Saturday, April 30, 2022

What Montreal Canadiens should do in the Offseason

The Montreal Canadiens had a disastrous season, but they can turn it around in the offseason, and build to be better next season. These are the moves that I would make if I were GM of the Montreal Canadiens.

Before the 2022 Draft, a few trades are made

Montreal Canadiens trade Jeff Petry to the Carolina Hurricanes for Ethan Bear, Ryan Suzuki, 1st round pick '23.

The Hurricanes improve their defense with the addition of Jeff Petry, while the Canadiens get Ethan Bear, Ryan Suzuki, and a 1st round pick next year.

The Canadiens also trade Jonathan Drouin, and Mike Hoffman to the LA Kings for Gabriel Vilardi, Jaret Anderson Dolan, 2nd round pick '22.

The Kings get Jonathan Drouin and Mike Hoffman, two impact forwards, who will give an instant boost to the offense, while the Kings get two great prospects in Vilardi and Anderson-Dolan, as well as a 2nd round pick.

Paul Byron and Joel Edmundsson are traded to the Edmonton Oilers for Kailer Yamamoto, 3rd round pick '23. Montreal retains half of Joel Edmundson's contract for the remainder of the contract.

The Oilers add two veteran players with playoff experience to bolster their depth, while the Habs get Kailer Yamamoto and a 3rd round pick.

At the 2022 Draft, the Montreal Canadiens trade picks 51, 94, 161 to the Buffalo Sabres for pick 41.

2022 Draft

1-Shane Wright

29-Lian Bichsel

33-Ivan Miroshnichenko

41-Seamus Casey

51-Bryce Mcconnell-Barker

65-Gleb Trikozov

97-Jordan Dumais

120-Maxim Barbashev

122-Reese Laubach

129-Ludvig Jansson

193-Tyler Dunbar

217-Noah Greuter

Montreal drafts 8 forwards and 5 defensemen in the 2022 draft with the 13 picks that they have.

Montreal Canadiens re-sign a few players:

Alexander Romanov-2yrs/3.5M per

Kailer Yamamoto-3yrs/3M per

Ethan Bear-3yrs/2.75M per

Gabriel Vilardi-2yrs/1.5M per

Jaret Anderson Dolan-2yrs/1.2M per

Samuel Montembeault-1yrs/1M per

Kale Clague-2yrs/1M per

Michael Pezzetta-2yrs/750k per

Montreal Canadiens re-signed All Non-Roster RFAs

Montreal Canadiens sign the following Free Agents:

Zach Aston Reese-3yrs/2M per

Noel Acciari-1yr/2M 

This is how the Montreal Canadiens lineup looks like at the start of the 2022-23 season

2022-23 Montreal Canadiens










Top Prospects:

F: I.Miroshnichenko, B.McConnell-Barker, J.Roy, G.Trikozov, J.Dumais, M.Barbashev, R.Laubach, N.Greuter

D: J.Harris, L.Bichsel, S.Casey, L.Jansson, T.Dunbar

G: C.Primeau

The Montreal Canadiens are taking a step in the right direction but are still far from being a contending team.

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