Tuesday, June 21, 2022

What Florida Panthers Need to do in the Offseason

The Florida Panthers have 10 free agents this offseason but only have 3 million in cap space left to re-sign those free agents. So if they are to re-sign any of those free agents, they will have to be clever and move around some big contracts. This is what the Florida Panthers should do in the offseason.

Before the 2022 Draft, a few trades are made

Florida Panthers trade Sergei Bobrovsky to the Edmonton Oilers for Jesse Puljujarvi, Carter Savoie, and a 2023 3rd-round pick. If the Oilers make the Conference Finals, the 3rd-round pick becomes a 1st-round pick. Florida retains 50% of Bobrovsky's contract.

Even though Bobrovsky had a phenomenal season this year, it is best to trade him now because his contract will only get worse as he gets older.

Claude Giroux is traded to the Ottawa Senators for 3rd round pick '22. If Giroux Signs with the Senators, the Panthers get a 2023 2nd-round pick.

Claude Giroux has been linked with Ottawa for a while now, so Florida trades his rights to Florida to the Senators for a 3rd round pick. 

The Panthers also trade Patric Hornqvist and Grigori Denisenko to the Nashville Predators for Cody Glass.

The Panthers dump Hornqvist's contract at the cost of Grigori Denisenko, but they do get back Cody Glass, a good young prospect.

Anthony Duclair and Mason Marchment are traded to the Winnipeg Jets for Dylan Samberg.

The Panthers don't need Anthony Duclair anymore with the acquisition of Jesse Puljujarvi, so he is traded along with pending UFA Mason Marchment for prospect defenseman, Dylan Samberg.

At the 2022 draft, the Florida Panthers trade picks 186 and 189 to the Dallas Stars for picks 179, 2023 6th round picks.

2022 Draft

72-Artem Duda

93-Aleksanteri Kaskimaki

125-Antonin Verreault

157-Radislav Elias

179-Luke Devlin

221-Charlie Leddy

Florida Panthers drafted 2 centers, 1 winger, 2 defensemen, and a 1 goaltender to improve their depleted prospect pool.

Florida Panthers re-sign the following players:

Jesse Puljujarvi-3yrs/3.5M per

Eetu Luostarainen-3yrs/1.75M per

Dylan Samberg-2yrs/1.1M per

Cody Glass-2yrs/925k per

Florida re-signs ALL Non-roster RFAs

The Panthers sign the Following Free Agents:

Casey DeSmith-3yrs/2.75M per

Vladislav Namestnikov-1yr/2.25M

Tyler Motte-3yrs/1.5M per

This is how the lineup looks like next season

2022-23 Florida Panthers










Top Prospects:

F: C.Savoie, A.Kaskimaki, A.Verreault, L.Devlin

D: A.Duda, C.Leddy

G: R.Elias

With the moves made here, the Florida Panthers have Assembled a team that could contend for a the Stanley Cup.

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