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How New Jersey Devils can turn into a Contender by Draft

 The New Jersey Devils are a rebuilding team right now but if they draft correctly the next two-three years, they will be a contender in no time. This is how the New Jersey Devils should draft in the next few years.

Before the 2022 Draft, two trades are made

New Jersey Devils trade PK Subban to the Chicago Blackhawks for Alec Regula, 3rd round pick '22 (in a sign and trade).

The Blackhawks get a veteran defenseman in PK Subban to help mentor their young players, while the Devils get Alec Regula, a solid defensive prospect and a draft pick.

The Devils also trade Miles Wood, and Pavel Zacha to the Vancouver Canucks for Conor Garland, 1st round pick '23.

This trade works for both team because the Canucks get two solid role players, who still have room to grow; for the Devils, they buy low on Conor Garland, and pick up an additonal 1st round pick for taking on his contract.

At the 2022 Draft, New Jersey Devils trade pick 4 to the Columbus Blue Jackets for picks 8, 14, 46

The Devils also trade picks 90, 107, 114 to the Toronto Maple Leafs for picks 77, 5th round pick '23

2022 Draft

8-David Jiricek

14-Frank Nazar

36-Owen Pickering

46-Jani Nyman

68-Gleb Trikozov

77-Aleksanteri Kaskimaki

100-Jordan Dumais

142-Nicholas Moldenhauer

164-Kasper Larsen

The New Jersey Devils bolster the defense in the pipeline with the additions of David Jiricek, Owen Pickering, and Kasper Larsen; the additions of Frank Nazar, Gleb Trikozov, Aleksanteri Kaskimaki, Jani Nyman, Jordan Dumais, Nicholas Moldenhauer add firepower offensively.

New Jersey Devils re-sign the Following players:

Jesper Bratt-6yrs/5.5M per

Jesper Boqvist-2yrs/850K per

Fabian Zetterlund + Tyce Thompson-2yr deals

Jon Gillies-1yr deal

Colton White + Mason Geertsen-1yr

New Jersey Devils sign the following players in Free Agency:

Andre Burakovsky-2yrs/5.2M per

Rickard Rakell-2yrs/4.5M per

At the 2023 Trade Deadline, a few trades are made

New Jersey Devils trade Damon Severson to the St.Louis Blues for Zachary Bolduc, Jake Nieghbours, Logan Brown and a 2024 1st round pick

The Devils get a massive haul for Damon Severson, which include three former 1st round picks and a future first round pick.

The Devils also trade Ryan Graves, Andreas Johnsson are traded to the Anaheim Ducks for Brayden Tracey, and a 2023 2nd round pick.

The Ducks bolster the roster with the addition of Graves and Johnsson, while the Devils get a solid prospect in Brayden Tracey and a future 2nd round pick.

Tomas Tatar is dealt to the New York Islanders for Kieffer Bellows, and a 2024 2nd round pick.

The Islanders add a veteran winger in Tomas Tatar, while the Devils get a talented young player in Kieffer Bellows and a future 2nd round pick.

The New Jersey Devils miss the playoffs yet again in the 2022-23 season and end up with the 6th pick in the draft.

At the 2023 draft, New Jersey Devils trade pick 10 to the Anaheim Ducks for picks 20, 51, 52

The Devils then trade picks 38, 51, 64, 70 to the Boston Bruins for pick 19, 83.

2023 Draft

6-Dalibor Dvorsky

19-Nate Danielson

20-Mikhail Gulyayev

52-Jesse Nurmi

83-Kasper Hulttunen

102-William Whitelaw

The Devils strike gold in the 2023 Draft and add a couple prolific offensive players, who could become an important part of their core in the future.

New Jersey Devils re-sign the following players:

Yegor Sharangovich-3yrs/3.75M per

Mackenzie Blackwood-3yrs/3.5M per

Joonas Siegenthaler-3yrs/2.9M per

Michael McCleod-3yrs/2.5M per

Nathan Bastian-2yrs/1.5M per

Ty Smith-2yrs/1.5M per

Kieffer Bellows-2yrs/1.1M per

Janne Kuokkanen-1yr/1M

Alec Regula-2yrs/850k per

Logan Brown-1yrs/750k per

Colton White + Mason Geertsen-1yr

The New Jersey Devils have a much better season in the 2023-24 season, but still miss the playoffs; they have the 14th pick in the draft.

At the 2024 Draft, New Jersey Devils trade picks 14, 25, 38, 46 to the Seattle Kraken for pick 4.

2024 Draft

4-Macklin Celebrini

78-Anton Olsson

110-Herman Traff

New Jersey Devils add an elite blue-chip prospect in Macklin Celebrini as well as two real solid prospects in Anton Olsson and Herman Traff.

New Jersey Devils re-sign the following players:

Dawson Mercer-4yrs/4M per

Alexander Holtz-3yrs/4M per

Zachary Bolduc-3yrs/3.5M per

Logan Stanley-3yrs/3M per

Sean Durzi-3yrs/2.75M per

Brayden Tracey-3yrs/2.75M per

Nico Daws-3yrs/2.5M per

Fabian Zetterlund-3yrs/2.5M per

Nolan Foote-2yrs/1.8M per

Jake Nieghbours-2yrs/1.75M per

Kevin Bahl-2yrs/1.5M per

Before the 2024-25 season, a few trades are made

New Jersey Devils acquire Bowen Byram from the Colorado Avalanche for Ty Smith, Mikhail Gulyayev, Yegor Sharangovich, Gleb Trikozov, 2025 1st round pick.

Bowen Byram hasn't quite reached his potential with the Avalanche, so perhaps a trade to a new team will give him room to grow as a true top-pair defenseman.

The Devils also trade Jonas Siegenthaler, Chase Stillman, Kieffer Bellows to the LA Kings for Sean Durzi, Samuel Helenius, 2025 2nd round pick.

The Devils and Kings make two deals in one; swapping Siegenthaler for Durzi, as well as Stillman and Bellows for Helenius and a 2nd round pick.

Alec Regula, Jake Nieghbours, and Nicholas Moldenhauer are traded to the Vancouver Canucks for Jett Woo, a 2025 3rd round pick.

The Devils add some more depth on defense in the system with the acquisition of Jett Woo.

By the 2024-25 season, the New Jersey Devils have put together a contending team

2024-25 New Jersey Devils










Top Prospects:

F: F.Nazar, D.Dvorsky, N.Danielson, M.Celebrini, S.Salminen, J.Nyman, S.Helenius, J.Nurmi, K.Hulttunen, J.Dumais

D: J.Woo, O.Pickering, A.Olsson, K.Larsen

The New Jersey Devils have now assembled a dominant team that has the potential to contend for a Stanley Cup.

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