Wednesday, June 29, 2022

What Winnipeg Jets Need to do this Offseason

The Winnipeg Jets are a team that is no man's land right because they aren't good enough to contend yet they aren't bad enough to be in the lottery. So what they should do is trade away some of their veterans for prospects and picks to start the rebuild. This is what the Winnipeg Jets need to do this offseason.

Before the 2022 Draft, a few trades are made

Winnipeg Jets trade Blake Wheeler to the New York Rangers for Kappo Kakko, Nils Lundkvist, and 2023 1st round pick.

This is a win win trade for both teams, and it gives Blake Wheeler a chance to go win a Stanley Cup.

Mark Scheifele is traded to the Anaheim Ducks for Isac Lundestrom, Jacob Perreault, 2022 1st round pick.

This trade helps improve both teams significantly, and helps the Jets rebuild quickly.

Adam Lowry, Nate Schmidt are traded to the Dallas Stars for Ty Dellandrea, a 2022 2nd-round pick.

The Jets unload Nate Schmidt and Adam Lowry's contracts for Ty Dellandrea and a 2nd round pick.

Brenden Dillon is traded to the Detroit Red Wings for 2022 2nd round pick.

The Jets don't need Brenden Dillon anymore, so he is dealt for a draft pick.

At the 2022 Draft, Winnipeg Jets trade picks 46, 50, and 52 to the Arizona Coyotes for picks 35 and 68.

2022 Draft

14-Danila Yurov

22-Denton Mateychuk

30-Tristan Luneau

35-Adam Ingram

55-Gleb Trikozov

68-Devin Kaplan

77-Cruz Lucius

100-Kasper Kulonummi

175-Jere Lassila

207-Braden Holt

214-Charlie Leddy

The Winnipeg Jets draft 2 centers, 4 wingers, 4 defensemen and 1 goalie in the 2022 draft

Winnipeg Jets re-sign the following players:

Pierre Luc-Dubois-7yrs/6M per

Isac Lundestrom-2yrs/2.8M per

Kappo Kakko-2yrs/2.5M per

Eric Comrie-2yrs/1.5M per

Evgeny Svechnikov-1yr/1M

Jansen Harkins-2yrs/800k

Winnipeg Jets re-sign All Non-Roster RFAs

Winnipeg Jets sign Nick Paul to a 5 yr deal worth 4 million per season

Winnipeg Hires Jeff Blashill as their new Head coach.

This is how the lineup looks like next season










Top Prospects:

F: D.Yurov, A.Ingram, G.Trikozov, D.Kaplan,Ch.Lucius, Cr.Lucius, J.Lassila

D: D.Mateychuk, T.Luneau, K.Kulonummi, C.Leddy

G: B.Holt

With the moves made here, the Winnipeg Jets have quickly rebuilt the team and perhaps may contend as soon as 2023-24.

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