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2021 NHL Free Agency Signings Predictions

 I'm doing something a little different this week, because tomorrow July 28th is the first day of NHL Free Agency, I thought it would be fitting to make Free Agent Signing Predictions. Side note: I will only making predictions on the UFA signings. Key Free Agents: Dougie Hamilton-NJ (7yrs/63M) The signing of Dougie Hamilton gives the Devils a true number 1 defenseman and gives them great depth on the right side with Hamilton, Subban, and Severson. Jaden Schwartz-SEA (7yrs/45.5M) Jaden Schwartz is a great veteran presence in the locker room and is a really good all-around player. Adding Schwartz would be a huge boost to a new expansion team like the Seattle Kraken. Philipp Grubauer-EDM (6yrs/39M) Signing Philipp Grubauer would give the Edmonton Oilers a legit number 1 goalie, something they are in dire need of. A tandem of Grubauer and Mike Smith would give the Oilers a terrific goalie tandem in goal. Philip Danault-NYR (7yrs/42M) Philip Danault has proven over the last couple of y

What St. Louis Blues should do in Free Agency

 This is a big offseason for the St.Louis Blues because they have a couple key free agents to re-sign, and in addition have to deal with the Vladimir Tarasenko saga as well. Before the expansion draft, the St.Louis Blues should work to trade Vladimir Tarasenko so they don't lose him for nothing. St.Louis Blues trade Vladimir Tarasenko to the New York Rangers for Kappo Kakko, Zachary Jones, 2nd round pick '22, 4th rd pick '21. If the Rangers make the playoffs or Tarasneko scores 30+ goals, the 2022 2nd round pick becomes a 1st round pick. This trade works out great for both teams because Tarasenko gets to play with Artemi Panarin, one of his best friends, while the Blues get a highly talented player in Kappo Kakko, who was underutilized by David Quinn, prospect defenseman Zachary Jones, and a 4th round pick. Depending on Tarasenko and the Rangers' performance next season, the 2nd round pick could become a 1st round pick. St.Louis Blues also trade Vince Dunn to the Edmont

What Edmonton Oilers should do in Free Agency

The Edmonton Oilers must improve their team in free agency if they are to be a legit contender in the Western Conference. These are the moves the Edmonton Oilers should make in free agency. Before the Free Agency period, they need to first move some players that might be exposed for the expansion draft. One of the players that could be in danger of being drafted by Seattle is Adam Larsson, who also happens to be a UFA. Adam Larsson is too important to the Oilers for them to lose him for nothing in the expansion draft, so they should move him beforehand. Edmonton Oilers trade Adam Larsson to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Alexandre Texier, 2nd round pick '22.  This is a trade that works out great for both teams because the Blue Jackets get a top 4 Right Handed defenseman, while the Oilers get a young forward in Alexandre Texier, who has top 6 potential and a 2nd round pick. Edmonton Oilers lose Ethan Bear to the Seattle Kraken in the expansion draft. Before heading into free agency,

What Pittsburgh Penguins Should Do in Free Agency

 The Pittsburgh Penguins will have a difficult offseason ahead of them because they have an aging core, limited cap space but have many issues to address with their roster. This is what the Pittsburgh Penguins should do in Free Agency. Before the free agency begins, the Pittsburgh Penguins need to free up some cap space because they only have about 3.2 million in cap space heading into Free Agency. When looking at the payroll for the team, the first thing that sticks out is that they have 3 LD getting paid over 4 million per season; the Penguins will need to move one of those defensemen in order to free up cap room. The player who is is easier to move is Marcus Pettersson because the Penguins aren't moving Dumoulin, and Matheson can't be moved without giving up other assets. Pittsburgh Penguins trade Marcus Pettersson to the New Jersey Devils for a 2022 4th round pick. This is a win-win trade for both teams because by trading Pettersson, the Penguins free up more than 4 milli


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