ryan Callahan is a perfect fit on the St.Louis Blues and their style of play.

18. Montreal Canadiens-(LW) David Booth
Original pick: Kyle Chipchura

Rather than drafting Kyle Chipchura, whom was a huge bust, the Montreal Canadiens draft so they pick David Booth instead.
David Booth when he was a part of the Florida Panthers was a good player, he had 3 20+ goal, including one 30 goal season.
Booth could be a short-term solution in the top 6 for the Montreal Canadiens until they draft better players.

19. New York Rangers-(RW/LW) Troy Brouwer
Original pick: Lauri Korpikoski

Instead of selecting a major bust in Lauri Korkiposki, the New York Rangers select Troy Brouwer, a hard nose third line forward.
Troy Brouwer was an important member of the Chicago Blackhawks, when they won the cup in 2010 and an important role player on Washington and St.Louis as well.
He would be a great third line forward for the Rangers.

20. New Jersey Devils-(C) Mikhail Grabovski
Original pick: Travis Zajac

In order to replace Travis Zajac, the Devils draft Mikhail Grabovski, a very talented forward.
When healthy, Grabovski was a very effective player, as he scored 20+ in three seasons.
It is possible that Grabovski gets traded to get an NHL ready player because the Devils are in win now mode.

21. Colorado Avalanche-(G) Thomas Greiss
Original pick: Wojtek Wolski

The Colorado Avalanche need to get a number 1 goalie soon and while Thomas Greiss isn't bonifide number 1 goalie, he could be a part of a tandem.
Thomas Greiss is a late bloomer but that is mostly due to the fact he was drafted by the San Jose Sharks, who always had a stud number 1 goalie.
Now with the Colorado Avalanche, Thomas Greiss would certainly get the opportunity to contend for the starting position a lot sooner.

22. San Jose Sharks-(D) Andrej Meszaros
Original pick: Lukas Kaspar

The San Jose Sharks need to improve on defense, so they pick Andrej Meszaros, a solid puck moving defenseman.
Meszaros started his career off really well with the Ottawa Senators but after being traded to Tampa Bay, he wasn't as effective.
Meszaros would revive his career with the Philadelphia Flyers only to be misused in Boston and Buffalo.
With San Jose, he would very quickly emerge as an impact defenseman and remain on the team past the 2007-08 season.

23. Ottawa Senators-(RW) Drew Stafford
Original pick: Andrej Meszaros

Andrej Meszaros isn't available anymore, so the Ottawa Senators select Drew Stafford, a goal scoring Right Winger.
Drew Stafford was a solid scorer on the Buffalo Sabres from 2008-2012 but became less efficient after signing his big contract in 2011.
With the Rangers headed towards a rebuild, Stafford could find a spot on the third line very soon.

24. Calgary Flames-(D) Andrej Sekera
Original pick: Kris Chucko

The Calgary Flames were in need impact defense at the time, to they snag the best defenseman on the board, Andrej Sekera.
Sekera was a late bloomer but he eventually develops into a nice offensive defenseman.
Sekera is a solid defenseman who can play in the top 4 in Calgary until they find better defenseman.

25. Edmonton Oilers-(RW/LW) Kris Versteeg
Original pick: Rob Schremp

Rob Schremp was a major dissappointment as a first round pick for the Edmonton Oilers, so the Oilers pick the best player on the board, Kris Versteeg.
Kris Versteeg would be a nice third line player on a playoff team like the Edmonton Oilers.
Versteeg is a flashy player that can have some hot streaks, which makes his a great role player on a team like the Oilers.

26. Vancouver Canucks-(C) Carl Soderberg
Original pick: Cory Schneider

Cory Schneider isn't available anymore, Carl Soderberg, a solid playmaking center.
Soderberg was a late arrival to the NHL, as he choose to play in the SEL until the 2012-13 season.
Carl Soderberg would be good trade bait for the Canucks when they want to acquire players at the deadline.

27. Washington Capitals-(LW) Wojtek Wolski
Original pick: Jeff Schultz

Jeff Schultz wasn't anything special for the Washington Capitals, so they select Wojtek Wolski instead.
Wolski would have a fine role player on a team like the Washington Capitals;
he has great skill and is capable of scoring 15-20 goals if playing with the right players.

28. Dallas Stars-(RW/LW) Blake Comeau
Original pick: Mark Fistic

Instead of picking Mark Fistric, the Dallas Stars select Blake Comeau, a grinding third line forward instead.
The Dallas Stars are a legit contender right now, so they need players that can fit a role and Comeau is a fits the mold of a versitaile role player.

29. Washington Capitals-(D) Alexei Emelin
Original pick: Mike Green

Mike Green isn't available anymore, so the Capitals select Alexei Emelin, physical defensive defenseman instead.
Emelin will be needed to shutdown opposing agitate and irritate opponents' top players.

30. Tampa Bay Lightning-(C) Dave Bolland
Original pick: Andy Rodgers

The Defenseman in this draft aren't very good, so the Lightning select Dave Bolland, a good defensive center instead.
Even though Bolland isn't going to put up eye popping stats, he is a great fit on a championship caliber team like Tampa Bay.
Bolland is a winner at every level and would be an ideal 3rd or 4th line center for the Lightning.


Chicago Blackhawks

Picked Pekka Rinne over Cam Barker

St.Louis Blues

Picked Ryan Callahan over Marek Schwarz

Minnesota Wild

Picked Andrew Ladd over A.J. Thelen

Atlanta Thrashers

Picked Alex Edler over Boris Valabik


Vancouver Canucks

Lost Cory Schneider, Alex Edler and Drafted Carl Soderberg

New York Rangers

Lost Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Drafted Troy Brouwer

New Jersey Devils

Lost Travis Zajac and Drafted Mihkail Grabovski

Ottawa Senators

Lost Andrej Meszaros and Drafted Drew Stafford

Monday, May 18, 2020


Jake Sanderson
USNTDP Juniors
6'1"/ 186 lb

Size/Strength          Excellent
Skating          Great
Shot/Scoring          Average
Puckhandling           Great
Physical Play          Excellent
Offensive Play  Average
Defensive Play  Excellent
Hockey Sense          Excellent
Competitiveness      Excellent


1. Mobile defenseman with untappped offensive potential
2. Tremendous leader and has poise beyond his years
3. Elite hockey sense and uses his size effectively on both sides of the puck

Cause for Concern

1. Offensive upside isn't elite
2. Needs to improve on defensive zone coverage
3. Not a point producer


Two Way Defenseman, with high Hockey IQ, with a dominant defensive mindset and untapped offensive potential

Scouting Report:

Jake Sanderson, the son of former NHL forward Geoff Sanderson, a mobile puck-mover with a dominant defensive mindset and an improving offensive game. 
There's zero panic in his game, his poise under pressure and his decisions with or without the puck are always on point.
He isn’t going to dazzle on highlight reels and his offensive upside likely isn’t elite, but he makes a lot of plays all around the ice.
Sandeson is very solid defensively due to his mobility and brain, and may develop the skill to be a power play guy as a pro.
Jake Sanderson has untapped offensive potential, professional attitude and leadership abilities wreak of a decades-long NHL career.
Depending on the needs of the team drafting, Sanderson could very well be a top 5 pick in the draft.

NHL Potential:

Top pair defenseman, with Captain intangibles

Style Comparison: Ryan Suter


U.S. National U17 Team     USDP       44 GP       4G                 24 Pts                             
USNTDP Juniors                USHL       22 GP       2G                   7  Pts 

U.S. National U18 Team     USDP       47 GP       7G                 29 Pts           
USNTDP Juniors                 USHL       19 GP       2G                 14 Pts


D.Hawerchuk-W.Gretzky-Bo.Hull L.Robitaille-M.Lemieux-M.Dionne
B.Shanahan-P.Esposito-M.Gartner P.Turgeon-J.Beliveau-G.Lafleur
D.Gilmour-R.Francis-RW M.Goulet-G.Perreault-M.Bossy
D.Sittler-J.Thornton-D.Ciccarelli J.Ratelle-D.Savard-M.Richard
L.Robinson-B.Orr R.Bourque-S.Savard
D.Potvin-P.Coffey G.Lapointe-D.Harvey
L.Murphy-B.Park S.Duchesne-I.Turnbull
T.Esposito-C.Joseph M.Brodeur-P.Roy

P.Marleau-B.Trottier-G.Howe J.Bucyk-M.Messier-J.Iginla
B.Federko-J.Toews-T.Fleury R.Whitney-N.Ullman-L.McDonald
B.Propp-B.Clarke-A.Bathgate R.Smyth-T.Linden-S.Doan
C.Gillies-R.Getzlaf-B.Goring G.Unger-Brent Sutter-Brian Sutter
B.Pratt-E.Shore S.Niedermayer-D.Sydor
D.Keith-W.Redden G.Wesley-B.Gadsby
R.Greschner-J.Patrick D.Phaneuf-M.Green
T.Sawchuk-G.Hall G.Fuhr-C.Osgood-M.Vernon

P.Kariya-S.Yzerman-M.Recchi B.Marchand-S.Crosby-N.MacKinnon
G.Courtnall-J.Sakic-G.Anderson G.Sanderson-Bo.Smith-G.Murray
C.Ronning-R.Ferraro-C.Neely B.MacMillan-B.Richards-A.MacAdam
Ja.Benn-P.McNab-R.Courtnall    G.Gallant-P.MacDonald-L.MacDonald
M.Reilly-S.Weber           D.Sweeney-A.MacInnis
D.Bodger-B.Seabrook           F.Hollett-C.White
D.Hamhuis-T.Barrie           A.MacDonald-K.Brown
C.Price-T.Thompson           R.Melanson-J.Allen

J.Roenick-M.Modano-Br.Hull P.Forsberg-M.Sundin-D.Alfredsson
K.Tkachuk-P.Lafontaine-P.Kane D.Sedin-H.Sedin-K.Nilsson
T.Amonte-D.Weight-P.Kessel M.Naslund-N.Backstrom-T.Sandstrom
J.LeClair-J.Mullen-B.Guerin A.Steen-H.Zetterberg-T.Steen
P.Housley-B.Leetch N.Lidstrom-E.Karlsson
C.Chelios-G.Suter V.Hedman-B.Salming
M.Howe-M.Schneider F.Olausson-C.Johansson
F.Brimsek-J.Quick-R.Miller H.Lundqvist-T.Salo

A.Ovechkin-P.Datsyuk-N.Kucherov E.Tikkanen-S.Koivu-T.Selanne
P.Bure-S.Fedorov-A.Mogilny J.Lehtinen-A.Barkov-J.Karri
I.Kovalchuk-E.Malkin-A.Kovalev S.Aho-O.Jokinen-M.Rantanen
S.Kozlov-I.Larionov-A.Yashin J.Jokinen-M.Koivu-M.Granlund
S.Zubov-S.Fetisov K.Timonen-T.Numminen
A.Markov-S.Gonchar J.Lumme-R.Ruotsalainen
V.Malakhov-A.Zhitnik J.Pitkanen-S.Salo
E.Nabokov-N.Khabibulin P.Rinne-M.Kiprusoff-T.Rask

P.Bondra-Pe.Stastny-J.Jagr K.Fiala-A.Kopitar-T.Meier
M.Gaborik-P.Elias-M.Hossa N.Niederreiter-L.Draisaitl-M.Zuccarello
P.Demitra-R.Lang-M.Satan J.Hecht-F.Nielsen-N.Ehlers
V.Prospal-B.Holik-Z.Palffy M.Sturm-N.Hischier-M.Boedker
Z.Chara-T.Kaberle R.Josi-D.Seidenberg
L.Visnovsky-R.Hamrlik C.Ehrhoff-M.Streit
P.Svoboda-M.Zidlicky U.Krupp-S.Ozolish
D.Hasek-T.Vokoun F.Andersen-A.Irbe

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


The 2003 NHL Draft is perhaps the best draft of all time, 17 players picked in the first round went on to be all stars.
Players such as Patrice Bergeron, Shea Weber, Loui Eriksson, Corey Crawford, David Backes and Jimmy Howard were all picked in the 2nd round.
Joe Pavelski was taken in the 7th round and Dustin Byfuglien was taken in the 8th round of the draft.

If the 2003 draft was redrafted, the whole landscape of the league would be very different.

1. Pittsburgh Penguins-(G) Marc Andre Fleury
Original pick: Marc-Andre Fleury

Even though there were many great skaters available, the biggest need the Penguins had at the time was goaltending.
Fleury has put together a legendary career, with a 439-250-77 record a 2.56 GAA and .913 SV% and 56 SO.
Marc-Andre Fleury was an important part of the Penguins core, its safe to say that without him they don't win 3 stanley cups.

2. Carolina Hurricanes-(C) Patrice Bergeron
Original pick: Eric Staal

While Eric Staal was a very good center, he wasn't as impactful as Bergeron was.
There are players that put up better numbers than Bergeron but the reason why he is picked this high is cause of superb two-way play.
Bergeron is one of the premier two-way forwards in the game and has won 4 selke trophies.
Bergeron would be the first step in building a championship team in Carolina.

3. Florida Panthers-(RW/D) Brent Burns
Original pick: Nathan Horton

Nathan Horton was a dissappointment considering he was picked ahead of so many all stars.
Brent Burns is an unique talent that started out playing RW but converted to defense.
Burns won the Norris in 2016-17 and has 4 seasons where he put up 15+ goals and 60+ points, he also has 6 seasons with 15+ goals as a defenseman.
Brent Burns would eventually be a great top pair defenseman on the Panthers.

4. Columbus Blue Jackets-(C) Ryan Getzlaf
Original pick: Nikolay Zherdev

Nikolay Zherdev was a talented player but he was consistent enough to stay in the league long enough.
Ryan Getzlaf on the other hand would be a leader and a point a game player for a long time.
Pairing Getzlaf and Rick Nash together would instantly form on of the most lethal dynamic duos in the league.

5. Buffalo Sabres-(C) Eric Staal
Original pick: Thomas Vanek

Even though Thomas Vanek was a really good player, he wasn't able maintain his production as he got older.
Eric Staal is one of the forgotten Superstars in the 2000s because he played for the Hurricanes, a small market team.
Staal has 417 G and 974 points in over 1,100 NHL games, so he would be a great franchise center for Buffalo.

6. San Jose Sharks-(D) Shea Weber
Original pick: Milan Michalek

The San Jose Sharks were loaded on offense at the time, so what they needed to get was a stud defenseman.
Shea Weber is a franchise defenseman that is both a shutdown defenseman and a major threat on the Powerplay with his big shot.
It would be long before Weber becomes the number 1 defenseman in San Jose because the defense isn't very good.

7. Nashville Predators-(D) Ryan Suter
Original pick: Ryan Suter

The Nashville Predators still draft Ryan Suter because they cannot afford not to get a top pair defenseman after losing Shea Weber to San Jose.
While Suter may not be the flashiest defenseman, he is a very steady top pair defenseman that plays against top lines game in and game out.
With Shea Weber in San Jose, Ryan Suter would be the true number 1 defenseman like he is now in Minnesota.

8. Atlanta Thrashers-(C/RW) Joe Pavelski
Original pick: Braydon Coburn

Instead of picking Braydon Coburn, the Atlanta Thrashers draft Joe Pavelski, a goal scoring machine.
With the San Jose Sharks, Pavelski had 10 straight 20+ goal seasons, not including lockout shortened 2012-13 season.
Pavelski would most likely play Center with the Thrashers because that is one of their weaknesses,
Ilya Kovalchuk spent the majority of his stint with Atlanta without a stud center, if you give him Pavelski, they would light up the league.

9. Calgary Flames-(LW) Zach Parise
Original pick: Dion Phaneuf

Even though Dion Phaneuf was a great player for the Calgary Flames, there are better players available.
Zach Parise is an all star caliber player that has been putting up good numbers almost every season he's been in the league.
Parise had 8 25+ goal seasons, including 5 30+ goal seaons and career best 45 goal campain in 08-09.
Parise and Iginla would instantly make one of the best tandems in the league.

10. Montreal Canadiens-(RW) Corey Perry
Original pick: Andrei Kostitsyn

Instead of drafting a small and inconistent player, the Canadiens should draft a player with size, grit and skill.
Corey Perry may not be well liked but in his prime he was one of the best powerforwards in the league.
Perry won the Hart trophy in 2011 and also won the rocket richard trophy that year scoring 50 goals.
Perry bring size, grit and a nasty edge to the Canadiens, something that everytime needs.

11. Philadelphia Flyers-(C) Jeff Carter
Original pick: Jeff Carter

Philadelphia Flyers still draft Jeff Carter, he is a winner at every level and is a member of the triple gold club.
Carter is a consistent goal scorer and has scoered 20+ goals in 10 seasons, including 4 30+ goal campains.
Jeff Carter would be one of the core players for the Flyers moving forward.

12. New York Rangers-(D/RW) Dustin Byfuglien
Original pick: Hugh Jessiman

Hugh Jessiman is one of the biggest busts of all time because he is the only player picked in the first round that never made it to the NHL.
Dustin Byfuglien was a bit of a late bloomer but he seemingly got better every season after getting traded to the Winnipeg Jets.
Byfuglien started out as a Winger with Chicago but was converted to Defense with the Jets, where he trived and became a perennial all star.
The New York Rangers could have certainly used a Defenseman such as rover such as Dustin Byfuglien, the can make an impact every time he's on the ice.

13. LA Kings-(G) Corey Crawford
Original pick: Dustin Brown

Even though Dustin Brown was an important player, the LA Kings needed a Goalie even more, so they draft the best goalie on the board, Corey Crawford.
Crawford has a 244-142-50 record with a 2.42 GAA and .918 SV% and 25 SO and was a key member of 2 stanley cups teams with the Chicago Blackhawks.
Drafting Crawford would instantly give them their number 1 goalie, something they didn't have for the vast majority of the 2000s

14. Chicago Blackhawks-(D) Brent Seabrook
Original pick: Brent Seabrook

Since Brent Seabrook was such an important part of Chicago's stanley cup teams in 2010, 2013, 2015, he still gets drafted by the Blackhawks.
While Seabrook didn't put up eye popping stats, he was a perfect D partner with Duncan Keith and Chemistry plays a huge role in winning Championships.
Without Brent Seabrook, the Chicago Blackhawks don't win 3 stanley cups.

15. New York Islanders-(D) Dion Phaneuf
Original pick: Robert Nilsson

Robert Nilsson was a huge bust for the New York Islanders so the New York Islanders draft Dion Phaneuf, as there is a need for an impact defenseman.
Dion Phaneuf gets too much criticism for his play because he actually was a great NHL defenseman early in his career.
Every season with the Calgary Flames he had at least 10 goals and 45 points, including a 20 goal campaign his rookie season.
The New York Islanders would be getting a franchise defenseman that would immediately become their number 1 defenseman.

16. San Jose Sharks-(LW) Thomas Vanek
Original pick: Steve Bernier

Steve Bernier didn't turn into the player that the Sharks had envisioned, so they select Thomas Vanek instead.
Thomas Vanek is known as being a glider and a lazy player but he was also a very talented goal scorer in his prime.
Vanek had 8 straight 25+ goal seasons with the Buffalo Sabres, so he should have success with a very offensively talented Sharks team.

17. New Jersey Devils-(C) Mike Richards
Original pick: Zach Parise

It would be hard to replace Zach Parise in the lineup but Mike Richards is the perfect fit for the Devils system.
Richards is a heart and sout type player who was at one point reguarded as one of the best two way players in the game.
More importantly, the Devils steal him away from their rival, Philadlephia Flyers, making them worse.

18. Washington Capitals-(C) Ryan Kesler
Original pick: Eric Fehr

Rather than drafting Eric Fehr, a career fourth liner, the Capitals draft Ryan Kesler, a fantastic two way forward and agitator.
Kesler has 573 points in over 1,000 NHL games; he was also proficient on faceoffs and was a great penalty killer.
Kesler fits perfectly with the Washington Capitals and will be an important player because of the star power in their division.

19. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim-(RW) Dustin Brown
Original pick: Ryan Getzlaf

It is going to be very tough to replace Ryan Getzlaf, so the Mighty Ducks select Dustin Brown, the Captain of the LA Kings.
This is a huge pick because while Brown isn't going to wow anyone with his production, he is a heart an soul type player.
Dustin Brown has 618 points in over 1,100 NHL games and was the Captain of 2 Stanley cup teams;
he will be a player that will be right in the middle of the mix if the mighty ducks are to win a Championship.

20. Minnesota Wild-(C/RW) David Backes
Original pick: Brent Burns

Brent Burns will be near impossible to replace at this point in the draft but the Wild do draft David Backes, a solid NHL pro.
David Backes was the Captain of the St.Louis Blues for 5 seasons and had 6 20+ goal seasons in St.Louis, including 2 30+ goal campains.
Because of the lack of depth at center, David Backes would most likely play center with the Wild and would play in the top 6 almost immediately.

21. Boston Bruins-(RW/LW) Loui Eriksson
Original pick: Mark Stuart

Rather than picking Mark Stuart, who was a disappoint as a first round pick, the Bruins select Loui Eriksson, a versataile two-way forward.
Eriksson's best year's were in Dallas, when he put up 4 straight 25+ goal and 60+ point seasons; he also had 2 20+ goal seasons with the B's.
Eriksson would become an important fixture in the top 6 for the Bruins by the 2008-09 season.

22. Edmonton Oilers-(LW/RW) Milan Michalek
Original pick: Marc-Antoine Pouliot

Marc-Antoine Pouliot was a bust with the Edmonton Oilers, so the Oilers select Milan Michalek, a speedy czech instead.
It's never bad to draft a speedy skater because speed kills and Michalek would bring inject some speed to an Oilers team that is in need of it.
Milan Michalek would become a fixture on the line with Shawn Horcoff and Ales Hemsky.

23. Vancouver Canucks-(G) Jimmy Howard
Original pick: Ryan Kesler

Dan Cloutier won't be the starter for much longer, so the Canucks need to draft a successor.
The best goalie available is Jimmy Howard, who is a better goalie than most give him credit for.
Howard has 8 20+ win seasons, including 3 straight 35+ win seasons from 2009-2012.
With Howard on the Canucks, they might not have to trade for Robert Luongo later because he was a good NHL starter.

24. Philadelphia Flyers-(D) Tobias Enstrom
Original pick: Mike Richards

Losing Mike Richards to the rival New Jersey Devils hurts and to make things worse there aren't any good centers available.
Rather than drafting a forward that will get lost in the depth of the organization, they draft a Defenseman, which they really need.
Tobias Enstrom was a very underrated defenseman due to the fact he played on a lowly Atlanta Thrashers team,
if you put Enstrom on a loaded Flyers team, he could be 50-60 point defenseman.

25. Florida Panthers-(RW) Nathan Horton
Original pick: Anthony Stewart

Florida Panthers still pick Nathan Horton but with the 25th pick rather than the 3rd pick.
Nathan Horton is a player that is the complete package but for whatever reason he never fullfilled his potential.
Horton put up 7 straight 20+ goal seasons, including on 30+ goal season in 06-07 with the Panthers.

26. LA Kings-(G) Jaroslav Halak
Original pick: Brian Boyle

While Brian Boyle was a solid NHL pro, he was not worth picking in the first round.
The Kings picked Corey Crawford with their first pick but its never bad to load up on prospect goalies.
Jaroslav Halak is very underrated he has a 254-161-52 record with a 2.49 GAA and .916 SV% and 47 SO;
If Halak might not fit into the Kings future plans but he could be used to acquire something they need in the future.

27. LA Kings-Matt Moulson
Original pick: Jeff Tambellini

Jeff Tambellini was a bust, so anyone would be a better pick than him.
Matt Moulson was a fixture on the line with John Tavares and put up 3 straight 30+ goal seasons.
Even though Moulson wasn't able to maintain his production, he is still the best forward available at this point in the draft.

28. Anaheim Ducks-(D) Braydon Coburn
Original pick: Corey Perry

Corey Perry would be nearly impossible to replace at this point in the draft, so the Ducks draft the best player for their system.
Braydon Coburn is the type of defenseman that the Ducks typically sought after, he is big, mobile and and sometimes physical.
Coburn would be a top 4 defenseman almost immediately with how bad they are in need of impact defenseman.

29. Ottawa Senators-(G) Brian Elliott
Original pick: Patrick Eaves

Rather than picking Patrick Eaves, who had an up and down career, the Senators draft Brian Elliott, a low-end number 1 goalie.
While Elliott is not a stud goalie, he could serve as a solid starter on a good team.
It would take some time before Elliott is NHL ready but it is fine as the Senators aren't in need of his services right away.

30. St.Louis Blues-(D) Matt Carle
Original pick: Shawn Belle

Matt Carle might be one of the forgotten names in the 2003 draft but he had many productive seasons in the league.
He had stints with San Jose, Philly and Tampa Bay and put up 4 35+ point seasons in his career.
His best days were in Philly when paired with Chris Pronger, Carle would be a very good defenseman if paired with a defensively reliable defenseman.


Florida Panthers
Florida Panthers draft Brent Burns and Nathan Horton, two players two build the team around.

Columbus Blue Jackets
Ryan Getzlaf is a big upgrade over Nikolai Zherdev and would instantly form an dynamic duo with Rick Nash.

San Jose Sharks
San Jose Sharks drafted Shea Weber and Thomas Vanek, a top pair defenseman and an elite goal scorer for several years.

New York Rangers
Dustin Byfuglien is a huge upgrade over Hugh Jessiman, who was the biggest bust in the draft.

New York Islanders
Dion Phaneuf would instantly become a franchise defenseman for the Islanders, something they didn't have since Dennis Potvin.


Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
The Biggest loser in the 2003 draft are the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim;
they drafted Dustin Brown and Braydon Coburn but lost future all stars Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry.

Philadelphia Flyers
Philadelphia Flyers originally were the biggest winners of the 2003 draft but this time around they aren't.
While Jeff Carter is still drafted by Philly, Tobias Enstrom is a major downgrade from Mike Richards.

LA Kings
LA Kings drafted Corey Crawford, Jaroslav Halak and Matt Moulson, two really good goalies and a solid complementary top 6 winger,
however this doesn't make the team a whole lot better.

Minnesota Wild
Minnesota Wild did draft David Backes, an all star forward but they lost one of the best defenseman in the league in Brent Burns.

New Jersey Devils
While the New Jersey Devils did draft Mike Richards, they lost Zach Parise and the Devils needed Parise's goal scoring more than Richards' two way play.

The changes made in the 2003 draft will have a major effect on the landscape of the NHL.

Monday, May 11, 2020


Anton Lundell
6'1"/ 183 lb

Size/Strength        Excellent
Skating        Average
Shot/Scoring        Great
Puckhandling        Excellent
Physical Play         Excellent
Offensive Play Excellent
Defensive Play  Excellent
Hockey Sense          Excellent
Competitiveness     Excellent


1. Two-way centre, with an elite Brain
2. Poise and Patience with the puck; tough to knock off the puck on the cycle
3. tremendous playmaker with great hands and quick release on his shot 

Cause for Concern

1. not the best skater but has impoved
2. Limited offensive Ceiling
3. lacks that dynamic skill element in his game


Two Way Center, with high Hockey IQ, is a great playmaker and tough to knock off the puck on the cycle

Scouting Report:

Anton Lundell is a polished, two-way centre who already brings the full package.
Lundell is tough to knock off his skates on the cycle, can protect the puck extremely well and finds teammates in traffic.
While Lundell may lack that dynamic skill in his game, he has tremendous hockey IQ and is a playmaker who can control the pace of the game.
He might not be the type of player who excites casual fans but he is the type of player that hockey nerds and coaches love.
Anton Lundell should be a top 10 pick in the 2020 draft.

NHL Potential:

Top line, two way Center

Style Comparison: Patrice Bergeron


HIFK      LIIGA       38 GP       9 G            19 Pts
HIFK      LIIGA       44 GP      10 G            28 Pts 



Here are the Rosters of the best players to player for each team.

I placed the players that have played for more than one team on the team they had more Points per game on.
I Merged the Florida Panthers and Nashville Predators as well as the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets because they don't have enough Talent.

Anaheim Ducks/Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Arizona/Phoenix Coyotes/Winnipeg Jets
P.Kariya-S.Rucchin-T.Selanne T.Steen-D.Hawerchuk-S.Doan
B.Ryan-R.Getzlaf-C.Perry K.Tkachuk-J.Roenick-R.Vrbata
R.Rakell-A.Henrique-J.Silfverberg D.Smail-R.Wilson-B.Mullen
A.Cogliano-A.McDonald-S.Pahlsson L.Bochmann-P.MacLean-M.Boedker
C.Fowler-S.Vatanen O.Ekman-Larsson-D.Ellett
H.Lindholm-F.Beauchimen K.Yandle-T.Numminen
R.Salei-S.Vatanen F.Olausson-A.Goligoski
J-S.Giguere-G.Hebert M.Smith-I.Bryzgalov

Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg Jets Boston Bruins
I.Kovalchuk-M.Scheifele-B.Wheeler J.Bucyk-P.Esposito-R.Middleton
K.Connor-M.Savard-P.Laine B.Marchand-P.BergeronC.Neely
S.Kozlov-B.Little-N.Ehlers K.Hodge-D.Krejci-W.Cashman
A.Ladd-A.Lowry-M.Perreault T.O'Reilly-M.Schmidt-P.McNab
D.Byfuglien-J.Trouba R.Bourque-B.Orr
J.Morrissey-T.Enstrom Z.Chara-E.Shore
Z.Bogosian-T.Myers D.Sweeney-B.Park
C.Hellebuyck-K.Lehtonen T.Rask-T.Thompson-C.Cheevers

Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames
R.Martin-G.Perreault-R.Roberts G.Roberts-J.Nieuwendyk-J.Iginla
D.Andreychuk-P.Lafontaine-M.Satan J.Gaudreau-S.Monahan-T.Fleury
T.Vanek-J.Eichel-J.Pominville K.Nilsson-D.Gilmour-L.McDonald
D.Gare-C.Ramsay-D.Luce H.Loob-R.Reichel-S.Makarov
P.Housley-A.Zhitnik G.Suter-A.MacInnis
M.Ramsey-B.Hajt M.Giordano-TJ Brodie
J.Korab-D.Bodger P.Reinhart-R.Regehr
D.Hasek-R.Miller M.Kiprusoff-M.Vernon

Carolina Hurricanes/Hartford Whalers Chicago Blackhawks
P.Verbeek-R.Francis-K.Dineen D.Savard-S.Mikita-B.Hull
R.Whitney-E.Staal-J.Williams S.Larmer-J.Toews-P.Kane
J.Skinner-R.Brind'Amour-J O'Neill D.Bentley-Pit Martin-B.Mosienko
E.Cole-Jo.Staal-R.Ferraro D.Hull-E.Nesterenko-P.Sharp
J.Slavin-D.Babych D.Wilson-C.Chelios
G.Wesley-J.Faulk D.Keith-B.Seabrook
J.Pitkanen-T.Gleason P.Pilote-B.Murray
C.Ward-A.Irbe-S.Burke T.Esposito-G.Hall

Colorado Avalanche/Quebec Nordiques    Dallas Stars/Minnesota North Stars
M.Goulet-Pe.Stastny-A.Stastny B.Bellows-M.Modano-D.Ciccarelli
P.Forsberg-J.Sakic-M.Hejduk Ja.Benn-N.Smith-T.Seguin
G.Landeskog-N.MacKinnon-M.Rantanen S.Payne-N.Broten-B.Goldsworthy
R.O'Reilly-Pa.Stastny-V.Kamensky B.Morrow-T.Young-J.Lehtinen
S.Ozolish-E.Johnson S.Zubov-D.Sydor
A.Foote-T.Barrie D.Hatcher-J.Klingberg
J-M.Liles-M.Marois C.Hartsburg-B.Maxwell
P.Roy-S.Varlamov E.Belfour-M.Turco

Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers
T.Lindsay-A.Delvecchio-G.Howe R.Smyth-W.Gretzky-J.Kurri
B.Shanahan-S.Yzerman-S.Fedorov E.Tikkanen-M.Messier-G.Anderson
H.Zetterberg-P.Datsyuk-N.Ullman C.Simpson-C.McDavid-L.Draisaitl
T.Holmstrom-I.Larionov-J.Ogrodnick T.Hall-D.Weight-J.Eberle
N.Lidstrom-R.Kelly P.Coffey-K.Lowe
G.Bergman-S.Chiasson C.Huddy-S.Smith
N.Kronwall-R.Larson J.Smith-D.Manson
T.Sawchuk-C.Osgood G.Fuhr-A.Moog

Florida Panthers/Nashville Predators LA Kings
J.Huberdeau-A.Barkov-S.Mellanby C.Simmer-M.Dionne-D.Taylor
F.Forsberg-O.Jokinen-N.Hornton L.Robitaille-A.Kopitar-Z.Palffy
S.Hartnell-D.Legwand-Cr.Smith B.Goring-B.Nicholls-J.Fox
M.Erat-S.Weiss-V.Trocheck D.Brown-J.Carter-M.Murphy
R.Josi-S.Weber S.Duchesne-D.Doughty
R.Svehla-A.Ekblad L.Visnovsky-R.Blake
K.Timonen-R.Ellis J.Muzzin-M.Hardy
P.Rinne-T.Vokoun J.Quick-R.Vachon

Montreal Canadiens Minnesota Wild/Columbus Blue Jackets
H.Morenz-J.Beliveau-Y.Cournoyer R.Nash-M.Koivu-M.Gaborik
S.Shutt-J.Lemaire-G.Lafleur A.Brunette-P-L.Dubois-C.Atkinson
T.Blake-E.Lach-M.Richard J.Zucker-R.Johansen-P-M Bouchard
Dickie Moore-H.Richard-Bernie Geoffrion N.Foligno-M.Granlund-N.Neiderreiter
L.Robinson-S.Savard Z.Werenski-S.Jones
D.Harvey-G.Lapointe R.Suter-J.Spurgeon
A.Markov-P.K.Subban F.Tyutin-M.Dumba
J.Plante-K.Dryden-C.Price S.Bobrovsky-N.Backstrom

New Jersey Devils New York Islanders
P.Elias-J.Arnott-P.Sykora C.Gillies-B.Trottier-M.Bossy
Z.Parise-T.Zajac-J.MacLean J.Tonelli-J.Tavares-B.Sutter
K.Muller-S.Gomez-B.Gionta A.Lee-P.Turgeon-B.Nystrom
S.Richer-B.Holik-J.Langenbrunner D.King-B.Bourne-B.Harris
S.Stevens-B.Rafalski Jean Potvin-D.Potvin
S.Niedermayer-K.Daneyko S.Persson-K.Jonsson
A.Greene-B.Driver T.Jonsson-M.Streit
M.Brodeur-C.Schneider B.Smith-G.Resch

New York Rangers Ottawa Senators
V.Hadfield-J.Ratalle-R.Gilbert D.Heatley-J.Spezza-D.Alfredsson
A.Panarin-W.Tkaczuk-A.Bathgate M.Havlat-A.Yashin-M.Hossa
Bun Cook-F.Boucher-Bill Cook M.Hoffman-M.Fisher-M.Stone
D.Maloney-C.Henry-A.Graves S.McEachern-R.Bonk-C.Neil
B.Leetch-R.Greschner W.Redden-E.Karlsson
H.Howell-B.Gatsby T.Chabot-C.Phillips
B.Beck-J.Patrick A.Meszaros-A.Volchenkov
H.Lundqvist-M.Richter-E.Giacomin C.Anderson-P.Lalime

Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins
B.Propp-B.Clarke-T.Kerr K.Stevens-M.Lemieux-J.Jagr
J.LeClair-E.Lindros-M.Recchi C.Kunitz-S.Crosby-R.Kehoe
B.Barber-R.Tocchet-R.Leach A.Kovalev-E.Malkin-M.Provonost
C.Giroux-R.MacLeish-J.Voracek M.Straka-J.Mullen-P.Kessel
M.Howe-B.McCrimmon L.Murphy-S.Gonchar
C.Therien-E.Desjardins R.Carlyle-K.Letang
Jim Watson-Joe Watson B.Orpik-R.Stackhouse
R.Hextall-B.Parent M-A.Fleury-T.Barasso

San Jose Sharks St.Louis Blues
P.Marleau-J.Thornton-J.Pavelski Brian Sutter-A.Oates-Br.Hull
E.Kane-L.Couture-O.Nolan P.Demitra-B.Federko-V.Tarasenko
T.Hertl-V.Damphousse-J.Cheechoo J.Schwartz-G.Unger-TJ.Oshie
R.Clowe-M.Ricci-J.Friesen A.Steen-R.Berenson-D.Backes
S.Hannan-B.Burns C.Pronger-A.Pietrangelo
M-E.Vlasic-J.Braun R.Ramage-J.Brown
B.Stuart-M.Rathje Bob Plager-Barclay Plager
E.Nabokov-A.Niemi M.Liut-C.Joseph

Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs
V.Prospal-V.Lecavalier-M.St.Louis D.Sittler-M.Sundin-G.Armstrong
S.Stamkos-B.Point-N.Kucherov F.Mahovlich-D.Keon-R.Vaive
O.Palat-B.Richards-T.Johnson B.Pulford-A.Matthews-T.Kennedy
F.Modin-B.Bradley-A.Killorn W.Clark-S.Apps-C.Conacher
V.Hedman-D.Boyle B.Pratt-B.Salming
P.Kubina-R.Hamrlik I.Turnbull-T.Kaberle
M.Sergachev-A.Stralman K.Clancy-T.Horton
A.Vasilevski-B.Bishop T.Broda-J.Bower

Vancouver Canucks Washington Capitals
D.Sedin-H.Sedin-S.Smyl A.Ovechkin-N.Backstrom-M.Gartner
M.Naslund-T.Linden-P.Bure D.Maruk-M.Ridley-P.Bondra
T.Gradin-R.Kesler-T.Tanti A.Semin-E.Kuznetsov-D.Christian
D.Lever-B.Morrison-T.Bertuzzi D.Hunter-B.Carpenter-M.Pivonka
E.Jovanovski-J.Lumme R.Langway-J.Carlson
A.Edler-M.Ohlund K.Hatcher-C.Johansson
D.Lidster-S.Salo A.Iafrate-M.Green
R.Luongo-K.McLean O.Kolzig-B.Holtby

Check back next week, for a full simuation using these rosters.