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How Arizona Coyotes can turn into a Contender by Draft

 The Arizona Coyotes have done a great job of Stockpiling a ton of draft picks in the next couple of drafts. If they can hit on their draft picks in the next two-three drafts, they can become a contender in no time. This is how the Arizona Coyotes should draft in the next couple years.

Before the 2022 Draft, two trades are made

Arizona Coyotes trade Phil Kessel, Anton Stralman to the Minnesota Wild for Nick Bjugstad, 2022 4th round pick. If Phil Kessel re-signs with Minnesota, the Coyotes get an additional 2024 3rd round pick.

The Coyotes Get something in return for Phil Kessel and Anton Stralman, rather than lose him for nothing.

Arizona Coyotes trade Jakob Chychurun to the Florida Panthers for Anton Lundell, Mason Marchment, Grigori Denisenko and a 2023 1st round pick.

The Panthers as they get that top pair defenseman they have been searching for, while Arizona get three very good players and a 1st round pick.

At the 2022 Draft, Arizona Coyotes trade picks 32, 35, 131 to the Anaheim Ducks for picks 24, 44, 60

The Coyotes also trade picks 42, 43 to the Chicago Blackhawks for picks 81, 82, 2nd round pick '23

2022 Draft

1-Shane Wright

3-Logan Cooley

24-Tristan Luneau

39-Ivan Miroshnichenko

42-Owen Pickering

60-Ryan Greene

67-Artyom Duda

81-Cruz Lucius

82-Miko Matikka

117-Fabian Wagner

131-Tim Almgren

In the 2022 Draft, the Arizona Coyotes added a total of 12 prospects, who could be a big part of the future.

Arizona Coyotes re-sign the Following players:

Lawson Crouse-4yrs/3.75M per

Mason Marchment-4yrs/3M per

Christian Fischer-3yrs/2.5M per

Barrett Hayton-2yrs/1.5M per

Josef Korenar-2yrs/850k per

Kyle Copobianco-2yrs/800K per

Dysin Mayo-2yrs/800k per

Nick Bjugstad-1yr/750k per

Arizona Coyotes sign the following players in Free Agency:

Nick Leddy-5yrs/5.5M per

Ilya Mikheyev-3yrs/3M per

Nick Paul-3yrs/2.5M per

Arizona Coyotes re-sign ALL Non-Roster RFAs

At the 2023 Trade Deadline, one trades is made

Arizona Coyotes trade Shayne Gostisbehere, Nick Ritchie to the Carolina Hurricanes for Dominik Bokk and a 2023 2nd round pick.

The Hurricanes build up the depth with the additions of Gostisbehere and Ritchie, while the Coyotes get Dominik Bokk and a 2nd round pick.

Before the 2023 Draft, two trades are made

Arizona Coyotes trade Nick Schmaltz to the Columbus Blue Jackets for 2023 2nd round pick and a 2024 1st round pick.

The Columbus Blue Jackets get their 2nd line center, while Arizona add two early draft picks.

Arizona Coyotes acquire Mikail Sergachev from the Tampa Bay Lightning for a 2023 2nd round pick, 2024 1st, 2nd round picks, plus Artyom Duda and Miko Matikka.

The Coyotes get their top-pair defenseman in exchange for Arytom Duda, Miko Matikka and 3 draft picks 

At the 2023 Draft, two trades are made

Arizona Coyotes trade picks 32, 34, 43, 60 to Calgary Flames for picks 16, 48

Then the Coyotes acquire pick 57, 76 from the Detroit Red Wings for picks 66, 70

2023 Draft 

2-Matvei Michkov

16-Theo Lindstein

48-Jesse Nurmi

57-Dominik Petr

76-Tomasso De Luca

88-Zeb Forsfjall

98-Noa Vali

The Coyotes add some high-end prospects in the 2023 Draft, which could propel them into contention very soon.

Arizona Coyotes re-sign the Following Players:

Mikhail Sergachev-7yrs/6.5M per

Victor Soderstrom-3yrs/3M per

Grigori Denisenko-2yrs/1.5M per

Jack McBain-2yrs/900k per

Dominik Bokk-2yrs/900k per

Matias Maccelli-2yrs/900k per

Jan Jenik-2yrs/900k per


Arizona Coyotes sign the following players in Free Agency:

Artem Zub-3yrs/2.5M per

Anthony Stolarz-2yrs/1.5M per

Arizona Coyotes re-sign ALL Non-Roster RFAs

The Arizona Coyotes miss the playoffs again in the 2023-24 season, and end up with the 9th pick in the draft.

At the 2024 Draft, Arizona Coyotes trade picks 41, 48, 54 to the Toronto Maple Leafs for pick 26, 90

The Coyotes also trade picks 73, 96, 113 to the Washington Capitals for pick 56

2024 Draft

9-Aidan Park

26-Jakub Chromiak

56-Artyom Levshunov

90-Kristian Epperson

105-Marcus Gidlof

The Arizona Coyotes add to their already loaded farm system, and have set themselves up very well for the future

Arizona Coyotes re-sign 

Anton Lundell-8yrs/5.5M per

Barrett Hayton-4yrs/4M per

Dylan Guenther-3yrs/3.5M per

Arizona Coyotes re-sign ALL Non-Roster RFAs

Before the 2024-25 season, one major trade is made

Arizona Coyotes acquire Yaroslav Askarov from the Nashville Predators for Ryan Greene, Jesse Nurmi, Ivan Prosvetov, 2025 1st round pick. 

The Coyotes acquire their goalie of the future in Yaroslav Askarov, while the Predators get a two very good prospects in Jesse Nurmi and Ryan Greene, Ivan Prosvetov, and a 1st round pick.

The Arizona Coyotes make the playoffs in the 2025-26 season but lose in the second round of the playoffs

Arizona Coyotes sign Matvei Michkov to an Entry-Level Contract

Arizona Coyotes also re-sign the following players:

Shane Wright-8yrs/8M per

Yaroslav Askarov-5yrs/5M per

Grigori Denisenko-3yrs/2.75M per

Dominik Bokk-3yrs/1.5M per

Josef Korenar-3yrs/1.1M per

Before the 2025-26 season, a few trades are made

Arizona Coyotes trade Lawson Crouse, Ilya Mikheyev, Jack McBain to the New Jersey Devils for Nolan Foote, 2nd round pick '26

Lawson Crouse, Ilya Mikheyev and Jack McBain are now expendable with the new talent coming into the team.

Barrett Hayton, Artem Zub is traded to the Ottawa Senators for Lassi Thomson.

Ottawa Senators get Lassi Thomson to round out the defense, while the Senators get Barrett Hayton, who could immediately become their 2nd line center.

By the 2025-26 season, the Arizona Coyotes have put together a powerhouse team

2025-26 Arizona Coyotes










Top Prospects:

F: J.Nurmi, D.Petr, A.Park, C.Lucius, T.De Luca, T.Almgren

D: T.Lindstein, J.Chromiak, A.Levshunov

G: M.Gidlof

The Arizona Coyotes now have a powerhouse team that has the potential to be a dynasty.

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